Greece, LIC’s, PRGT, ECF, ESAF, IMF and dividend.

If I walk into a supermarket in America, I can find a lot of imports from Greece. There are always Greek products around. Which means that Greece has resources and exports them to make money. I went and looked at Greek exports, they even export mineral and ore material, wood, animal pelts, pharmaceuticals etc. The chart I looked at was from the early 2000”s, in some areas there was an increase and in some a decrease. The differences were not that big.

Then I went in and looked at the practices of the IMF: the international monetary fund. Here I found a repost that showed an agenda from the early 80”s. The IMF lends money to what they call LIC’s ( everything seems to be turned into an anacronym), Low Income Countries , ( does this mean low standard of living- or- as a play on words- low “incoming” products and BIG “outgoing” products? – or could the two possibly be one and the same? An existing polarity – where the countries of abundant natural resource or means of production are the countries socially manipulated into being Low Income Countries? ) These loans are called by different names, I guess depending on where the money lent originates. But the names in themselves are curious ( I always want to look a the words and see two meanings- especially in this polarized world system of more than and less than.) One loan comes from the PRGT; the Poverty Reduction Growth Trust, which then turns into an Extended Credit Facility, or ECF which was an arrangement given over two decades, which had a predecessor – Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility or ESAF.

So these were the names of the loans to LIC’s – Low Income Countries. Then there are supportive loans that were a form of debt relief called HIPC: Heavily Indebted Poor Country, and MDRI: Multi Lateral Debt Relief which reduced average debt burdens. These were needed as changes in oil and non-oil commodities imported caused stress in LIC’s as they became more intertwined in the global market.

So, what is happening now is, the IMF is going to sell off its gold because it has created a “broader investment mandate” , such as the LIC’s where it expects “cost recovery concessional lending “ to produce a dividend.

A dividend from all those loans made to LIC’s for the past twenty years, loans with pretty “positive” sounding “do gooder” names.

I ask, what caused the fluctuating changes in the oil and non- oil commodities? to necessitate even more lending, or was this really a stick in the wheel, unforeseen?

In the end, Greece has become a “concession” stand. A place where things are sold for money.
The IMF has, over – as far as I can see from what I read – a period of twenty years, developed this “concession” that would bring in a dividend. Greece no longer owns Greece.
Greece is a LIC that is the concession bringing in the dividend. Forced to disperse itself, allowed it self to disperse itself, into using its resource to make a dividend.

There are many videos and explanations of how the world has developed, where the resource of each country is split up and sent elsewhere to create a product. Thereby becoming dependent on relationships to survive and making products that are not even looked at as being practical for the existence of life, the end goal being a dividend. In this process of dispersement of resource, administrations have developed to organize the elements of development. These bodies, many would call them “white collar workers” – some may call them admitted-traitors, usually earn more than the manual laborers. They are between the dividend earners and the laborers, some call them the service industry people, many union leaders are now apart of this group. These people are stuck between the agenda of the IMF and the politicians that support the IMF and the workers that bring in the olives for processing for export.
So, everything is held in place, and no one thinks about what is actually going on.

In all, it looks to me like Greece has enough resource to feed itself and build things it could use. There is wood, minerals, ore, animals, seafood, produce, dairy. There is so much stuff coming out of this country how the hell can they really be poor?

What if we looked at what is taken out of a country BEFORE we look at final product. Would the whole world look different, would Greece no longer look like a LIC?

If I look at Switzerland, where I happen to know watches are produced, machines that produce delicate textiles, banks etc. I don’t know how many raw materials are exported from Switzerland, but Switzerland is known for services and completed products, yet Switzerland is not considered a LIC.

It is interesting that countries of raw material abundance are often considered LIC’s. Again there is an assumption made, we place a value on development of resource, but not on the actual resource. We place no value on the thing as life, only on the object as finished product that directly brings in the concession – the thing we have con-seeded ourselves as life to, the thing that is the prison we have built, the walls of which are upheld by the people as belief and fear, the bodies at the top of the pyramid, intimidating the middle men, intimidating the lower men, sometimes through money and sometimes through threat and force.
Are we going to allow the continued self planned concession of ourselves as life to a dividend?
Where our inner life is of fear and imagining for products we don’t need, that will never really satisfy us?
Seriously, we are juggling resource for dividend, and killing ourselves in the process.

And there is NO ONE to blame but ourselves.

We, each and everyone must realize that it is we who have allowed this, the human. We are the cause of the abuse of this world and ourselves.
Stand up and stop this abuse. Stand up and value this earth, dignify this earth, dignify your self, here. Stop and forgive.

Stop. Support an Equal Money System, where things are built to last, where children are developed not towards being fear but towards being life.
Clean up your doubt through the Desteni I Process.


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