Madison Wisconsin Declares their Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership | paintersjourneytolife

WHEREAS, the Investment Chapter of the TPP, which was leaked in 2012, would allow foreign

corporations to sue the U.S. and its states over any law or regulation which would reduce their future profits and, therefore, potentially rob the City of Madison of needed protections for our people, local businesses and environments, and such an agreement would represent an improper intrusion on the sovereignty of the

states; and

via Madison Wisconsin Declares their Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership | paintersjourneytolife.

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How to dheal with death

How to dheal with death.

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Fear if the distortion of reality, a systemic diminishment of life.

Tonight, with my son, I tried to explain how this system of mind works when he came to me and said he had all these pictures moving really fast through his mind. I said the pictures are of what man has created on earth, what man has diminished the earth of in manifesting an image and likeness of what is fear. Fear being a distortion of reality, a distortion of sound, meaning unsound, meaning out-of-whack, meaning creating values of more than and less than. This creating a system of haves and have nots. All from a starting point of distorting reality, becoming unsound. Does this not sound like what fear is in fact? Fear distorts reality, it is a separation from what is real.
Nature is real, or man would not exist, as there must remain something sound on which to stand, or no distortion can exist. Humans have imposed, not lived in realization of themselves as, fear to the point where the fear has become reality. Thus, must we, return ourselves to a sound existence, as what equality and oneness means.
So, as we diminish what is real of this earth to fit in the image and likeness of a separation believed to be reality, that is us in fear, we have created a world on top of a world of sound that is a distortion of reality. And thus, what exists, so evident in the behavior of men as greed, are the more than s and the less than s, a replica of the distortion within, into and as fear; unsound, unstable, unable to answer to life, diseased, diminishing. This distortion becomes energy as thoughts, emotions and feelings which we believe as wants , needs and desires, based on belief, opinions and ideas that are of the fear we allow, voiced as judgementsdivided into categories as class, race, nationality, gender, age, generation, religion, spirituality, consumerist preferences, interests, cultures, morality None of the parts are more than or less than another, they are all aspects of life, simply distorted into more than s and less than s. And the fear of loss of these comforting values believed to hold us, creates bullies, and spiteful action, blame and shame, regret and frustrated acts. It is this existence of fear that diminishes us into less than.
The outer world is thus teaching this distortion, and some use this for their own more than. No one is sound, stable, steady or responsible within this. And the rest of nature is suffering because of a collective human’s unsoundness. Our children become unsound, and know not how to direct themselves. There is nothing sound here, that man had created to develop this.
The media, and the consumerist offerings, are the limited values, as what has been made huge, that is the distortion.
The mind takes in what is presented, as it takes pictures. So what pictures are we presenting to our children? What is the media the story of? Sex, war, love, hate, crime, charity; all of these offerings are distortions, they are polarities of more than and less than, they become warped and reckless, unsatisfying. They are unsound. They are a state of inequality. They are unstable. They are irresponsible. They cannot remain steady within an absolute purpose, because they are behaviors lacking forgiveness as life, they manifest violence and abuse, they are distant from sound. They are division, separation, inequality. They create suffering, and suffering is NOT life. Period. Suffering would not be creative as it is diminishment. Suffering would not be absolute, as suffering does not allow self to be directive. Suffering is a cry and thus lacks soundness.
Humanity has taken the gift of life, into a set of limited life values and distorted them and created a world of abuse, suffering and diminishment.
It is time to stop.
Equal Money Capitalism is to restore life in earth. To pull this distortion back into a stable sound existence on earth. To use the capital of earth that is life, to be supportive in and as life. 
We are at a point where what is being allowed is simply unacceptable, and must stop.
If we are having to speak in terms of “ I prefer to remain positive” then we admit the negative. We are saying, in no uncertain terms that a negative exists, and therefor the realmessage in the use of the words, “ I am going to be positive” is a criminal act of hiding your head in the sand. 
If there is a response of, “ the human cannot change” then this is the voice of, “ I am afraid to change” which is the cause of the distortion. Thus, this can no longer be a justification, as it is more of what created the distortion in the first place. All humans have fallen down and then picked themselves up in one way or another. A moment of unsteadiness need not continue, unless we all accept and allow it. And this is what we have become, an unsteadiness as being in fear, that moment of separation from being equal and one as life, within expanding awareness of self as life. It is like, we are stuck in ignorance and have created a whole society out of this one expanded moment of uncertainty, and this is spread out as time, like ti(e)me to that turn from stability into instability within expanding myself in becoming more aware of myself as life. Thus, to stand up and stabilize earth through equal money capitalism, meaning to allow support to all life on earth through utilizing the capital of life as earth in equality and oneness, which mens being here, stopping the time scenario. Stopping the distortion/fear.


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The consequences of humans existing in bubbles is separation from life/earth.


I still, when I find out about the abuses to and negligence of life on this earth, become angry. Be it the corporations and/or the government officials, or the ignorance of the tax payers unquestioning of how the economic system works. This is in my own self interested survival, as the disregard for life within what is accepted is a possibility for all of us here, meaning there is nothing to stop abuse within a system of greed dressed up as progress, a market in self interest for profit, presenting help only when it makes money. So the problems are caused by seeking profit, ignoring outcomes and preventative practices as a starting point, and then not taking care of the abuse to life, plant and animal as consequence of such approach, unless there is some means of profit. How does this make any sense? This is a free market use without responsibility within total consequence of action. And it seems that every day there is another article about some attachment added to a government bill protecting the profits from any responsibility. It is as though profits have immunity, regardless of harm, disregard, destruction to humans, plants, soils. This is the action of a reckless use of the capital of earth, the resources of earth, immunized through protective laws, with impunity. The earth, as mother suffering an inoculation of dis-ease by the brutal systemic blind eye of justification for profit outcome only. A monster eating its own tail. A frenzy unseeing of itself as our society has divided itself into bubbles , no longer realizing its existence as being within a bubble. This very bubble filled with the dictates that maintain the bubble to the point where nothing else exists, and thus the physical, actual world is ignored. Even government systems deny studies that disprove what is presented as best practice, saying it can’t be done- a contradiction considering how many studies are done. Anecdotes that are contra to the diction of the bubble are not allowed. This is what is really being said. Some can step out of this, but the diction in the bubble is the wall of the castle, so the voice of contra-diction – of insight beyond the bubble – of anecdotes that tell another story- within this “too loud storm” – that the voice that includes all consequences within the actual physical world are but a whisper. In other words the shadow of limitation has become louder than the voice seeing the actual physical world.
It is interesting to see a documentary where the lone ranger of common sense addresses a group of government officials , corporate executives or angry tax payers. The bubble body of the group just walks away or does not answer or is only complaint and blame, so thick is the ignoring of what is here, so limited is the ability for conceptual awarenessof this actual physical world. The carrot on the end of the string as the pay check/money/allocation of resource necessary to survive is the only interest, how this process moves in totality is not questioned, or is simply ignored.
So, if the human were to change this system, to take away this carrot on a string and ensure that the capital as the resources of this earth, were used to support the basic needs of being life on this planet, would the bubbles of dictate pop?
On a micro scale, if this is the world in which we live, for generations, would not our behaviors be determined by this? And since this earth is fast approaching a point of pollution saturation beyond repair, would it not necessitate just standing back and stopping what we have built to calm the storm and look at our own creation?
If everyone is so busy surviving and does not have the time, it is to alleviate the stress through simply distributing the resources of this earth to care for all that is here, to remove the chasing of the survival pay and to see a “pay check” as an administering of equal care for all, to stop and to re-evaluate the total situation through taking care of ourselves equally, for a moment , and then moving from there because presently what is practiced on this earth deteriorates what is our home. Like, STOP, it is home maintenance time, it can wait no longer. Like a payed vacation time to spend on home repair. And within this to look at why what is happening is happening and to come up with preventative measures to not create the same ignorance/problems again.
It is pointless to become angry at the collective bubbles of dictate within the government, the corp, the individual, because an obsession of survival has become the fixation, the surroundings unseen within the desperation of survival, each point/person/human body on a grid – as the varying roles within a structural hierarchy created around an idea of survival and the fulfilling of tasks set out within that singular point on this grid can see nothing else. The frenzy to maintain this point so unaware, that the very foundation of this point depends on all the other points, and thus lacks any moment of ease to see how fragile this is, and how this very grid is built on an earth that can exist without this!

So, it is to stop, and to take what is here to support what is here, to deconstruct this grid and come back to this earth. To stop chasing survival pay . As this profit, as this pay, in a belief that existence is about survival. Thus, profit has become a very limited idea. This is how conceptually limited the human has become as consciousness. And this is why life can exist without consciousness, and yet consciousness cannot exist without life. This is what the mind does and is. And it has been made into a huge bubble, and thus created a separation from what is real, this actual living breathing physical earth. Earth does not divide and conquer, judge and deny, it gives and shares. Earth does not have any delineation of ownership, it works symbiotically, sharing and moving in realizing itself as life, in simply being itself. Earth does not place one value above another, it accepts and expresses.
So, are our bubbles going to be popped through trauma and abuse, through denial of life support, or are we going to choose to step out of this, to see beyond this and stand together to support a reconstruction, through firstly deconstructing this hierarchy of bubbles, by taking the capital of earth and streaming it all over this earth to cleanse this earth of bubbles lacking awareness as being caught in a desperate chase for survival, to become as this earth/ the physical, giving in support of life, as life being the value?
This action takes a crew, a group. It takes those seeing what has become a whisper as the sound of life, faintly heard in the storm of bubbles caught in limited dictate to maintaincontrol of their survival in ignorance of life being equal in all, to stand strong and unwavering, to place a system equal and one as this earth, a system that shares equally to support the value being life, here. And this takes being here. The laws maintain an attitude in a belief in survival , and thus have no interest other than this. For this reason the whole structure is not about prevention, it is only about profit within survival as the main tenet.
This does not mean that all that has been realized or seen within some of what is utilized within this structure is not of value. It does not mean that within deconstruction the baby is thrown out with the bath water, it means taking the tool of money and giving it equally to all as a paycheck for simply being life, to use some of the present systemic structure, to allow every human to stop and take a breath, to bring in life within and as breath, to disperse the bubble that is a frenzy of survival, to learn to see once again what has been here all along, the value of what we are as life, to see that our behaviors are mirroring what we have built as a system that has placed a greater value on an object than on the substance of the object, and that this substance is life, and thus equal and of value in everything that is here as earth.
Equal Money. Become a crew member of life. And don’t forget to breath!
Support Equal Money. Support stepping outside of this bubble of belief, that is not working for most of life on this planet, we cannot exist without earth, without the physical . Become part of the crew to clean up/remove the bubbles of ignorance from life. Stand up and support a system of equality, as an equal money system. There is no other choice. Period.



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Take a look at us now. The man in festation of consciousness.

If we look at what man has created, from a bird’s eye view, and placed on this earth what do we see? We have sky scrapers and places of worship, huge building complexes directed to health care, paved roads to move resources around and entertainment venues pretty much everywhere – from drugs to sex to story telling, to pictures, to music. Music is entertaining us everywhere. Even animals are taught to entertain. And then we have dress shops, to play dress up. basically we can dress up and pretend any of the roles in any of the above “stages” as the places we habitat and habituate.
So, can the earth continue without this? Yes.
Is this the very manifestation of consciousness as what the focus of the mind is and all the resultant behaviors necessary to keep this stage built by man interacting? Yes.
Do the resources of the earth – that which is used to build all the above scenario as consciousness as the limited ideas of men – have someone’s name on them? Other than the signature the s-i-g nature, placed on a piece of paper by some man’s hand? where that hand of that man, cannot possibly exist without what is under all this staged play that is dependent of this resource?
And is this hive of consciousness considering anything but itself? Is it moving more in self interest caught up in paying for a ticket to play dress up? and thus in total ignorance of what can exist without it, this earth?
And all the little robots participating in this, are too busy playing their roles they have become completely ignorant of this earth, that which can exist without them, as it is in substance the very support of the staged play?

And is the mind made huge the directive of this? As this is consciousness?
And if someone does come and say, look, you are ignoring that which you need to be here, and the person lost in their stage play, drugged, and so habituated with this, that they just look at the person saying this and point a finger – much like a zombie- and say oh but this is real and how dare you try to take my reality away from me because this is what is real!
Well, this is pretty much what is going on, in all simplicity.
The human has to stop, and look at this, and change this, to become one and equal to what was here before the human, to what sustains the human, this earth, as the plants and the animals, a nature more advanced than what the human has built, having made the purchase/ pur chase of participation in this staged play bigger than the life that was here before man even arrived.

In this context it is easy to see the limited values man chases and how separate form life we have become. We are basically better at playing dress up than we are at reading and moving with that which was here before we came, that which sustains up, as the physical world that is the real platform of life.
Time to bring ourselves back to earth, to what is real, to the real father and mother to us all, to realize that that man dressed in white wanting everyone to sit at his knees and listen is an illusion made huge through lighting on a man made stage.
In the background the grass is growing , the trees are swaying, and the birds and animals are flying and moving, and they are having to do this with greater and greater difficulty, thus it is time to stop and to take care of this earth, as it is us and we are it, we have simply forgotten this, so occupied are we with the values and conversations with imaginary friends we in and as our minds as consciousness, that which is not needed for life to continue.


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The illusion of self interest made huge, as ignorance of life.

I watched this documentary about democracy and was amazed at some American official stressing the need for maintaining self interest within national security. The whole process of this obsessive security is one of destroying land and people, plants and animals with anything that does not align itself with this supposed self interest in security.
What is this really about?
So, America runs around the world, sending in troops to protect/defend its national self interested securities. What is it that is securing America? Is it the banks? Is it the resourcesthat are determined by the signature on a piece of paper that states in words an ownership? The people, one and the same as any American, struggling to survive with what is left as the land – that bears no sign of ownership- is not allowed to be used in common sense? And when, in common sense, this is realized by the local people, and they stand up, the Americans come in screaming that their self interests are being threatened?
And what is insane. is that there is an infrastructure build by the hands of men, of many generations, that are what actually moves the resource around. The labor having a system in place to move things around. It is like the human has actually set up and built a system, an infrastructure and yet is told he has not. And we believe this.
None of these infrastructures were built by one hand, they were built by generations of people and educated people who were supported by all the others tilling the fields – so to speak, thus nothing that is here was done by a person, all was done by all people. Thus, how can an idea be proposed that what is here as any infrastructure within any given country, really be for the interest of only one other country? And why is so much of what is here funneled into an already warped belief of ownership, as protection and defense?
And the quagmire of layers of systems protecting all of this illusion.
The government, with layers of papers being pushed back and forth, to and fro as to how this self interest should be maintained.
This is just one big giant grid of self interest in survival within an idea that one man is more than another, when all men are the same, they shit, they sleep, the wake up to the sun, they move themselves on two legs (most) and they breath, and they make babies. One does this with more clothes and toys and another with less. What is the difference/ There is none.
So, what is this self interest within national security? But this is the point, there is no common sense within any of this. It is in essence a belief that a man who shits in a suit is more than a man who shits in a t-shirt. A man who has learned to spew more words, is more than a man who has not, when both are instruments of life, one has only been allowed more development, other than that, there is no difference, as both die the same death. In the end the physical remains the same, and it is only the words on a tombstone that state a difference, yet physically there is no difference. And that tombstone will eventually turn back into dust. So, is it the words, or is it the dust as a formation that is real?
The human is not doing too well with this dust. not creating a world that is a place to want to come and learn to create, as a few seem to think that their self interest, as dust, is more than another’s. And the collective, has built a structure that would enable all men to be supported and developed to a full potential. It simply means, taking what is already here, and using it to support all life, as this is what being here is all about.
This supposed self interest is misaligned, based on an idea of more than, when the more than is being life. What really amazed me is some fat old man, speaking as though this self interest, as national security is self evident. There is no evidence within this, it is based on illusion, bearing no witness to what is real, here, and supportive of life.
It really is just a tradition of superstitions and nothing else.
I mean what are we protecting as our traditions as self interest? The growing number of American children that are homeless? The story of a fat man in red coming down the chimney with plastic toys for role playing only, where actual real interaction with this physical world – such as really learning to play a musical instrument does not exist because most just spend their lives pushing papers in some idea of national self interest security? Where, and this really gets me, the songs in the stores are about Christmas traditions past of riding on a sleigh drawn by a horse, which no one does any more, and yet this elicits sentimental value, and this “sentimental value” is all we are actually living! A feel goodsensation with no real actual physical interactive substance to it? What is that? That is a possession of a past as a picture as some pretty music, as what we have become. Where is the real value in this? We might as well be in the Matrix movie, placed in pods with a vision creating device hooked up to our heads, I mean, really , what is the difference?
It seems that the self interest defense is for stagnant, non interactive, existence.
And all the while, the structure to support all as life, it right here, it is simply being funneled to create lack to perpetuate a non physical existence, and yet the physical is what is real, and remains, while the dreamers die. In other words, the dream is not cutting it.
The present self inner rest being protected and defended is not creating life, it is destroying it. We have become the nature of our separation.
It is for the collective to realize itself as the builder of the infrastructure on this planet, to stand and vote in a system of equality, to organize this infrastructure to support the value as simply being life, here. To remove the division into more than and less than, as a few own the resource and convince the rest, as the people, that they maintain and are responsible for the development of such freely given earth resources, all the while, a few take a profit of excessive amount with out any responsibility. So, it is to say, the collective gives an illusory ownership to a few, while the collective toils as the infrastructure. In a way, it is a repetition, a “same” pattern, the many serving and illusion, asleep at the wheel of self responsibility as life, as what we are, one and equal.
If we would prevent this illusory (abusive) leadership coming from without, and stand as life, in common sense as life, as what the collective already is doing in fact, and realize in common sense that we are the creators of what is here, and organize this to allow self directive development within a system of equality. The real more all is to use our creative ability as the infrastructure that is here, to support all life in equality, as life is the value.
The power is obviously already exhibited as what is here, built by the hands of each of us as men.
Remove the illusion of more than and less than, support Equal Money. Take a care of yourself as life, where the movement, as expression, here, is the absolute purpose of realizing this is the value. Stop the abusive negligence of self as life, and all life existent on this planet. It is here to support you within realizing that you need no supposed “greater” idol to worship than what you are, life. Stand up and be this, the evidence of you as this, surrounds you as the very infrastructure that is here, built by your fathers, and your brothers, your sisters, the generations that came before.
They are all here, just waiting for you to wake up, because you will only be able to see them if you become yourself as life, and this requires refocusing yourself as life away from your mind made huge. Your mind separates you from seeing the totality of existence here, it maintains a limited focus, manifest as emotions, thoughts and feelings as the outflows of accepted and allowed limited beliefs of more than and less than. But right behind that “telescope” of a mind, is yourself as life.

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The Quantum Mind as Consciousness and an encounter with a Woman.


When my children were small and I was living in a foreign country, I went and volunteered in a “mother center”. It was a place for women with very small children to meet and have lunch, or sit and have coffee. I began with working in the cafe part two or three times a week for a couple of hours, to cooking lunch once a week and then becoming the gardner over a space of about three years, Originally I did this to expose myself to the language, because in my circles, everyone would speak English with me, and here, with a mixed “class group” I had to speak the language.

The first floor was the mother center, and the second floor was a refuge house for women seeking shelter, Some of the women were there with their children, escaping physical abuse, and some were there within a second stage of rehabilitation from addictions. Most of the time no one noticed that this existed in the second floor. And the house – it was a medium sized house nestled within the part of the city where there were many embassies, so it was by European standards a substantial house. Anyway, this just means there were only a handful of women on the second floor.


One time, when I was helping out in the cafe area, next to the play room, a woman from the second floor came down the stairs in hysterics. She was being demanding and obviously upset about life in general, and spilling this all over the place. Many of the women with children were upset, and later efforts were made to not allow this to happen again.

What I remember within this scene, with this hysterical woman, was that what i had been taught to think was that this woman was insane, abusive, “rough around the edges” and something to stay away from at all costs. But, on this day, listening to this woman- who looked like she was years older than her actual age- was that she had no direction, she had no idea as to what actual direction was, as she simply did not have a clue as to what this meant. She, as what she was, was due to a lack. Meaning, there has never been any consistent effort demonstrated in her existence that showed any kind of direction.

Why I suddenly had such a thought? Maybe it was because I had gone and worked in a place, where I crossed paths with many classes of people, most I would not have normally come into contact with. I mean, I was an America, and though I had interacted with the general racial groups in New York, I had never mixed with some of what was in Switzerland. There were, in this past decade ( now it might be different) not many Indians and Paskistani’s in New York, I had never encountered a Yugoslavian. There, by blood, might have been descendants in New York from these areas within my past, but they were not natives.

I also was involved, somewhat with the diplomatic scene, and encountered new ethnic groups at, yes, a home of the America Ambassador. I drove this woman from India to a party there, and all she did the whole ride was talk about jewelry. She bought and sold estate jewelry. One the way back, I just wanted her out of the car. I just felt like she was networking to find jewelry to sell. And she really worked it. I realized that so much of the same behavior exists allover the world. The drive for money. Have to say, that even the elephant drivers in Thailand are insane with this. I do not think I have seen a more aggressive demand for money that with these workers. And the whole time I thought, but you are so lucky, your climate allows you to life in a small hut and be outside all the time! Imagine only having to take care of a small elevated hut! Seems like a dream come true to me. Every once in a while, all that need be done is to lay some more palm leaves in the roof!

Anyway, back to the woman in the mother center.

I listened to a Quantum Mind interview at This interview explains how a child begins to move as memory builds up within the mind as consciousness develop:. building up images as the child begins to move the physical body.

At one point in the article, it explains that children within stable environments develop their memory faster and thus are able to use memory faster, while children in less stable environments are distracted and thus have multiple images within their frame of reference as they begin to learn to speak. This creating a less stable use of language as more pictures are crossing their frame of consciousness as what directs us as energy, as picture production instead of direct seeing. Thus, a child within such an environment is less stable, like there is too much tumbling down, too much shattering focus, too many disruptions to lead to self direction. Like our consumerist system of too much ( seemingly so) choice. The parents of such a person, probably the same. Thus,the behaviors are all over the place, just as this woman’s behaviors were “ all over the place.”

A different way of seeing that seems a contradiction. Too much in-form-(ac)tion creating instability, where as a child developing with a stable environment, though also moving as images and not direct physical seeing, being more stable as less was introduced and thus the ability to see the fewer images created a faster ability to “read” memory and thus a greater ability to develop within the limited system as consciousness. It is the divisions into consciousness creating different scenarios, one more stable than the other, yet both a separation from the actual physical. One seeming more stable than the other, neither being able to realize in totality the reason for how existence on earth is not supportive of life, realizing that life is the value.

So, here I am watching this woman, in this new environment I am in, where I myself have encountered new formations of behavior from different cultures, and different classes of people, and I encounter this reckless seeming behavior of this unstable woman and I see that what is missing is direction.

One of my first thoughts was that there was no hope for this woman, as trying to explain direction to here, or the ability of the system to place her within an environment where she could actually live consistent self direction, with strong models, simply was not going to happen within the social services monetary system. Perhaps this happened with a few, when someone became a strong mentor, but this was rare. Anyway, the exception should be the rule, the successes suggest that possibility exists, but instead, such success end up being a “poster child” to create a facade that the social service industry is functioning. Have to keep that job and prove its efficacy. We really have to get to the point where it is to realize that there is no choice but to live the absolute efficacy, as we know what works. As the statement of, “the exception to the rule” actually is saying, is that, the rule is money, this determines life, the exception – as the success and support of life- is separate from the rule, just as the words are laid out in the statement. We can see, even within our word constructions , how we create relationships as separations from supporting life as the value. To suggest there is an exception to THE RULE, is to admit that the rule does not support the development of self direction, as in those few cases where, within social service success stories, manage to develop more autonomy for an individual.

What is also obvious, within this, is that there is no real understanding of how consciousness is developed and what it in fact is, as energy, as separation from a focus on what actually physically is here. Have a look at this, would a system of inequality actually want such development? It would mean equality, and that would mean a change, and this would mean giving up ideas as memories, as addictions, to deconstruct what has been directing and reconstruct in such as way that would actually increase awareness as life, a direct seeing here. It is like not wanting to give up that tattered sweater that is not even really keeping one warm, but there is a great fear of letting this go, as an emotional attachment has become greater than what is real! That is really how insane consciousness is. And all it takes is to realize that fantasy as the mind, of the idea of that sweater.

So, how do we stop this behavior as that of this woman? Those of us that are not so far gone, must begin to realize what we are as consciousness and how this system functions, to stand up within this, not in protest, but in understanding ourselves and what is here, and change this, to bring all the separations as relationships of division from direct, here seeing, and stand as life, equal and one. As long as the behavior of this woman exists, there is not real communication and life existing on earth, as what is existing is energetic reactions of no substance , manifest as reckless undirected behavior.

I think of the story of Gulliver’s travels, where in one story he is huge and in another he is tiny, as though there is no stability in what Gulliver is. In some ways, this is what is happening in this woman’s mind, somethings are huge and somethings are small, and there in no organization within direct seeing in reality. Just as this woman’s behavior exhibits, there is uncontrolled reactions, seemingly random, but they are a exhibit of distortion of reality. A profitable “state “ in -deed for a few, who themselves as upholding such system, as allowingthis inequality is a distortion in and as itself. Its measure and rhythm varying by degree.

Bring yourself back to reality, know, through a concerted effort of study, via the desteni i process, beginning with the desteni i process lite, to see, realize and understand, through writingout your memory, the pictures in and as your mind as you distortion of reality in fear, as fear of loss, and applying the sound direction of self forgiveness, self corrective application to equalize yourself as life, here, to stand and become the living word, to organize a word/world that is best for all, so that life can begin. Those of us who lack in sustenance in a system of subjective – piece of paper- resource ownership where people carry the burden of development and the few wallow in the profits, never considering how the actual physical world is suffering, cannot piece themselves back together again, as they are too fragmented because of what all of us have accepted and allowed, thus those of us, because of what we were born into and placed within, being of the same substance as those more shattered, have the means to bring ourselves back to life and stand up within the separation and begin the process of equalizing/stabilizing life as what exists on earth. to birth life the gift of life, as heaven on earth.








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Religion and Spirituality is Consumerism ; Steal by day: PrEy by night

Basically, anything that is a distraction from looking at what is physically here, is a distraction. Imagining gods, sub gods, alternate existences as a “place that is “godlike” as in “heaven like”” is a distraction. And ultimately ignorance, as why would “here” be something to want to “escape” from? This would mean an existence from which to escape. How can this be something productive- an existence from which to escape? In common sense, does this make sense?

It does not, not in any way. Seeking escape is being that “state” of escape, that is what is developed, being here, looking at what is here and facing here is not what would be developed. Thus the whole idea of an alternate existence to climb to, makes no sense. The only thing that would make sense is to make here, as what is real, a place of life.

So, an alternate reality, as an idea of another place, creates the living of the dreaming of being in anther place. Instead of the saying, “ pray by day, steal by night” this consuming entertainment is “imagine by life, steal thy life” because this is the idea behind the distraction of a “better place than here.”  So, religion and spirituality is a diversion from here, something marketed, packaged in shiny, blingy words and pictures and sold to those who grab on and consume it, while others sign pieces of paper stating they own freely given life sustaining resources. It is an awe-ful lot life – the creation of distracting “awe” that allows the awfulness of starvation and abuse of life on this planet.  And really, the ones owning the resource, and the ones seeking the entertainment of alternate realities, are really just scared of standing up here in common sense. The simplest answer to realizing what is sought through ownership and what is sought in an imagined “alternate” reality is right here. Here is life. Here is the gift. Here is the answer. It makes so much sense, why waste life for some kind of episodic suffering?  Punishment does not clear things up, direction and understanding – and self direction to live an understanding – clear things up. It is like the famous musician realizing when someone comes up and makes a comment about how talented that musician is, and how gifted, and the musician responds by saying, “It has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with “directing myself” meaning working, meaning walking with the instrument and becoming one and equal to it, and DOING what is necessary to learn how to move with the thing” – as the instrument in this analogy.

I mean, dreaming about playing an instrument is in no way, shape, or form, the actual playing of that instrument. And it is THE SAME with imaged ideology as what religion and spirituality is in fact; A DREAM and not the actual being of self, within a physical form of same substance – a substance of life allowing life, if this would only be taken in hand and directed, as this being the value- to learn how to work with and as life, here, to manifest what is only supposed and sought after in the dream – as what religion and spirituality promote – an un-substantiated sub-posed action of self. It is like the Nigerian scammers promising the world, as “love” and then taking all your money ( in this case professing love by day, and stealing by the night line of the internet!) lol

Thus, religious people and spiritual people have been duped. You have been sold a dream and nothing else. Business uses fear, the development of a belief in lack and/or actually creates the lack, to then step in as some/ with some salvation ideas/imagery/props that in essence are an act of Peter stealing from Paul, an act of stealing by night and praying by day.

Religion and Spirituality are used to keep the slave laborers working, as they dream of a better life ONLY and are so consumed with this drug of hope and image of “heaven” that here is then placed in the hands of a few and that few enjoy the “dream” in luxury. Meanwhile, what is real, is abused, and failing, the garden is rotting, the instrument is in disrepair, and the gift is ignored. What is real is passed by as the product of greed, having fallen for the scam, is made bigger than life.

It is time to wake up from the dream, the wake of a life never lived, this perpetual wake before death, as what is lived, to bring yourself back here to what is real. It is this physical earth, that is real, that is the tool to heaven, all that needs be done is to pick up the tool/key with your human hands and create this as proof of realizing you as life are the value, here to prove that you as life, being , is the value.

Support and Equal Money System. Put an end to fear and the need for consumerism, begin the development of life as what is expressed here as Earth. Prove you are worthy and thus value life, to the extent that no one is left behind, as all life is the value and all the forms that are here is what makes this possible.

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The distortion of reality starts where continued

I have been in the elementary schools , the middle schools and the high schools. In the elementary schools the children started getting “groupie” in the third grade, dress begins to become important, grades too, clicks start. This movement from a more accepting nature, to one of judgement and selection according to looks and entertainment values of the person, this ability to generate attention, is the goal with either dress or verbal and athletic skills. Then in middle school, a lot of acting out, as though everything is being tested, I think I saw more disgust towards teachers and adults in the middle school than anywhere else. There must be something here, where the children realize the adults are not practicing what they preach, that to give as you would like to receive is not lived by the adults of this world. Some are so angry they lash out, and some lash out because they do not have the skills to speak, and even if they did, and they spoke of what they could see, the adults would not listen anyway. Ask an adult a question they cannot answer and they get 1 angry – because they are being put on the spot and asked to make sense, 2.  so, happy face politeness, as a way and means of brushing something under the rug- which is the opposite of the angry. Women tend towards the later and men the previous. There is a general, “we don’t go there” attitude.

I would think that children encountering this, would become apprehensive and start biting their nails. There is no direction or response in any of the adult behaviors, instead demands are made about how one is supposed to behave, without any clarity given when common sense is asked for.

The adults of this world, treat children as the circus trainers treat animals, just whip them into shape without any connection to the very substance of what is here as life, this valued and worked with.

And what is really visible in the schools, especially when a male is the leader, is the Harem effect. I was not even involved with Desteni and I noticed this, I did not even know there was a name for this. I was shocked when I found out. If men are so bored within a school that they have time to interview many women for teaching jobs, and they end up hiring women with the same sexuality “signature,” meaning this is what is SEEN, then what is best for the children IS NOT the directive. This behavior, is sexual abuse.

Sitting here, writing this, I really get angry. So fucking mad, because of how the very development of this in these woman and these men, showed up in high school for me with the modeling industry. To see these 14 and 15 year old GIRLS, children, leave themselves behind and become a made huge sexuality of limited design, and to have watched this happen to my twin sister, I cannot accept this. It is unacceptable.

Anger is not the solution. feeding within anger answers to the limitation and does not direct a corrective solution – reaction is not taking hold of the substance and actually standing up as it, one and equal to it in self directed equal and oneness, here there is not blame or spite, just expression equal and one as life.

I must have coupled my own sexuality with this, even though later I would try and find a way to make sex have some kind of meaning, be picking a man who was “not like this” – I wrote not “life” this, not give life to this.

Back to the schools; So the children are exposed to the driving sexuality of the principle, as all the female teachers are determined from this stand point. Believe me, it is in my local middle school and my high school. In the high school it tends to with with secondary personnel, as the heads of departments hire the teachers. So, in a high school there may be more variation. So children in schools are exposed to sexual preferences of the males, and to think they do not notice is ignorance, especially in a world where sexuality is prominent on television and advertising. Do not kid yourself.

Now wouldn’t all this cause some apprehension in a child? Wouldn’t all this cause a child to become anxious and apprehensive? A child that at one point had the ability to learn  massive amounts, with language and physical movement? To learn all that and then to become limited to blowing up certain aspects of presentation of self within this world?

And if you are a child, born in a situation where the vocabulary and exposure to how the systems of this world work, even within their limitation and their obvious lack of common sense, would not a child realize that what was really being asked , was to shut self down, to fit into addictions and possessions that lead to obsessions with no more actual movement in common sense?


Obviously, if I started biting my nails in my single digit years – and i sucked my thumb, I was lacking ease, holding onto something, which later became biting my nails, and taking on personas, and juggling the demands of this distorted reality, as self direction within common sense, that which must exist as the human, as we learn to talk and walk in a relatively short period of time, probably the greatest level of achievement for most humans, where after this, continued self awareness development stops, as we step into the limited design of this world. Alien suits for battle within a survival based system, we become alien to this earth, and what this earth is composed of as the substance of life. And all our thoughts, emotions and feelings are the accumulated resonance of this. I just started to bite my nails as i allowed myself to go into fear, and apprehend what was needed to hold onto all of this in order to survive. I had become the donkey running after the carrot of consciousness.


The Century of Self : Part 1 Happiness Machines


The Trap

The Power Principle

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

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