Ascension is descension back into the common sense of the physical.

In all common sense, if someone moves as information, along a thread of laid out information, and one comes to an “end” of that information and within this has no where to go, yet needs to go further, and this is the only means of movement one has, then the behavior would be one of frustration, of fear, of anger. Say there were a lot of “threads” of information, with a lot of space in between, overlapping threads, and this was how one moved. And the very substance that these threads were laid out in, was not able to be moved because all one could see was the threads, and yet one needed to cross the space in between, or see all the threads to understand the complete space in order to move the construct of “threads”. Yet one did not have “sight” of all the threads, one did not have the information, or could not have the information of all the threads, because the “threads” only allowed one to move in a linear way.
And yet, one was “all the threads” so to speak, one was the information of the whole grid of threads- so to speak, one had to be the whole grid of threads in and as substance to exist here in this world. Yet one believed oneself to only be of a thread, and only one part of the thread at that. And one had been trained to ONLY see one part of this network of threads, connected to this grid of threads, as all that one could see, not realizing that everyone was only allowed to be a “part seer” of this multiple “thread as only what one saw “ beingness”? One had been trained to be this, one had had a “cap of seeing in parts” placed on one’s physical self, accepted by one’s physical self, as how one viewed the world.

So, if one moved as this, had been trained to focus as this, or one could say, been separated from the space that holds the grid, the substance of self as that which holds these threads creating a grid, and could sense no other means of being, means of movement, then one could become so frustrated and scared of moving, of being, because one has become so limited in availability of movement. Nothing on any of these “threads” – because these threads were only of limited information and had a organization of sequence where one had to move from one thing to another – disallowed ever sensing the whole. Here is placed the sense of self inside a “box”, constricted into a box to the extent one is claustaphobic, has a feeling of being claustaphobic, this sense where one feels that one cannot breath because the space is so limited there is not enough room to breath, there is not enough room to utilize common sense as self as life as the whole.
Think of the mind as this, and yourself as this, as this being what is taught and learned through the system that exists here on this earth, as what the human has become, as separate from the child who begins its life sensing everything, taking the soil of the earth and tasting the physical soil of the earth, where knowing the tastes of the soil and developing a sense of the tastes and naming, smelling, feeling, sensing the substance of the soil, as common sense then be able to understand through sense, a sense developed through the physical sense mechanism that is life, become aware of all that is the soil – so to speak. Yet this common sensing instrument of life that is the human physical body was trained to become a thread seer, a limited, stagnant grid “seer” ONLY, the common sense ability of the physical was forced/accepted to see only lines of information, and depending on the life situation one was born into, one accessed more or less than the threads of information, enabling more access to physical needs as one moved only on the conveyor belt of information, access allowing pathways as grids. Yet the world was actually right here in complete forgivingness, but the illusion and organization that the grid created, gave one a sense that this grid was the ONLY means of existence?
Here there has been no common sense development in and as the substance developing common sense through the forgiven forgiving physical world. There has ONLY been, and accepted, imposition/placement/direction as movement of self as grid seer, thread seer.

Yet, the hands of this common sense instrument of life are right here, and the awareness of the structures that physically move what is on this earth are right here. The transportation systems are here, the water of this earth flows around this physical earth and yet we believe that we must go to a store to purchase this water. we must get into a car and follow a road/grid and wait in a thread/line to get gas to get us to the store to buy the water. And yet the water is physically ( most of the time) right under our physical feet and there are means and ways to get to this water, and there are means and ways to ensure that this water does not become polluted. But the grids we traverse direct us away from the sensing ability inherent within the ability of the physical to sense the physical.
Even the driver of the car, no longer senses the physical, they have a computer doing the sensing for them, the navigation done for them, they have become the followers of the grid to such an extent they can no longer sense direction. They have lost the ability to sense direction, they are mere followers and following is all that they can see. And when they cannot see the information needed to follow, frustration, fear is what is “be” and “have” as themselves as followers, separate and undeveloped as their physical substantive commonsensical support as life. They have become separate from life. They are robots, or robbed of their common sense, robbed of being an instrument of for giving common sensing as their physical body.
In many way, this is the system of a mind consciousness system. It is a system separate from common sense, it is a system of conned sequences as information that is an imposed grid of threads, where the physical is trained to traverse singular threads as directives followed, instead of the self as the physical self directed through the sensing as the instrument of life as common sensing self directed beingness.
And all these “threads” were created by sound, and since like cancels like, these threads can be deconstructed through sound. The spoken word is sound. Self forgiveness, through the speaking and writing out of the imposed threads of information as how they appear, as the images that they are – words describe- is the canceling-like process of removing the threads , removing the grid as followed thing, and replacing self back into the instrument of life as this physical body, back into self as being the common sensical being that is self that is life.
This is equalizing us to this physical world. Here the children of this world, those that cannot be allowed to develop this imposed map, will and are the leaders of us that have become ONLY this follower of a directive imposed symbol means of being. We can not allow the stopping of the physical as the common sensing mirror of forgivingness as common sense that is the nature of this physical earth.
Forgive yourself of this information following being, bring your self back to earth, breath and speak and write the words that cancel out the map of information as directive and become the common sensical self as the instrument of life that you really are. End the frustration and limitation accepted and allowed through the being of self as a mind only and place yourself back into sensing through the physical, this gift of life. Gift yourself life. The amazing thing is that you can do this all by yourself. Respect this earth, this physical world. This is the gift of being, this is the gift of life, this is forgiving common sense.
Join desteni birth yourself.
Stand and support the organizing of this world to enable the birth of life for yourself
Stand and support an Equal Money System so that the children of this world can develop their physical bodies in and as common sense of the physical to become an expression as life.
This is beingness, this is life.


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