Remain within the text

I am researching something I am attempting to do, and I realize as I peruse the internet sites that I become reactive while reading the pros and the cons presented within my situation.
I have to read without emotion, and look at the words without judgement, without association to my own desires, meaning what I want to find, what I want to be the truth within what I am reading.
I encounter the people within an industry presenting a lot of scare tactics, as their livelihoods are dependent on one venue, and the addition of another takes this away.
I react emotionally within when I face these scare tactics, that I must stand back from and investigate as they may be valid.
But the alternative has support, and it seems to be growing because of the economy, thus there are in fact situations, as I have talked with people, where the alternative works, despite what others are saying.
But this is about my own reactions.
When working with children reading a text, one of the things that is told to the child is to only work with what is presented in answering the questions, do not bring in any ideas about the topic that you have from experiences and add them to what is given within the text. One can say this to a child, but often they will become confused and end up doing this. Sometimes they get it right away and realize this makes the whole process easier.
But I realize within my own situation here, how much I want to project my own desires and fears onto what I am reading. I have to slow down and reread objectively, just as I have said to children. So many emotions are spinning around that have nothing to do with what I am reading and investigating.
I read one of the journey to life blogs today, and this blog was about this same kind of emotional add-on within talking with others. In this, talking with others is really no different than remaining within what is presented in a text. What is here, is what is real, in the moment, and the addition of emotions and feelings and thoughts are the desires, wants and needs of the individual, and the indication of a self interested agenda.
Thus, the addition of emotion and feelings can cloud what is actually here, and this is used to cloud what is here, to confuse, and it is all in the name of self interest, as protection and defense, as gain, a taking from Peter to pay Paul, I mean if we had a system of equality, then there would be no need to take, to be consumed with getting to survive, we would be here, with what is physically actually here.
In may ways the mind works like a program, the flood gates of emotion, thought and feeling open and close, turn on and off, and thus confuse and blind, scare and bully, manipulate and ignore what is actually physically here, and freely given at that. Thus with a consciousness of feelings, thoughts and emotions, as supports of beliefs and opinions and ideas built by a system of inequality played out as a game of survival and competition known as capitalism, we are adding onto what is here in the name of self interested survival, as what is here is freely given, and able to support us, it is only the divisions into ownership and the ensuing grasp of this that separates us from being here in common sense of what is physically here.
Any and all bullying, and reaction to this is ignoring this text of physical life, here. There is no way out of this. One can argue and bully and ignore, throw a tantrum, stomp a foot, but this is actual reality, not that belief in human nature. I mean, if we say to a child to remain within the context given, why are we , the adults not remaining within the text given? The text is this freely given physical world.
In a way, this simple practice taught, as not all education is necessarily bad, is not actually lived. And any emotions coming up within this are judgements in self interest. Thus, any destructive reaction in any way, such as war, is not actually working with what is here, it is a reaction of want, need and desire, to force an add on in self interest based on a belief that one needs more than another, and is because of this, separate from the physical freely giving physical text of life here as earth.
I realize, within this, that when I have an emotion come up, no matter what, within reading or interacting, I am no longer here, existing within the context of this physical world, as a land that bears no sign of ownership, realizing the ownership is a subjective placement on a context in self interest in separation from the nature of this physical world. This is the human not reading the text but placing other subjects onto the text and thus this is separation from here. This subjective addition is ignorance of life, abuse of life, suppression of life, and missing the text of life as this physical world. lol, but there is no way out of this simple reality. Thus all acts against this are criminal. Period.
Any reactions, or additions, as emotion, feeling and thought I place within an interaction, be it reading or conversing, are crimes against life, are bullying, are suppressing of myself as life and all life, realizing what is here.
If these emotions , thoughts and feelings, are made resonantly HUGE within us, imagine what happens? Do we lose depth perception? Do we lose spatial ability? Do we lose conceptaul ability of this physical world? Do we become consumed by the subjective resonance and separate from what is here to the point where we can no longer see what is actually physically here? And would this seem to be of no sense to the huge resonance that has consumed sense as emotions , thought and feelings that believe their subjective truths to be all that there is? Try to imagine that for a moment. I mean, we all know that what television broadcasts is not productive, thus why is this not possible as what we have become? Obviously we are ignoring something, because this physical world is being ignored by the very fact that is is becoming increasingly toxic from in-consideration of subjective self interest as profit ONLY instead of actual equal awareness of the real text that is here, earth. A freely giving earth at that, no subjective label needed.
Within this, unacceptable behaviors are a by product of this subjective separation, a deviation into the subjective, self interested illusory world that is not here remaining within the context of the physical. So, we are all to blame for what behaviors exist within this world, as we support and allow this additional self interested judgment onto a physical world that has the answer right here in front of our eyes as how it is by nature, freely given without the signature of ownership to support all life, as life is the value, and what we all are equally.
It is time to take this text that is the physical world, use the tool of money – as it is what is here in place- use this to distribute what is here equally to support what is the real value, life, to bring ourselves back here to what is real, equalize ourselves to this and stop feeding the energetic-consuming-separation into and as consciousness as mind as manifested through reactions as emotions, thoughts and feelings made huge as a subjective addition placed onto this physical reality, as this is what is constant and remains even when we are dead, evident in that no ownership is taken into death, as this text cannot be owned unless we allow the illusion of this to be placed subjectively in self interest and ignorance on what is freely given.


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