2012 Rumplstiltskin

Everything is moving with absolute purpose and I/we are here constricted, I/we walk around with a defense shield up, pushing away everything, pushing away life, the “being one and equal to life” that is here, what is here supporting all of us. It is an action created by the mind yet unfathomable by the mind, thus the mind cannot see it. It is impossible for the mind to see this. This is why the mind must stop. Realize , if the mind is all that one is, has consumed the attentions of self, the focus of self, then this cannot be seen, the mind so huge. I/we are a walking mirage.
Is it any wonder as we grow old we can no longer feel secure in walking on this earth? And we blame the step for being crooked, when it is not the step that is crooked, it is the perception separate from this physical world, of the perceiver, the one doing the walking, the stepping, that has absented common sense of the physical and taken a mirage, as mind, to be what is real.
And it is all e-motion, feeling and thought, built from memories of the past, that is the invisible picture show, compounded and resonant as a bubble lost in time, absent this physical world, the very movement of this physical world. Thus is the expression of thought, feeling and emotions, no quality, only absentism as the mind, this in being separate, this is inequality to life, to this physical world.
I read that all anaerobic organisms exist within a specific range of frequency. These things that cause disease. Even Spider venom, carries the signature within this range, even mimics the same frequencies as other diseases. TO be able to measure the frequencies of these things tells us that if we can do this, we must know the frequencies of many things. Does not homeopathy work with this? We can realize what needs to be canceled within this, because we know that like cancels like. Of course this does not answer to what generates this in the first place, but it can be used to allow a solution to find the cause, that which generates this. Practically, in our world, this makes it very clear that this can be used for what is best for all or for profit. If used as what is best for all, then there is no money to be made, as “sounding” like to like costs pennies, there is nothing to patent.
Songs are privately owned and bring in profits, yet the material of the sound, within our system is a reordering of the tones as the structure of the musical scale. Just as numbers are the reordering of a program within computer programing, the numbers and the tones cannot be owned, they are simply the paint to create the image in 3D. SO many variations of this ordering, and when someone finds a new order, they can then own this/hold this. But this is playing with what is here to express what is unique within each individual, and that, were it patented, cannot be taken on by another. This is the purpose of this unique person, they are a piece of the fabric of this world, yet they take the stuff of expression and create something and force everyone to follow just this, not allowing expression of others to thrive. But this would be the action of profit. But this destroys life, creates separation from life, from being life for the rest. Thus the whole application of a profit based system of total abuse of life.
This is division from life, this is conquering this physical world, but as can be seen, that which the mind cannot see, as the mind is set to mold itself to limited values, of which the body begins to resonate, is not developing the physical body to resonate one and equal to life here, to be of the resonance of absolute purpose one and equal to life, an absolute purpose would be what is best for all as an absolute purpose considers a sense of the common, a sense of all in every movement, as this is itself in purpose, as it is actually a whole one and equal.
Because I/we are this I/we don’t need something to define me/we. The mind uses the past to move itself into the future, as the mind is like a photographer. And these pictures grow in number and take over the resonance of the flesh and thus separation from the physical ensues. This is separation from here. This is disease. This is unnecessary as how this functions can be used to teach myself/ ourselves how to move in this world one and equal to, with and as, life. This is how a directive of self as life can be what is here. In another way, this is adding a wholeness of self as life, that which is suppressed and ignored back to itself, as what it is in totality, absolutely – instead we operate partially- so to speak. Our mind has become life, a limited range of frequency accepted and allowed, unresolved to the whole, to the physical, un-resolute as life, of being NOT a solution/solvent, a being, as life. So that which is un resolute can be cancelled through speaking words of like “name” to stop the limited being of idea/belief/opinion as what we are- much “input” through consumerism- so that self as life can clarify its own absolute purpose as life. I mean, there is a reason for the story of Rumplstiltskin ! Find the name cancel the thing out. Thus do we know this, thus have we been told this. The answer is right here in front of us.
Look at this name;
RUMPLSTILTSKIN, rumple and stifle the skin with frequency consuming resonances, take the products of life and consume them, take the children and raise them within greed and spite and the will of the continuance of consumption, broadcast that movement as consumption, thus creating consumers/followers, suck them dry to feed a mirage. Never ever learn to move self as life here one and equal, because if you do, if you know the names of things, the thing creating the focus will die, because the thing creating the focus is as each and every one of us, believing this separation to be what is real, this the follower is one and equal to the developer, as one cannot exist without the other, and this is all in separation of what is real, this physical/stabilizing/ absolute being expression of life existence.
This mess has to cleaned up. Self forgiveness is to clean this up, to then stand, to remove Rumplstiltskin from ourselves as what we have allowed ourselves to become, this “thing” that eats our children, unless we stop. This story is here, it is what we are.
Stop the separation, remove the disease, cancel the “frequency” as past un resolute of HERE to “catch oneself” up to the absolute purpose of what is here, life. There is A LOT to do to do this, but there is no other choice, we cannot move until we do.

Time to start the desteni i process to forgive your separation back to self as life as equality with life.

Speak, for twenty one days, self forgiveness blogs out loud and watch what happens within. You will never look back.


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  1. thanks, cool blog Rebecca, cleaning up

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