2012 What is your water is too polluted for ascension?

2012 What if your water is too polluted for ascension?
One can pray to a god, one can meditate but can one clean the water that is in the physical body in a polluted world? Will all the tiny bits of plastic and all the chemicals and toxins the human has developed and allowed to be developed and unaware- of-the-extent-of particles that are distributed through the water as it moves through and around this earth in the process of the weather and atmospheric conditions disallow ascension? Are we as physical bodies so heavy with pollutants that our bodies cannot reach a “higher state of being”? If ascension involves becoming a “higher frequency” then how can this happen with so much pollution in the body?
If we look at many of our rivers and streams and the waters in our oceans we see death and diminishment of animals and plants and microorganisms, thus we see dead waters, murky lifeless waters, stagnant waters. I don’t think any process of life even exists in these waters, so if there is no life here, or limited life – a struggling life, than how can there even be a capacity to elevate to anywhere?
What if we realize that a “state of higher being” involves having a clean, non-toxic human physical body? At the end of 2012 there is no change because no development can take place unless the very water of your physical body is cleaned of heavy metals and toxins as chemicals. And for this to happen, ALL the water of this earth must be clean.
What if these things, this garbage actually disrupts the ability of the human body to reach greater levels of awareness?
You as a human are physical, the earth is physical, a physical thing. Scientifically, the earth – the soils, the plants, the animals, need certain things to exist and thrive. The absence of water, and the addition of pollutants stops this from happening. Our soils become lifeless, as do our human physical bodies.
So there is only a descent into death and stagnation within this physical world. This world is so polluted and that pollution is, over time, ground down by the earth into tiny particles and carried by the water to every part of this earth, and your human physical body is part of this earth. You have chemicals within you, and these pollutants deter the ability of you as “purified” to reach any “vibration” of ascension because they are dirty and heavy. They disable you just as they disable life in a river, or a stream, or an ocean or a plant.
Therefore, it is necessary to spend 2012 cleaning up this world, cleaning up this earth. I would think that in order for your water to be clean, the water of this earth must be clean, because the water of this earth moves around to every part of this earth.
This means that the very practices that exist on this earth that do not consider what is best for this earth, what keeps this earth functioning and what ensure that the waters of this earth are pure and clean and life supportive. What supports pure clean water needs to be put in place before any one can “ascend” to some “higher” plane of existence.
If I look at a violin string I realize that this string cannot vibrate and “ring” if it is covered in too much rosin from the bow, it cannot resonate as well if it is unraveling and worn. As a matter of fact the whole instrument cannot resonate so well if there is a crack in its structure, or if the strings are dirty, or if there is dust on the inside. Maybe the Stradivarius violins sound so good because they were made with wood from trees that contained clean and pure water. It was the early 1700’s when they were made. And even then there have been found layers of carbon in the icecaps of polar areas that have been measured and found to have pollution from the fires burned during Roman times. So maybe in the wood of an old Italian violin there is pollution from Roman times, and thus even these violins cannot resonate as well as wood from a tree that has absolutely no pollution. And we do not know the difference.
Our bodies are really no different that a violin, our bodies are an instrument of life, and just like a violin, the things in our bodies determine our ability to resonate, to be focused, to come to life. A violin cannot even come to life unless it is moved to do so. What if it is that the instrument of the physical, that is this world, has not been moved to be all that it can be because no one has learned to “play it”, and because this instrument is not “pure” itself?
It seems to me that should one look around at this world, it is not hard to see that the instrument of this world is not “performing” to it’s fullest capacity. So, this world is not resonating life. How can any ascension, if this is what is believed to be, actually happen?
Anyway, why would you even want to not have the opportunity to really learn to “play” the instrument that is this physical world? I would think that learning to “play” this instrument that is this physical world would be the greatest thing imaginable! This “playing” of this physical world, where all the water was clean, and all the fish were swimming, and all the animals were being without struggle, and the ability to see the animals being, and the fish swimming and the trees swaying would be better than any stool next to some “god” telling stories! I think I would rather be doing than listening to some “god” telling me a story. I think I would sit there and dream of going outside, or walking over to a tree and climbing that tree instead of being told a story about the tree of some way of “elevating my self”! I think the wind and the sound of the leaves brushing up against one another as I climbed up into the upper branches of the tree would be A LOT more satisfying than listening to someone standing there emitting some neon “brightness” with pretty sounding words! The words and the light are not going to have me use all the senses of my human physical body, those words are not a creation of a tree swaying in the wind. The tree an instrument that sings in absolute subtlety that touches all the senses of me here as an instrument, a tree and the way a tree is , so much more alive than the words of some deified wanting-to-be-god, light-emitting, robed, person/image!
This earth is an instrument, just as the violin is an instrument. And we have not learned to play this instrument. We have only made this instrument dirty and this instrument is fast becoming unplayable.
We have imposed a system on this earth that does not care for this instrument that is this physical earth. We have not even created something as varied and expression-able as the physical form that exist as this earth. And we desire, in and as a picture in our minds to sit on the “right hand” of some bearded old man!!!! The “bearded old men” I know, and I am 50, are really boring, all they want to do is recite their memories! I can’t think of anything else I would rather NOT do. ( lol- this is just an analogy)
To be able to “move” my self as I can move the strings of a violin and the hair on a bow, in such a way to be absolutely focused and directed, to be expressing as a tree expresses in the wind can have no greater measure of being, because this is being. And none of us really know what this is, because this earth is so dirty, so polluted, too filled with ideas and idols of separation from this that we have ignored this physical world.
Our profit based system, this that supports profit before the care of this world, reflects and projects its own limited belief of being onto all of us. And the being as “inconsideration of this instrument of life that is this physical world ” has begun to destroy the very thing that enables life to be. Greed, idealism, profit ignore and disrespect this physical world. This physical world is an instrument of life, this physical world is life. This physical world needs to be cared for and cleaned up, so that life can begin, so that all that is here can begin to “play” this instrument of life and in this birth themselves as life here. Wouldn’t you want this for your children? Wouldn’t you rather your children be playing and instrument than sitting next to some “bearded man on a throne” listening to stories that are just that, stories as words?
What is best for all is best for self. Being, doing, breathing, living needs clean water, pure un-dirtied water. Being in absolute capacity needs a clean well functioning instrument. In this any “ascended state” would need this as well.
So, better get to work changing a system that places profit before life, before the respectful maintenance of this physical world. The waters of this world need to be cleaned up before any “vessel” can reach a resonance of “ascension”. I think that clean “god” up on that “clean” pedestal is not going to want your toxic water in his presence, it might sully his clean white robes and fog his dearly loved images he calls his “precious”.
Cleaning up this world is the ONLY choice.
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