2012 The de-naturing of food.

2012 The de-naturing of food.
In a system where profit is the law, as in the corporations – that are made up of people following the signature of a few…other people – then to survive a means of profit must be found, despite what is best for all, despite nature, the earth. What is here, the things people need to sustain their physical bodies that is given by this earth in the form of complete foods this can be taken and divided into parts, fractionalized – much like money- and then sold for a profit. Health care systems can be built around this de-naturing of food – and make no mistake about it is de-naturing food for profit, for enslavement, yet justified by the laws we have all accepted and allowed that state a profit must be made.
So, the food of this earth can be taken and processed into the things we eat that have little or no sustenance requiring additional support and supplementation in order for the body to maintain its functions. Thus, a huge health care system chemically trying to keep bodies functioning, and also, controlling the level of functioning of the human physical body. And we have been told that this system would do this, so many novels came out about this type of control in the thirties and forties, right around the time the American Medical Association was established, when tobacco sales profit enabled a few to plaster allopathic/chemical based medicine on every billboard and television screen, on the pages of newspapers and magazines – much like what we see today, huge two page spreads promoting some chemical. Do the research yourself. It is there.
What does this do the human? How does this focus the human? Does this create a human able to direct themselves or does this create a human trapped into taking the direction of a voice of a system that has de-natured food and developed supplementation in the form of chemicals?
Does this cause this same system to then go and try to eliminate foods that prove sustaining as those taking the chemical drugs begin to realize the drugs are not in fact healing or sustaining? Yet there is a whole system, following accepted and allowed laws that state a profit must be made and a whole system has been built around this, where many many people will loose their jobs should this system be suddenly realized to not be effective and to be against nature, within a system that upholds money as survival, profit as value, where what is real, and what all this is built on is a physical world, without which de-naturing could not exist?
This de-naturing of food is division and conquer of what is here, and this division and conquer is against nature and stops nature, stops life, enslaves life, suspends life into chasing de-natured sustenance. Obviously this is not a way to live. And the doctors trained to pass on the chemicals cannot even keep up with the drugs, they learn a protocol and follow it and when it begins to spiral in on itself they pass their patients onto someone else, hence a line of supposed specialists. It is a trap and in the end a life that is not lived, but the spending of self chasing the de-natured physical to try and balance out what is missed that has been divided into pills. The human has become that lab rat in that cage, and everyone participating is the rat, the patient and the doctor, the drug rep. and the profiteer, all caught up in this de-naturing, fractionalized existence. As within so without, as above, so below.
NO regard for the animals, no regard for the trees, no regard for the air, no regard for the soil. No regard, meaning no sight for nature, for this earth, for that which sustains, for that which we are, as the very substance of ourselves.
I have had people say to me, “they will get emotional,” which is ironic because “getting emotional” is the problem, is the limitation, is the non seeing. So to stop because someone will get emotional is to say that what is the problem is to not face the problem. The “emotional” is what has to be faced as it is the storm/separation/fear/non seeing/ divided self, into not really being here in common sense. The emotion is what needs to be cleaned up, the emotion is the fear, is the self in a state of non-seeing, is the fractionalized self, the de-natured self. Just look, many drug prescriptions are to balance out emotional states, emotional states that are also caused by a lack of proper sustenance.
De-naturing of food also suggests that how food sustains is understood. In order for the profit to be made, the division must be made. In effect, the division of food, as the de-naturing of food with modern processing, and the drive of the American Medical Association has probably killed more people than Hitler ever could have imagined. And the American Medical Association was started by a jew. I guess they have wrecked their revenge more than ten fold. Or, is Christ still being hung on the cross? Is the “original sin” the sin of racial division, where some humans decided they were more than others? Thus de-naturing spins around and around on many different levels and meanwhile the earth, the substance of what we are is being destroyed and dis-allowed expression, as we are all here, we are all life, one and equal. So the abuse is done by us to ourselves. Our separation from ourselves as life, as this substance of this earth has been fractionalized into labels, made idol, within race and class, sustaining division through education and development, all upheld through paper money, itself fractionalized – losing value with each division, and those who control the dividing of value remain on the “hill.” What happens when the “hill” is “de-natured” for its substance, bulldozed and taken apart to mix another compound to stop that emotion?
Thus, must all the beliefs, opinions and ideas we have learned, be forgiven, self forgiven, by each of us. What is here is not life sustaining, this is becoming obvious.
In the last days, there have been articles in the newspapers of people eating themselves and others. This is an e-motion that mimics what we are doing to ourselves with the endless division we allow on all levels in subservience to profit. Look at the word profit, it is “of” more than and less than, it is division into more than and less than, and this belief, ignores the equality of ourselves as life. Life is the value, and as such, will be lost if not realized as the value. Anything that can be lost has no value, yet within this system, all will eventually be lost.
There will be no emotion to fill this space when this is what we end up as. This will be hell, created by each and every one of us unless we stop.
Support Equal Money System until it is done, there is no other alternative at this point. This earth, as ourselves must be respected. All that will be lost will be found to be illusive, and all that will be gained will be life. Stop allowing yourself to be a rat in a cage. Let’s get this cleaned up for the children to come.

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