The distortion of reality starts where continued

I have been in the elementary schools , the middle schools and the high schools. In the elementary schools the children started getting “groupie” in the third grade, dress begins to become important, grades too, clicks start. This movement from a more accepting nature, to one of judgement and selection according to looks and entertainment values of the person, this ability to generate attention, is the goal with either dress or verbal and athletic skills. Then in middle school, a lot of acting out, as though everything is being tested, I think I saw more disgust towards teachers and adults in the middle school than anywhere else. There must be something here, where the children realize the adults are not practicing what they preach, that to give as you would like to receive is not lived by the adults of this world. Some are so angry they lash out, and some lash out because they do not have the skills to speak, and even if they did, and they spoke of what they could see, the adults would not listen anyway. Ask an adult a question they cannot answer and they get 1 angry – because they are being put on the spot and asked to make sense, 2.  so, happy face politeness, as a way and means of brushing something under the rug- which is the opposite of the angry. Women tend towards the later and men the previous. There is a general, “we don’t go there” attitude.

I would think that children encountering this, would become apprehensive and start biting their nails. There is no direction or response in any of the adult behaviors, instead demands are made about how one is supposed to behave, without any clarity given when common sense is asked for.

The adults of this world, treat children as the circus trainers treat animals, just whip them into shape without any connection to the very substance of what is here as life, this valued and worked with.

And what is really visible in the schools, especially when a male is the leader, is the Harem effect. I was not even involved with Desteni and I noticed this, I did not even know there was a name for this. I was shocked when I found out. If men are so bored within a school that they have time to interview many women for teaching jobs, and they end up hiring women with the same sexuality “signature,” meaning this is what is SEEN, then what is best for the children IS NOT the directive. This behavior, is sexual abuse.

Sitting here, writing this, I really get angry. So fucking mad, because of how the very development of this in these woman and these men, showed up in high school for me with the modeling industry. To see these 14 and 15 year old GIRLS, children, leave themselves behind and become a made huge sexuality of limited design, and to have watched this happen to my twin sister, I cannot accept this. It is unacceptable.

Anger is not the solution. feeding within anger answers to the limitation and does not direct a corrective solution – reaction is not taking hold of the substance and actually standing up as it, one and equal to it in self directed equal and oneness, here there is not blame or spite, just expression equal and one as life.

I must have coupled my own sexuality with this, even though later I would try and find a way to make sex have some kind of meaning, be picking a man who was “not like this” – I wrote not “life” this, not give life to this.

Back to the schools; So the children are exposed to the driving sexuality of the principle, as all the female teachers are determined from this stand point. Believe me, it is in my local middle school and my high school. In the high school it tends to with with secondary personnel, as the heads of departments hire the teachers. So, in a high school there may be more variation. So children in schools are exposed to sexual preferences of the males, and to think they do not notice is ignorance, especially in a world where sexuality is prominent on television and advertising. Do not kid yourself.

Now wouldn’t all this cause some apprehension in a child? Wouldn’t all this cause a child to become anxious and apprehensive? A child that at one point had the ability to learn  massive amounts, with language and physical movement? To learn all that and then to become limited to blowing up certain aspects of presentation of self within this world?

And if you are a child, born in a situation where the vocabulary and exposure to how the systems of this world work, even within their limitation and their obvious lack of common sense, would not a child realize that what was really being asked , was to shut self down, to fit into addictions and possessions that lead to obsessions with no more actual movement in common sense?


Obviously, if I started biting my nails in my single digit years – and i sucked my thumb, I was lacking ease, holding onto something, which later became biting my nails, and taking on personas, and juggling the demands of this distorted reality, as self direction within common sense, that which must exist as the human, as we learn to talk and walk in a relatively short period of time, probably the greatest level of achievement for most humans, where after this, continued self awareness development stops, as we step into the limited design of this world. Alien suits for battle within a survival based system, we become alien to this earth, and what this earth is composed of as the substance of life. And all our thoughts, emotions and feelings are the accumulated resonance of this. I just started to bite my nails as i allowed myself to go into fear, and apprehend what was needed to hold onto all of this in order to survive. I had become the donkey running after the carrot of consciousness.


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