Religion and Spirituality is Consumerism ; Steal by day: PrEy by night

Basically, anything that is a distraction from looking at what is physically here, is a distraction. Imagining gods, sub gods, alternate existences as a “place that is “godlike” as in “heaven like”” is a distraction. And ultimately ignorance, as why would “here” be something to want to “escape” from? This would mean an existence from which to escape. How can this be something productive- an existence from which to escape? In common sense, does this make sense?

It does not, not in any way. Seeking escape is being that “state” of escape, that is what is developed, being here, looking at what is here and facing here is not what would be developed. Thus the whole idea of an alternate existence to climb to, makes no sense. The only thing that would make sense is to make here, as what is real, a place of life.

So, an alternate reality, as an idea of another place, creates the living of the dreaming of being in anther place. Instead of the saying, “ pray by day, steal by night” this consuming entertainment is “imagine by life, steal thy life” because this is the idea behind the distraction of a “better place than here.”  So, religion and spirituality is a diversion from here, something marketed, packaged in shiny, blingy words and pictures and sold to those who grab on and consume it, while others sign pieces of paper stating they own freely given life sustaining resources. It is an awe-ful lot life – the creation of distracting “awe” that allows the awfulness of starvation and abuse of life on this planet.  And really, the ones owning the resource, and the ones seeking the entertainment of alternate realities, are really just scared of standing up here in common sense. The simplest answer to realizing what is sought through ownership and what is sought in an imagined “alternate” reality is right here. Here is life. Here is the gift. Here is the answer. It makes so much sense, why waste life for some kind of episodic suffering?  Punishment does not clear things up, direction and understanding – and self direction to live an understanding – clear things up. It is like the famous musician realizing when someone comes up and makes a comment about how talented that musician is, and how gifted, and the musician responds by saying, “It has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with “directing myself” meaning working, meaning walking with the instrument and becoming one and equal to it, and DOING what is necessary to learn how to move with the thing” – as the instrument in this analogy.

I mean, dreaming about playing an instrument is in no way, shape, or form, the actual playing of that instrument. And it is THE SAME with imaged ideology as what religion and spirituality is in fact; A DREAM and not the actual being of self, within a physical form of same substance – a substance of life allowing life, if this would only be taken in hand and directed, as this being the value- to learn how to work with and as life, here, to manifest what is only supposed and sought after in the dream – as what religion and spirituality promote – an un-substantiated sub-posed action of self. It is like the Nigerian scammers promising the world, as “love” and then taking all your money ( in this case professing love by day, and stealing by the night line of the internet!) lol

Thus, religious people and spiritual people have been duped. You have been sold a dream and nothing else. Business uses fear, the development of a belief in lack and/or actually creates the lack, to then step in as some/ with some salvation ideas/imagery/props that in essence are an act of Peter stealing from Paul, an act of stealing by night and praying by day.

Religion and Spirituality are used to keep the slave laborers working, as they dream of a better life ONLY and are so consumed with this drug of hope and image of “heaven” that here is then placed in the hands of a few and that few enjoy the “dream” in luxury. Meanwhile, what is real, is abused, and failing, the garden is rotting, the instrument is in disrepair, and the gift is ignored. What is real is passed by as the product of greed, having fallen for the scam, is made bigger than life.

It is time to wake up from the dream, the wake of a life never lived, this perpetual wake before death, as what is lived, to bring yourself back here to what is real. It is this physical earth, that is real, that is the tool to heaven, all that needs be done is to pick up the tool/key with your human hands and create this as proof of realizing you as life are the value, here to prove that you as life, being , is the value.

Support and Equal Money System. Put an end to fear and the need for consumerism, begin the development of life as what is expressed here as Earth. Prove you are worthy and thus value life, to the extent that no one is left behind, as all life is the value and all the forms that are here is what makes this possible.

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