Take a look at us now. The man in festation of consciousness.

If we look at what man has created, from a bird’s eye view, and placed on this earth what do we see? We have sky scrapers and places of worship, huge building complexes directed to health care, paved roads to move resources around and entertainment venues pretty much everywhere – from drugs to sex to story telling, to pictures, to music. Music is entertaining us everywhere. Even animals are taught to entertain. And then we have dress shops, to play dress up. basically we can dress up and pretend any of the roles in any of the above “stages” as the places we habitat and habituate.
So, can the earth continue without this? Yes.
Is this the very manifestation of consciousness as what the focus of the mind is and all the resultant behaviors necessary to keep this stage built by man interacting? Yes.
Do the resources of the earth – that which is used to build all the above scenario as consciousness as the limited ideas of men – have someone’s name on them? Other than the signature the s-i-g nature, placed on a piece of paper by some man’s hand? where that hand of that man, cannot possibly exist without what is under all this staged play that is dependent of this resource?
And is this hive of consciousness considering anything but itself? Is it moving more in self interest caught up in paying for a ticket to play dress up? and thus in total ignorance of what can exist without it, this earth?
And all the little robots participating in this, are too busy playing their roles they have become completely ignorant of this earth, that which can exist without them, as it is in substance the very support of the staged play?

And is the mind made huge the directive of this? As this is consciousness?
And if someone does come and say, look, you are ignoring that which you need to be here, and the person lost in their stage play, drugged, and so habituated with this, that they just look at the person saying this and point a finger – much like a zombie- and say oh but this is real and how dare you try to take my reality away from me because this is what is real!
Well, this is pretty much what is going on, in all simplicity.
The human has to stop, and look at this, and change this, to become one and equal to what was here before the human, to what sustains the human, this earth, as the plants and the animals, a nature more advanced than what the human has built, having made the purchase/ pur chase of participation in this staged play bigger than the life that was here before man even arrived.

In this context it is easy to see the limited values man chases and how separate form life we have become. We are basically better at playing dress up than we are at reading and moving with that which was here before we came, that which sustains up, as the physical world that is the real platform of life.
Time to bring ourselves back to earth, to what is real, to the real father and mother to us all, to realize that that man dressed in white wanting everyone to sit at his knees and listen is an illusion made huge through lighting on a man made stage.
In the background the grass is growing , the trees are swaying, and the birds and animals are flying and moving, and they are having to do this with greater and greater difficulty, thus it is time to stop and to take care of this earth, as it is us and we are it, we have simply forgotten this, so occupied are we with the values and conversations with imaginary friends we in and as our minds as consciousness, that which is not needed for life to continue.



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