The Quantum Mind as Consciousness and an encounter with a Woman.


When my children were small and I was living in a foreign country, I went and volunteered in a “mother center”. It was a place for women with very small children to meet and have lunch, or sit and have coffee. I began with working in the cafe part two or three times a week for a couple of hours, to cooking lunch once a week and then becoming the gardner over a space of about three years, Originally I did this to expose myself to the language, because in my circles, everyone would speak English with me, and here, with a mixed “class group” I had to speak the language.

The first floor was the mother center, and the second floor was a refuge house for women seeking shelter, Some of the women were there with their children, escaping physical abuse, and some were there within a second stage of rehabilitation from addictions. Most of the time no one noticed that this existed in the second floor. And the house – it was a medium sized house nestled within the part of the city where there were many embassies, so it was by European standards a substantial house. Anyway, this just means there were only a handful of women on the second floor.


One time, when I was helping out in the cafe area, next to the play room, a woman from the second floor came down the stairs in hysterics. She was being demanding and obviously upset about life in general, and spilling this all over the place. Many of the women with children were upset, and later efforts were made to not allow this to happen again.

What I remember within this scene, with this hysterical woman, was that what i had been taught to think was that this woman was insane, abusive, “rough around the edges” and something to stay away from at all costs. But, on this day, listening to this woman- who looked like she was years older than her actual age- was that she had no direction, she had no idea as to what actual direction was, as she simply did not have a clue as to what this meant. She, as what she was, was due to a lack. Meaning, there has never been any consistent effort demonstrated in her existence that showed any kind of direction.

Why I suddenly had such a thought? Maybe it was because I had gone and worked in a place, where I crossed paths with many classes of people, most I would not have normally come into contact with. I mean, I was an America, and though I had interacted with the general racial groups in New York, I had never mixed with some of what was in Switzerland. There were, in this past decade ( now it might be different) not many Indians and Paskistani’s in New York, I had never encountered a Yugoslavian. There, by blood, might have been descendants in New York from these areas within my past, but they were not natives.

I also was involved, somewhat with the diplomatic scene, and encountered new ethnic groups at, yes, a home of the America Ambassador. I drove this woman from India to a party there, and all she did the whole ride was talk about jewelry. She bought and sold estate jewelry. One the way back, I just wanted her out of the car. I just felt like she was networking to find jewelry to sell. And she really worked it. I realized that so much of the same behavior exists allover the world. The drive for money. Have to say, that even the elephant drivers in Thailand are insane with this. I do not think I have seen a more aggressive demand for money that with these workers. And the whole time I thought, but you are so lucky, your climate allows you to life in a small hut and be outside all the time! Imagine only having to take care of a small elevated hut! Seems like a dream come true to me. Every once in a while, all that need be done is to lay some more palm leaves in the roof!

Anyway, back to the woman in the mother center.

I listened to a Quantum Mind interview at This interview explains how a child begins to move as memory builds up within the mind as consciousness develop:. building up images as the child begins to move the physical body.

At one point in the article, it explains that children within stable environments develop their memory faster and thus are able to use memory faster, while children in less stable environments are distracted and thus have multiple images within their frame of reference as they begin to learn to speak. This creating a less stable use of language as more pictures are crossing their frame of consciousness as what directs us as energy, as picture production instead of direct seeing. Thus, a child within such an environment is less stable, like there is too much tumbling down, too much shattering focus, too many disruptions to lead to self direction. Like our consumerist system of too much ( seemingly so) choice. The parents of such a person, probably the same. Thus,the behaviors are all over the place, just as this woman’s behaviors were “ all over the place.”

A different way of seeing that seems a contradiction. Too much in-form-(ac)tion creating instability, where as a child developing with a stable environment, though also moving as images and not direct physical seeing, being more stable as less was introduced and thus the ability to see the fewer images created a faster ability to “read” memory and thus a greater ability to develop within the limited system as consciousness. It is the divisions into consciousness creating different scenarios, one more stable than the other, yet both a separation from the actual physical. One seeming more stable than the other, neither being able to realize in totality the reason for how existence on earth is not supportive of life, realizing that life is the value.

So, here I am watching this woman, in this new environment I am in, where I myself have encountered new formations of behavior from different cultures, and different classes of people, and I encounter this reckless seeming behavior of this unstable woman and I see that what is missing is direction.

One of my first thoughts was that there was no hope for this woman, as trying to explain direction to here, or the ability of the system to place her within an environment where she could actually live consistent self direction, with strong models, simply was not going to happen within the social services monetary system. Perhaps this happened with a few, when someone became a strong mentor, but this was rare. Anyway, the exception should be the rule, the successes suggest that possibility exists, but instead, such success end up being a “poster child” to create a facade that the social service industry is functioning. Have to keep that job and prove its efficacy. We really have to get to the point where it is to realize that there is no choice but to live the absolute efficacy, as we know what works. As the statement of, “the exception to the rule” actually is saying, is that, the rule is money, this determines life, the exception – as the success and support of life- is separate from the rule, just as the words are laid out in the statement. We can see, even within our word constructions , how we create relationships as separations from supporting life as the value. To suggest there is an exception to THE RULE, is to admit that the rule does not support the development of self direction, as in those few cases where, within social service success stories, manage to develop more autonomy for an individual.

What is also obvious, within this, is that there is no real understanding of how consciousness is developed and what it in fact is, as energy, as separation from a focus on what actually physically is here. Have a look at this, would a system of inequality actually want such development? It would mean equality, and that would mean a change, and this would mean giving up ideas as memories, as addictions, to deconstruct what has been directing and reconstruct in such as way that would actually increase awareness as life, a direct seeing here. It is like not wanting to give up that tattered sweater that is not even really keeping one warm, but there is a great fear of letting this go, as an emotional attachment has become greater than what is real! That is really how insane consciousness is. And all it takes is to realize that fantasy as the mind, of the idea of that sweater.

So, how do we stop this behavior as that of this woman? Those of us that are not so far gone, must begin to realize what we are as consciousness and how this system functions, to stand up within this, not in protest, but in understanding ourselves and what is here, and change this, to bring all the separations as relationships of division from direct, here seeing, and stand as life, equal and one. As long as the behavior of this woman exists, there is not real communication and life existing on earth, as what is existing is energetic reactions of no substance , manifest as reckless undirected behavior.

I think of the story of Gulliver’s travels, where in one story he is huge and in another he is tiny, as though there is no stability in what Gulliver is. In some ways, this is what is happening in this woman’s mind, somethings are huge and somethings are small, and there in no organization within direct seeing in reality. Just as this woman’s behavior exhibits, there is uncontrolled reactions, seemingly random, but they are a exhibit of distortion of reality. A profitable “state “ in -deed for a few, who themselves as upholding such system, as allowingthis inequality is a distortion in and as itself. Its measure and rhythm varying by degree.

Bring yourself back to reality, know, through a concerted effort of study, via the desteni i process, beginning with the desteni i process lite, to see, realize and understand, through writingout your memory, the pictures in and as your mind as you distortion of reality in fear, as fear of loss, and applying the sound direction of self forgiveness, self corrective application to equalize yourself as life, here, to stand and become the living word, to organize a word/world that is best for all, so that life can begin. Those of us who lack in sustenance in a system of subjective – piece of paper- resource ownership where people carry the burden of development and the few wallow in the profits, never considering how the actual physical world is suffering, cannot piece themselves back together again, as they are too fragmented because of what all of us have accepted and allowed, thus those of us, because of what we were born into and placed within, being of the same substance as those more shattered, have the means to bring ourselves back to life and stand up within the separation and begin the process of equalizing/stabilizing life as what exists on earth. to birth life the gift of life, as heaven on earth.








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