The compounds are the division of separation, this we do to our children.

We teach our children compound imagery instead of realizing the very substance of this physical world. The twist here is that the compound imagery is of a division of that substance into parts- as limited values only, not in consideration of the totality of the forms prevalent on earth that compose the organism of life. Thus we limit insight and understanding of all existent and within this withholding, imagery based on limited ideology is asked to be followed as ideas of more than and less than before self realization.

Looking at the media, we can see this made huge; the personas of the supposedly “perfect woman” or the “perfect male” and the “perfect car.” It is like we are running after images instead of realizing how that car was made, designed, constructed. The desire is developed, as belief to have that car, those accouterments to create the image and likeness of that Ken Doll or that GIJoe doll. Within this, everything else is considered less than. AND, there is no understanding of how all of this was composed in the first place.

Thus, children are forced to take on compound images/symbols without any understanding of what is here. Now if there is no real understanding there is no real stability, as the lack of understanding brings a lack of dialogue into the communication about this world. A perfect breeding ground for leaders and followers, and the leaders begin to, like organic robots, to be what they have repeated again and again, they have become comfortable with the game and end up seeing nothing but this, and the dialogue allowed is only what supports this, as this is all that is seen. This is how bullying comes about, the compound image unable to see the separation from life, and only registering what maintains the idea of self as the non-understanding of the compound image. And all the images as the memories, as the thoughts , emotions and feelings are the compounds as the separations made polar driving the behavior, they themselves not understood.

Imagine a child having to answer to these compound images? Trying to realize the assumptions behind the image, when they have not even understood themselves as life. They come into this world as the substance of life, and are forced to accept compound ideas as division, as division is a compound in being a separation into parts, where this is what is seen, and not the whole. Do we even have the ability as adults to conceptualize this and understand this? Or, will this take some self realization to fully comprehend? Yes, I know, it is messed up.

To many, this may become so overwhelming that taking this on and moving is extremely difficult. Yes , this is like reversing the “lens” of self back into the physical as directive, removing the window pain/pane of the mind as directive. Which is revealing as to how this life is in reverse. Wake up. Desteni is showing you how. Join us.

What really gets me lately, is that the system of laws within this nation, actually make a contract with people experiencing the abuse of systemic grabbing of resource, to not speak publicly about a pay off. The losers win some money and take the money to survive, as they cannot comprehend the compound laws. EVentually they begin to see the whole, but then there was this document where a signature was given to not speak. Sounds like there is understanding that the human is perfectly capable of . Even thought it is slow and probably impossible for most in the heat of the storm of abuse, where everything moves fast to never allow a dialogue of understanding to exist.

So, it is that the same thing is happening that happened as children facing adults moving within ideas as compound images negligent of realizing the very substance of life, and its walk to having created the things existent on earth. The images come to direct and not what is the very composing force in all.

How can a system really tell someone they cannot talk about past events. Especially when that document does not reveal the whole scenario? Is there a switch from the collective to the singular on this document, which means that both must always be considered at every point, and if – at any point- something was left out it is a lie and thus the whole situation is rendered defunct/false/ an ill league of common sense. And don’t the laws of this country say that the people as the governing body can change what is here when it does not support the common good “for the people” where the common good for the people is absolute maintenance of what is physical, as this is what supports life!

This would mean that any suffering and abuse existent on this earth cannot be written into any laws, as the lack of consideration means the common good has not been supported, thus there is no law or document that is valid that says some one cannot talk, speak up about events, especially if they are harmful in any way.

And within this, since all were children at one time, and not educated to understand themselves and what is the total composition of what is here, in detail, and not only as compound imagery, then what behaviors any person exhibits is the cause of this lack of dialogue with an understanding of the total substance of what is here. Thus to deny any person the requirements of life, and the ability to self realize, is a crime against life, and the same exact behavior of ignorance of the totality of existence here. Thus all must be forgiven, and reorganized to support life, where what exists cannot be allowed, nor blamed for what it is, as what is here has not been taught to understand life.

Here come the belief that “life” cannot be understood. Well if life cannot be understood, as well then, there cannot be any judgement of the behaviors of people being poor, or stupid, or what ever judgement given as that person is not allowed what sustains life, if we do not understand life, then we must take care of what is here regardless. TO decide one cannot understand in one situation and then suggest they have understanding in another makes no sense, one either has understanding of all existent in totality, absolutely, or there can be no claim of understanding. As simple as that. Throw your tantrum, there is no way out of this. And bullying and saying that is the way it is, is just the fear of your own greed not wanting to admit itself as what you are. Raw, ignorant, greed. This the very reason why abuse exists on this earth. Thus the real cause is a behavior not wanting to admit itself as the cause of what is here.

Yet even this, as what this person is, is in fear, total fear. As this separation from life, causes insecurity where greed is the behavior of this insecurity. Remove this, accept this actual physical world as what is real, equalize self to this physical world, as the separation, as the problem, is solved.

Slow down and breath, and realize the thoughts, emotions and feelings are the division of self into separation creating a compound of ignorance of life as polarities of more than and less than on a world where support if given freely as it has not signature of ownership.

Take the FREE course offered by Desteni to AT LEAST begin to see your emotions and feelings for what they are, the voices of separation from the substance of self as life, the compounds of thoughts impulsed by a desire as a belief in more than and less than, where this world is really a place of heaven, of a dialogue of life in communication in being, simply being here, becoming aware of self as life, to walk through the eye of the needle, having become, equal and one to and as life, here. There is no greater gift and life is more than willing to share.

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