The consequences of humans existing in bubbles is separation from life/earth.


I still, when I find out about the abuses to and negligence of life on this earth, become angry. Be it the corporations and/or the government officials, or the ignorance of the tax payers unquestioning of how the economic system works. This is in my own self interested survival, as the disregard for life within what is accepted is a possibility for all of us here, meaning there is nothing to stop abuse within a system of greed dressed up as progress, a market in self interest for profit, presenting help only when it makes money. So the problems are caused by seeking profit, ignoring outcomes and preventative practices as a starting point, and then not taking care of the abuse to life, plant and animal as consequence of such approach, unless there is some means of profit. How does this make any sense? This is a free market use without responsibility within total consequence of action. And it seems that every day there is another article about some attachment added to a government bill protecting the profits from any responsibility. It is as though profits have immunity, regardless of harm, disregard, destruction to humans, plants, soils. This is the action of a reckless use of the capital of earth, the resources of earth, immunized through protective laws, with impunity. The earth, as mother suffering an inoculation of dis-ease by the brutal systemic blind eye of justification for profit outcome only. A monster eating its own tail. A frenzy unseeing of itself as our society has divided itself into bubbles , no longer realizing its existence as being within a bubble. This very bubble filled with the dictates that maintain the bubble to the point where nothing else exists, and thus the physical, actual world is ignored. Even government systems deny studies that disprove what is presented as best practice, saying it can’t be done- a contradiction considering how many studies are done. Anecdotes that are contra to the diction of the bubble are not allowed. This is what is really being said. Some can step out of this, but the diction in the bubble is the wall of the castle, so the voice of contra-diction – of insight beyond the bubble – of anecdotes that tell another story- within this “too loud storm” – that the voice that includes all consequences within the actual physical world are but a whisper. In other words the shadow of limitation has become louder than the voice seeing the actual physical world.
It is interesting to see a documentary where the lone ranger of common sense addresses a group of government officials , corporate executives or angry tax payers. The bubble body of the group just walks away or does not answer or is only complaint and blame, so thick is the ignoring of what is here, so limited is the ability for conceptual awarenessof this actual physical world. The carrot on the end of the string as the pay check/money/allocation of resource necessary to survive is the only interest, how this process moves in totality is not questioned, or is simply ignored.
So, if the human were to change this system, to take away this carrot on a string and ensure that the capital as the resources of this earth, were used to support the basic needs of being life on this planet, would the bubbles of dictate pop?
On a micro scale, if this is the world in which we live, for generations, would not our behaviors be determined by this? And since this earth is fast approaching a point of pollution saturation beyond repair, would it not necessitate just standing back and stopping what we have built to calm the storm and look at our own creation?
If everyone is so busy surviving and does not have the time, it is to alleviate the stress through simply distributing the resources of this earth to care for all that is here, to remove the chasing of the survival pay and to see a “pay check” as an administering of equal care for all, to stop and to re-evaluate the total situation through taking care of ourselves equally, for a moment , and then moving from there because presently what is practiced on this earth deteriorates what is our home. Like, STOP, it is home maintenance time, it can wait no longer. Like a payed vacation time to spend on home repair. And within this to look at why what is happening is happening and to come up with preventative measures to not create the same ignorance/problems again.
It is pointless to become angry at the collective bubbles of dictate within the government, the corp, the individual, because an obsession of survival has become the fixation, the surroundings unseen within the desperation of survival, each point/person/human body on a grid – as the varying roles within a structural hierarchy created around an idea of survival and the fulfilling of tasks set out within that singular point on this grid can see nothing else. The frenzy to maintain this point so unaware, that the very foundation of this point depends on all the other points, and thus lacks any moment of ease to see how fragile this is, and how this very grid is built on an earth that can exist without this!

So, it is to stop, and to take what is here to support what is here, to deconstruct this grid and come back to this earth. To stop chasing survival pay . As this profit, as this pay, in a belief that existence is about survival. Thus, profit has become a very limited idea. This is how conceptually limited the human has become as consciousness. And this is why life can exist without consciousness, and yet consciousness cannot exist without life. This is what the mind does and is. And it has been made into a huge bubble, and thus created a separation from what is real, this actual living breathing physical earth. Earth does not divide and conquer, judge and deny, it gives and shares. Earth does not have any delineation of ownership, it works symbiotically, sharing and moving in realizing itself as life, in simply being itself. Earth does not place one value above another, it accepts and expresses.
So, are our bubbles going to be popped through trauma and abuse, through denial of life support, or are we going to choose to step out of this, to see beyond this and stand together to support a reconstruction, through firstly deconstructing this hierarchy of bubbles, by taking the capital of earth and streaming it all over this earth to cleanse this earth of bubbles lacking awareness as being caught in a desperate chase for survival, to become as this earth/ the physical, giving in support of life, as life being the value?
This action takes a crew, a group. It takes those seeing what has become a whisper as the sound of life, faintly heard in the storm of bubbles caught in limited dictate to maintaincontrol of their survival in ignorance of life being equal in all, to stand strong and unwavering, to place a system equal and one as this earth, a system that shares equally to support the value being life, here. And this takes being here. The laws maintain an attitude in a belief in survival , and thus have no interest other than this. For this reason the whole structure is not about prevention, it is only about profit within survival as the main tenet.
This does not mean that all that has been realized or seen within some of what is utilized within this structure is not of value. It does not mean that within deconstruction the baby is thrown out with the bath water, it means taking the tool of money and giving it equally to all as a paycheck for simply being life, to use some of the present systemic structure, to allow every human to stop and take a breath, to bring in life within and as breath, to disperse the bubble that is a frenzy of survival, to learn to see once again what has been here all along, the value of what we are as life, to see that our behaviors are mirroring what we have built as a system that has placed a greater value on an object than on the substance of the object, and that this substance is life, and thus equal and of value in everything that is here as earth.
Equal Money. Become a crew member of life. And don’t forget to breath!
Support Equal Money. Support stepping outside of this bubble of belief, that is not working for most of life on this planet, we cannot exist without earth, without the physical . Become part of the crew to clean up/remove the bubbles of ignorance from life. Stand up and support a system of equality, as an equal money system. There is no other choice. Period.




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