The illusion of self interest made huge, as ignorance of life.

I watched this documentary about democracy and was amazed at some American official stressing the need for maintaining self interest within national security. The whole process of this obsessive security is one of destroying land and people, plants and animals with anything that does not align itself with this supposed self interest in security.
What is this really about?
So, America runs around the world, sending in troops to protect/defend its national self interested securities. What is it that is securing America? Is it the banks? Is it the resourcesthat are determined by the signature on a piece of paper that states in words an ownership? The people, one and the same as any American, struggling to survive with what is left as the land – that bears no sign of ownership- is not allowed to be used in common sense? And when, in common sense, this is realized by the local people, and they stand up, the Americans come in screaming that their self interests are being threatened?
And what is insane. is that there is an infrastructure build by the hands of men, of many generations, that are what actually moves the resource around. The labor having a system in place to move things around. It is like the human has actually set up and built a system, an infrastructure and yet is told he has not. And we believe this.
None of these infrastructures were built by one hand, they were built by generations of people and educated people who were supported by all the others tilling the fields – so to speak, thus nothing that is here was done by a person, all was done by all people. Thus, how can an idea be proposed that what is here as any infrastructure within any given country, really be for the interest of only one other country? And why is so much of what is here funneled into an already warped belief of ownership, as protection and defense?
And the quagmire of layers of systems protecting all of this illusion.
The government, with layers of papers being pushed back and forth, to and fro as to how this self interest should be maintained.
This is just one big giant grid of self interest in survival within an idea that one man is more than another, when all men are the same, they shit, they sleep, the wake up to the sun, they move themselves on two legs (most) and they breath, and they make babies. One does this with more clothes and toys and another with less. What is the difference/ There is none.
So, what is this self interest within national security? But this is the point, there is no common sense within any of this. It is in essence a belief that a man who shits in a suit is more than a man who shits in a t-shirt. A man who has learned to spew more words, is more than a man who has not, when both are instruments of life, one has only been allowed more development, other than that, there is no difference, as both die the same death. In the end the physical remains the same, and it is only the words on a tombstone that state a difference, yet physically there is no difference. And that tombstone will eventually turn back into dust. So, is it the words, or is it the dust as a formation that is real?
The human is not doing too well with this dust. not creating a world that is a place to want to come and learn to create, as a few seem to think that their self interest, as dust, is more than another’s. And the collective, has built a structure that would enable all men to be supported and developed to a full potential. It simply means, taking what is already here, and using it to support all life, as this is what being here is all about.
This supposed self interest is misaligned, based on an idea of more than, when the more than is being life. What really amazed me is some fat old man, speaking as though this self interest, as national security is self evident. There is no evidence within this, it is based on illusion, bearing no witness to what is real, here, and supportive of life.
It really is just a tradition of superstitions and nothing else.
I mean what are we protecting as our traditions as self interest? The growing number of American children that are homeless? The story of a fat man in red coming down the chimney with plastic toys for role playing only, where actual real interaction with this physical world – such as really learning to play a musical instrument does not exist because most just spend their lives pushing papers in some idea of national self interest security? Where, and this really gets me, the songs in the stores are about Christmas traditions past of riding on a sleigh drawn by a horse, which no one does any more, and yet this elicits sentimental value, and this “sentimental value” is all we are actually living! A feel goodsensation with no real actual physical interactive substance to it? What is that? That is a possession of a past as a picture as some pretty music, as what we have become. Where is the real value in this? We might as well be in the Matrix movie, placed in pods with a vision creating device hooked up to our heads, I mean, really , what is the difference?
It seems that the self interest defense is for stagnant, non interactive, existence.
And all the while, the structure to support all as life, it right here, it is simply being funneled to create lack to perpetuate a non physical existence, and yet the physical is what is real, and remains, while the dreamers die. In other words, the dream is not cutting it.
The present self inner rest being protected and defended is not creating life, it is destroying it. We have become the nature of our separation.
It is for the collective to realize itself as the builder of the infrastructure on this planet, to stand and vote in a system of equality, to organize this infrastructure to support the value as simply being life, here. To remove the division into more than and less than, as a few own the resource and convince the rest, as the people, that they maintain and are responsible for the development of such freely given earth resources, all the while, a few take a profit of excessive amount with out any responsibility. So, it is to say, the collective gives an illusory ownership to a few, while the collective toils as the infrastructure. In a way, it is a repetition, a “same” pattern, the many serving and illusion, asleep at the wheel of self responsibility as life, as what we are, one and equal.
If we would prevent this illusory (abusive) leadership coming from without, and stand as life, in common sense as life, as what the collective already is doing in fact, and realize in common sense that we are the creators of what is here, and organize this to allow self directive development within a system of equality. The real more all is to use our creative ability as the infrastructure that is here, to support all life in equality, as life is the value.
The power is obviously already exhibited as what is here, built by the hands of each of us as men.
Remove the illusion of more than and less than, support Equal Money. Take a care of yourself as life, where the movement, as expression, here, is the absolute purpose of realizing this is the value. Stop the abusive negligence of self as life, and all life existent on this planet. It is here to support you within realizing that you need no supposed “greater” idol to worship than what you are, life. Stand up and be this, the evidence of you as this, surrounds you as the very infrastructure that is here, built by your fathers, and your brothers, your sisters, the generations that came before.
They are all here, just waiting for you to wake up, because you will only be able to see them if you become yourself as life, and this requires refocusing yourself as life away from your mind made huge. Your mind separates you from seeing the totality of existence here, it maintains a limited focus, manifest as emotions, thoughts and feelings as the outflows of accepted and allowed limited beliefs of more than and less than. But right behind that “telescope” of a mind, is yourself as life.


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