A summary of the movie Fresh.

My summary of the movie Fresh.
Americans want convenience, don’t care where food comes from, aren’t concerned with chemicals residues.
Chickens are not raising chickens, it has become growing chickens. Housing, instead of grazing chickens. The last seven years have brought great changes in the production of chickens. Genetically breed to grow fast. The industrial complex’s prepared food mix has antibiotics, this feed that is designed for these genetically modified chickens. These farmers when asked did not even know what was in the feed. They understood the business aspect alone, the maximin short run efficiency practice. Do they know what those antibiotics are doing to the environment and why they are there?
They throw the chicks onto the floors. The 27,600 -29,000 chickens on the farm. This is a monoculture business. Nature does not exist as a monoculture, because too much of the same causes disease and pest growth and so antibiotics must be used to combat the dis-ease created with too much of one thing.
The same with corn and soybean. Nature does not do well with monoculture and tries to destroy this practice. With the agriculture, the bugs have gotten stronger and more pesticides have to be used. This was not needed to be done in the past. The leaves of the plants using this practice, in this movie, were riddled with holes, as all the bugs have become resistant to the pesticides. The farmers are becoming increasingly worried about this, as the pests have become overwhelming.
So called “traditional farming,” meaning the use of pesticides, is growing corn and soybean for industrial use, animal feed, sweeteners, processed foods. Whereas these farms no longer have animals, the animals are now consigned to enclosed buildings, so animals are not even seen. This is industrialized livestock production.
Once animals are concentrated into feed lots and factory farms or animal cities, many problems arise. Miserable animals, microorganisms such as ecoli – that regularly kill people, 157H7, sanitation problems, manure lagoons filled with toxic waste and filled with hormones and pesticides, all of this creates pollution instead of working as a nutrient cycle that is in union with nature as a system where waste feeds animals and plants.
Humans have divided this cycle and separated the plants from the animals, this is the solution, taken and divided it into two problems where the manure becomes toxic waste and on the farms the animals are sterile and synthetic fertilizer has to be used.
Our desire to have cheap foods has created this problem.
It is time to shift to a different paradigm, a different practice.
As stewards of the earth it is our job to respect the design of nature. Herbivores are always moving and they never eat meat. For the last 40 years, due to centralized and industrialized practices, we have promoted feeding dead cows to cows and thus we have bovine disease, mad cow disease. This is considered cheap feed. It is laced with sweeteners such as molasses.
These diseases are nature screaming to us to stop.
Let’s treat the herbivore like a herbivore and the rest will fall into place. Nature sanitized the herbivore, birds were present, they walked around and picked the larvae out of the herbivore waste. We have to see the animal, see the physical function of the animal. Industrial farming is bigger faster, so the beaks of chickens are cut off because they are no longer needed, this is disallowing the natural expression of the animal, denying the physical design of this physical world.
One pig farmer switched to industrial agriculture, and disease became so rampant that the farmer spent all his time shooting pharmaceutical drugs into the diseased pigs. He himself was bitten by one of the pigs and the wound became infected and could not be cured with traditional antibiotics, it was a new form of strep. A new drug is what stopped the infection. Weak strains die off and eventually monster strains are developed. This farmer changed his practice because he could not sell this meat to people. He started again using the land to raise pigs.
The pigs had their tails. In confinement situations the tails are cut off because confined pigs nip at each other. When this farmer allowed his pigs to once again roam and graze the land, this farmers vet. bill of 14,000 dollars a year stopped. The hogs allowed to graze this land are not sick, thus concentrated organisms create problems. The food from animals allowed to express themselves in tandem with the soil, with this earth, a healthy earth, are more nutrient dense.
Andrew Kimbrell from the Center For Food Safety says that medium sized organic agriculture is actually more productive than industrial agriculture, all the in-puts make industrial agriculture unsustainable, this has been found out in the last three years. 90 % of our agriculture has been depleted, our soils are diminishing 13 times faster than they can be replaced. The language “we need to feed the world” is deceptive, most of what is grown is grain to feed cattle, but this is not what cows are designed to eat, cows eat grass. If the grass is taken care of, the animal will be taken care of.
70% of grain goes to feed cattle, 30% goes to people, pigs and poultry. A grass based system where this 70% of land for grain could be turned into many other practices, free up the land. This is not to go back to farming of the past, but using the nature of the animal and modern technology. There are light weight fences that allow easy grazing practices where animals are easily protected from predators and moved from field to field, the birds following the cattle through the grazing lands.
Meats and eggs raised in this way are more nutritious, industrial foods are much less nutrient dense. The nutrients in foods from the 1940’s to the present has diminished 40% and the government knows this. Processed foods have very little nutritional value. Cheap food is not cheap and it is subsidized, so the true cost is not revealed to the consumer. Meanwhile, healthy produce are not subsidized. Our taxes support this and it is up to us to stand up and vote for a change, create a political party that stops profit, as this places profit before life, to a system that supports best practices, that which is best for all. Obviously, what America is doing with industrial farming is not working, it is destroying the land, the animals, the rivers and waters surrounding this continent and the health of the human.
Another farmer uses flowing water from giant fish tanks, where the fish waste in the water fertilizes the plants. Here worms are used to compost waste from the city to make hummus for the plants. This is a small three acre farm in the middle of a city. One woman said she had never eaten vegetables , she had, as an adult, to learn to eat vegetables. She could not even eat fresh meat, she was unused to the taste. How is it that there are people in America that do not realize at all what they are eating? All these schools and all this land, and all these people and America does not have a system that cares for its people. People are willing to learn, but that has to be offered, this has to be all that is presented especially in a system of profit where those mad for profit do not care about who and what they get their profit from, for this reason, a profit based system has to be removed, profit creates inequality and greed, that there are people who learn about vegetables as adults is unacceptable. People confined to cement jungles who have very little income, are so stressed, so undeveloped that they cannot afford healthy food and then are caught in a cycle of where there is no way out.
There are four, soon to be three companies processing beef in America.
The grains, are subsidized, what the farmer gets for his grain, is way below the the cost for machines, interest on loans, seeds and pesticides, the rest comes from the government subsidies via taxes. This means these three companies are getting the grain cheap and we are paying for this. This cheap food, that is not cheap, is not healthy but it allows these few to control what we eat. This is more important to these that have control, this profit, the earth is not considered, and the chain of people dependent on this system for salaries fear leaving their jobs even thought they see the devastation.
Factory farming uses less human labor and the labor used is paid a low wages and often jobs are temporary. What has happened because many people are refusing to work under these conditions is that some companies are using prisoners. This is incredible because some states are allowing prisons to be privately owned, so now this system can use prisoners to work in industrial factories. Create job loss , create crime, create prisoners, create workers who are forced to work in horrific unacceptable conditions.
There is something very very abusive here, and all in the name of greed so some people can life at the top of a pyramid. This is so messed up. Such practice does not want educated people, because educated people figure this out, so that person in that concrete jungle who is not educated, will probably go into crime, and then some private prison will provide labor for some unacceptable factory farm.
We need to wake up, we need to realize what is happening within this system of inequality, it will eventually effect all of us, well it is already, look at your health, look at your mother’s health, look at the health of the children in the schools, this system is not working, it has to stop.
At the end of the movie there is a man who says that food is a human right, little does he know that the government is trying to say that there is nothing in the constitution that says the human as a choice to decide what he can eat, (this was in a law suit by the natural foods foundation or a farm-to-consumer legal defense fund) but this is what a profit based system will lead to, the total manipulation of words as what is the driving force is profit, where even words lose all value and are only constructed and forced onto the accepting and allowing -through not attending to- and standing up and walking, of a practice that puts a stop to this system human beings have created on this earth. We have allowed this and we have to stop this. This system does not work, it does not support life. It must stop. It will take you and me and all of us. Support an Equal Money System. It is time to reorganize this world into a system that supports all life, as life is the value.


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  1. Nicole says:

    what is a monster strain?

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