2012 The Mind is a Harsh Lover to be in Bed with.

2012 The Mind is a Harsh Lover to be in Bed with.

I walk through my day, at times I am lost in one relation, usually it is in recognition of what is taught within this world, in the stories I have read and the values from family, the fears I have collected as me, and the demands of society at large within a system of profit, where everything is geared towards making money.
The big one that comes up incessantly, is the picture of my self being with a man. Most would consider this healthy and normal, from the mind’s perspective and the voice of society at large, this is seemingly normal, but it is a norm of limited worth, it is a norm that is like a cartoon, a charicature of a woman in an apron, or wearing a provocative dress, or being a giving caring woman where this “giving” is to and towards a man – a real happy face relationship that has no depth or awareness of understanding of everything that is that person capable of doing so many things, sensing so many things, thus is the mind a harsh lover to be in bed with because holding oneself within this pattern eliminates so much of what is this world. And this is simple common sense. The obsessions of the mind eliminates life, there is no use of the body to sense, it is a topical application of self fulfilling what is topically dictated by a system that is a reflection of senselessness. A system that actually cultivates senselessness — actually I wrote senselessmess, both words are one and the same, they reflect what the human has accepted and allowed on this earth. We are a sense less mess. And if you react, just stop and look at your human physical body, are you aware of what is happening to it, because if you were really aware of the direction it moves in as it ages, down to the smallest detail, you would be able to take care of this yourself, and you cannot because you have no sense of it. And meanwhile we, the human, have developed machines that measure, when we as what we are as the senses we are and have, can sense these things ourselves. I mean a cat can sense when someone is about to die, dogs can even smell cancer in people, they pick up some vibe, some kind of oscillation within this physical world, which means this is something that can be done with a physical body using its sense. Thus, has this ability of the physical not been cultivated, thus have we as humans been ‘taken away” from using the physical to sense this world, to become aware of this world. And instead we build systems, machines in a profit based system to do the supposed sensing for us.
Ironically, these machines have sensed what is going on, yet when discovered – even through the use of chemical reactions- what benefits is not utilized because it does not make a profit, it does not create a scenario where the human is in need, where the human is lacking something and then can thus be kept at a point where this need remains balanced within a constant so that this need can be turned into the constant flow of money to a structured source benefitting from money as representation of resource given ownership to a singular entity because of a simple signature on a piece of paper, where all of this was here, given unconditionally by this earth, and the human is within this, enslaved through diminishment to work for the support of its human physical body maintenance from a point of a purposeful non developmental self awareness to feed a hierarchy of profit for the few playing a game of “king of the hill” where the hill is a false construction on the horizon to begin with.
So, lets look at this construction, this “hill.” This “hill” is a centralized regime. Every single government in existence has been this, they are all the same, yet, just as being a woman needing a man as following an idea of how to be, instead of becoming a human physical body of sense, common sense, physical sense, governments who can control texts, in word and in image, can pin one thing next to another, and develop the singular mechanism that is the image/energy maker as the mind as that which is only able to project one energetic idea/belief/opinion at a time, and use this to place two things that are the same together – that vary by slight degree- and attach all these words that make these tiny differences HUGE and voila, two identical structures appear different, when the differences are topical decoration with words or fashion rearranged, so the mixture of one track mind and singular relationships as tiny differences between to presentations of the same thing can no longer be realized for what they are; the same fucking thing.
Communism, and socialism are the same things, a centralized government controlling the resource of this earth, stating that they are trying to take care of people, creating hope, and then creating a drama of justifications as to why things are actually not being taken care of. SOund like capitalism? And all of this is done within a system that does not develop physical self awareness, actually shuts it down to create a illusory sense of lack, so that a senseless blob can be directed to follow the structure of a system and what this system dictates as what is real.
Within this mess, this division from self awareness, this separation into part seeing, into moving as a singular idea so well propagated through mind only development are the creators of advertising images, as they are this just as all of us are this, just as the government office workers are this, just as the doctors are this, all intertwined and lost within believing there is lack and unable to see the singular relationships as just this, singular relationships unaware of the whole, where actually, trying to see the whole after being trained to see only parts is a fucking bitch to transform back into being a magnificent human physical body able, and formed with an ability to sense the whole, to become aware of this world, to sense this world. Just try, to do this, try to sense with your human physical body, try to be able to enjoy the human body of another person consistently for more than an hour lying next to that person and enjoying touch for more than an hour. I bet you cannot do this; what will happen is that desire for that energetic rush of orgasm and then it will end, no constancy of simply physical enjoyment, stable and subtle and easy, as in being within a state of ease. Can you even be aware of your own resistances and justifications within this? I bet you can’t. I bet you will get really reactive and ansi and restless and irritable and anxious; all indications of separation from your physical self. You are basically fucked.
There is only one way out, and you can’t blame anyone but yourself, and that is to clean this up, to realize that all those irritations, all those justifications, all those resistances, all those drives to a momentary high are you as mind separate and divided into fractional parts as the very being of yourself in a state of lack of physical ability to sense in and as the human physical body that you are, a tool to place yourself here, one and equal to this physical world, a machine of sense capacity probably better than any machine made by man within a system of profit creating lack that serves only the self interest – as self sustenance within what this whole scenario actually is – for a few to pamper themselves within this physical awareness lack.
Who wants to suffer this? No one, but if this is what is, then I would definitely want to make sure this senseless being of my self was pampered and I would fight tooth and nail to pamper my self in separation of self awareness which i am not even aware of that this is what I am, to make sure that all the developed/believed/justified “lacks” were met to ease the suffering caused by my separation from my own ability to sense.
And the whole time I believe that this is the way it is, because that singular mechanism as mind has consumed my self and I can no longer realize anything else. Sound like zombie existence?
So, it is like we have a system that is trying to meet the needs of our own self developed and allowed lack of sense ability! If we lack sensibility how the hell can we create a system in common sense that is able to meet these needs?! We no longer have any sense? And then we wonder why the system does not work, why there is starvation, animal abuse, where we feel sad about this for a moment, but we cannot sustain any thing, as I pointed out before, because we have shut down sense ability, we are merely stuck in energetic relationships, we cannot see, we cannot hear, we cannot HERE ourselves and realize what has been accepted and allowed by us, as us, from us.
This is where breath comes in. To breath, to center oneself back into the human physical body and to breath. TO begin to write out what self is, to write and write and write until one’s words begin to form an awareness of the whole, and realize all the singular relationships as self in lack of insight into the whole of this earth, to center self back into self as the physical, to remove oneself from the centralized dictates as the voice in one’s head cultivated to serve a belief that awareness comes from without, and has no center from within even though the substance of what is without is the same fucking substance as what one is as a human physical body within. DUH.
The physical is like having a neighbor right here to support self, and not using that support, where that neighbor as the physical wants to be this as this is life, and lack if this is lack of life, why be lack, why push away the very support that is you? As what you are?
It is like being handed sensibility on a golden platter and not taking it, not using it, and instead looking for something else to be sensibility for you as if you are scared to be your own sensibility, and even not using this sensibility harms others, harms animals, and children and plants and this earth.
One person cannot clean this mess up, we all have to become aware of ourselves and use our innate sensibility as our human physical bodies, as this physical world, to bring ourselves back to ourselves as life, as awareness, as common sense of this world and ourselves. This is not going to happen unless we do this each and every one of us. ( People get really reactive when I say this, this ‘we all have to do this,” mostly they are rendered dumbstruck, or they realize their own “dumbstuckedness’ and start revealing their intense spite, like how dare I tell them what they have to do or not do. I used to get upset and cringe like I have created some negative scenario, but this was me wanting to have a positive experience. There is no positive experience in this, it is going to appear dirty to the mind, it is going to create a lot of attack and accusations, it is going to send people home irritated and nasty, and they won’t even realize what the hell is happening to them and somehow they will not blame me, they cannot, and somehow they know this. Interesting.)
Yet there are probably some people who will attack.
A couple of times in my life I have stood my ground, where I wondered how I did this, I called this my “reluctant Harry Potter energy,” it is a question hanging in my mind. What was this, how did I do this? I am wary here because it could be a program where I actually had a moment of “steadfastness” and then I would spend my life searching for this. Which I have done. But if I remember one scenario, I was being attacked by two people and I stood my ground, they walked up to me, and stopped, suddenly stopped dead cold and started walking backwards, away from me, spewing curses at me the whole time. The guy I was with ran away and stood on the side, I noticed this too, what a wimp. Well then again he might have been the smart one! But this was one against two, and the “two” were too small, a crowd is more of a frenzy and will stop at nothing. But this is perhaps it, a group strong and steady as being sensible and directed within equality and oneness could do what happened in this moment with my self on a huge scale and change this world, bring this world, the human, back to itself aware of itself, sensing this physical world in and as becoming one and equal to this physical world which is becoming one and equal to life, as this physical world is the sensing vehicle of itself as what it is, the substance of life here.
Realize that all governments have been centralized regimes creating a lack of self awareness to control and dictate, and that this has been created by us, so we are capable of giving ourselves back our ability to become self aware, we do not need a centralized eye doing our seeing for us. Until we have brought ourselves back to the physical sensibility we must organize this world in such a way to allow the allowance of ourselves as this, and create a system that supports this physical world. This is an Equal Money System. This is the without structure of self support to support the within self as life. A profit based system is going to use this lack and abuse life as a few will take take take in self interest to support their own separation in comfort not realizing that the lack of comfort is the very allowance of being separate from this physical world, this having lost a sense of life, the substance of all of us as we are life.

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