Fear if the distortion of reality, a systemic diminishment of life.

Tonight, with my son, I tried to explain how this system of mind works when he came to me and said he had all these pictures moving really fast through his mind. I said the pictures are of what man has created on earth, what man has diminished the earth of in manifesting an image and likeness of what is fear. Fear being a distortion of reality, a distortion of sound, meaning unsound, meaning out-of-whack, meaning creating values of more than and less than. This creating a system of haves and have nots. All from a starting point of distorting reality, becoming unsound. Does this not sound like what fear is in fact? Fear distorts reality, it is a separation from what is real.
Nature is real, or man would not exist, as there must remain something sound on which to stand, or no distortion can exist. Humans have imposed, not lived in realization of themselves as, fear to the point where the fear has become reality. Thus, must we, return ourselves to a sound existence, as what equality and oneness means.
So, as we diminish what is real of this earth to fit in the image and likeness of a separation believed to be reality, that is us in fear, we have created a world on top of a world of sound that is a distortion of reality. And thus, what exists, so evident in the behavior of men as greed, are the more than s and the less than s, a replica of the distortion within, into and as fear; unsound, unstable, unable to answer to life, diseased, diminishing. This distortion becomes energy as thoughts, emotions and feelings which we believe as wants , needs and desires, based on belief, opinions and ideas that are of the fear we allow, voiced as judgementsdivided into categories as class, race, nationality, gender, age, generation, religion, spirituality, consumerist preferences, interests, cultures, morality None of the parts are more than or less than another, they are all aspects of life, simply distorted into more than s and less than s. And the fear of loss of these comforting values believed to hold us, creates bullies, and spiteful action, blame and shame, regret and frustrated acts. It is this existence of fear that diminishes us into less than.
The outer world is thus teaching this distortion, and some use this for their own more than. No one is sound, stable, steady or responsible within this. And the rest of nature is suffering because of a collective human’s unsoundness. Our children become unsound, and know not how to direct themselves. There is nothing sound here, that man had created to develop this.
The media, and the consumerist offerings, are the limited values, as what has been made huge, that is the distortion.
The mind takes in what is presented, as it takes pictures. So what pictures are we presenting to our children? What is the media the story of? Sex, war, love, hate, crime, charity; all of these offerings are distortions, they are polarities of more than and less than, they become warped and reckless, unsatisfying. They are unsound. They are a state of inequality. They are unstable. They are irresponsible. They cannot remain steady within an absolute purpose, because they are behaviors lacking forgiveness as life, they manifest violence and abuse, they are distant from sound. They are division, separation, inequality. They create suffering, and suffering is NOT life. Period. Suffering would not be creative as it is diminishment. Suffering would not be absolute, as suffering does not allow self to be directive. Suffering is a cry and thus lacks soundness.
Humanity has taken the gift of life, into a set of limited life values and distorted them and created a world of abuse, suffering and diminishment.
It is time to stop.
Equal Money Capitalism is to restore life in earth. To pull this distortion back into a stable sound existence on earth. To use the capital of earth that is life, to be supportive in and as life. 
We are at a point where what is being allowed is simply unacceptable, and must stop.
If we are having to speak in terms of “ I prefer to remain positive” then we admit the negative. We are saying, in no uncertain terms that a negative exists, and therefor the realmessage in the use of the words, “ I am going to be positive” is a criminal act of hiding your head in the sand. 
If there is a response of, “ the human cannot change” then this is the voice of, “ I am afraid to change” which is the cause of the distortion. Thus, this can no longer be a justification, as it is more of what created the distortion in the first place. All humans have fallen down and then picked themselves up in one way or another. A moment of unsteadiness need not continue, unless we all accept and allow it. And this is what we have become, an unsteadiness as being in fear, that moment of separation from being equal and one as life, within expanding awareness of self as life. It is like, we are stuck in ignorance and have created a whole society out of this one expanded moment of uncertainty, and this is spread out as time, like ti(e)me to that turn from stability into instability within expanding myself in becoming more aware of myself as life. Thus, to stand up and stabilize earth through equal money capitalism, meaning to allow support to all life on earth through utilizing the capital of life as earth in equality and oneness, which mens being here, stopping the time scenario. Stopping the distortion/fear.



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