Immigrants and Refugees are no different than ourselves.

Our reaction to immigrants reflect how much we are lost in our own relations, our immediate environment, our fears of making that next payment, where we blame the workers that are not payed enough to support a household of their own, immigrants that are walking away from lands that are their homes to find a way to live, to have food, where their ability to build themselves a life of dignity is not available. Immigrants who “eat up the taxes of the countries they flee to to survive. And we , from our own struggling existences blame the individual seekers of survival, not realizing that our blame and reaction is one and the same, we want to survive. We are not looking at the starting point, we are not looking at the whole. We are not looking at how the system functions. We are not looking at how we allow this system, we create this system through our beliefs, through our monetary system, through the emotional ties that do not include an awareness of all that is here on this earth. In not realizing all that is here, and only our own immediate relations, we have allowed a system that turns us – as we exist in bubbles that only see what we have been taught we are responsible for – into the force that blames and reacts through voting and through war, to eliminate excesses, to maintain this system of profit and abuse of this earth so that a few, who are believing in the same way we carry beliefs, can have more than another.

Many “enlightened” “ones” we have made the inspiration of a spiritual search have said that consciousness cannot exist without awareness, yet awareness can exist without consciousness. These same “enlightened ones” have said that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. And yet this system does not actually create this direction from those we have given an enlightened status in our religions. Here we have also developed a “relation” where we are not applying what is here that we all know, to an awareness of all that is here, we relate this to inner development. Another singular relation, not a “whole” relation, we do not take what is here that reveals the answer to what we allow, to why this world has immigrants in the first place, to why we have masses of people risking their lives on boats, and the crossing of heavily protected borders where bullets fly.

If we cover two fronts here – so to speak- and realize that perhaps our thoughts within, and the very structure of our system without, build no relation to a whole, allow no relation to a whole and only keep us spinning around in fear and non-awareness.
All that I write about is already here, it is not something unknown. The answer is always right in front of each and everyone of us. Could it be that if we stepped outside of our consciousness and into awareness, as suggested by those we admire enough to keep alive through worship and adulation – and yet separate from us as icons imbedded in a temple we call religion – be the speakers of words that tell us what we are allowing that is the limitation, that is the stance of ourselves – within – that does not include the whole, where it has been said – because the answer is right in front of us, here – that we must stop our thoughts? Our thoughts being our mind, our thoughts being consciousness, that which our own admired enlightened ones have told us is what must be stopped as a means of becoming aware? Could it be that our thoughts are the things that only function in relations made to our immediate environment and not to all that is here, thoughts as the mind as consciousness unable to include the whole, thoughts as a resonance of limited awareness so resonant within we no longer have any awareness of the whole? Meaning we are not aware? And yet, those we deem “enlightened” have shared the means to become aware. They have stopped their thoughts, their minds – they know it can be done! They are telling us to DO to become aware , not to follow. If every religion has a principle of loving your neighbor as yourself there must be something to this! If we love our neighbors as ourselves, which includes all of this earth, our minds, our thoughts are too singular and only work as the devil and the angel, as the judge and the judged, as guilt and blame, singular and non-inclusive of the whole. We as our minds can only blame and cling to the immediate, we cannot see the whole.

Our system is a reflection of this. The immigration of peoples across boarders the manifestation of a system that does not support the whole. Remember, if all the humans of this world could fit into an area the size of Los Angeles standing shoulder to shoulder, then there is enough land and space to support all people and all plant life and all animal life. We do not need the armies that protect the grabbing of this resource for a few. We do not need banks that hide actions behind pretty sounding words, that build forts of support for the “more than they need to live” few through laws that say the resources of this earth belong to them, that create nations and armies moved around by politicians and union bosses and administrators deciding how to protect their own singular relations that do not include awareness, awareness being “loving your neighbor as yourself”, awareness being the whole. All the immigrants of this world are an “outflow” of our own minds, of our own consciousness, of our lack of awareness, of our non-loving of our neighbors as ourselves. In our present system we believe that self interest can only compete with benevolence, and yet the principle of “loving your neighbor as yourself” tells us that heaven is found when self-interest and benevolence are united, whole, one.

In this we cannot blame the immigrant. We have only ourselves to blame.

If the operators of the helicopter do not help the refugees from North Africa fleeing to an island in Italy then this tells us that the system is hoping they will just “no longer exist”. The system does not want to deal with this excess, this excess that was created by this system we allow to exist. The bankers will not receive their dividends, the administrators will not be able to make their mortgage payments to the bank, the military members will lose their jobs – all actions and worries and beliefs that are SINGULAR, that are of self interest as something separate from benevolence, that do not include the whole, that cannot and do not remember to love your neighbor as yourself.. The system does not allow us to love our neighbors as ourselves! This is being said again and again and again and again by Desteni and has been said many many times! WAKE UP! STOP YOUR MIND! STOP BLAMING IMMIGRANTS!

The immigrant is no different than the blamer, the immigrant wants to survive in a system created by the blamer, a system that is not functioning in consideration of the whole. The present system does not work, is not working as what is best for all.

The solution is here, and has always been here. Love your neighbor as yourself. Stand up, stop the mind through forgiveness through the Desteni I Process, vote for an Equal Money System, where there are no mortgage payments, where there are no military bodies, where there need be no toxic waste, where there need be no starvation, where there need be no abuse to human, plant and animal, where the earth supports everyone in being unconditional self expression of life as what is best for all, because what is best for you is what is best for all. Realize that self interest and benevolence are one and the same. Something the mind cannot conceive.

Support Desteni in walking the change towards one person- one vote to an Equal Money System.


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  1. Excellent article Rebecca, thanks!

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