2012 Profit uses fairy tale to divide and conquer and our children live in run down hotels


In this Huffington Post article about the lives of families in America living in hotels it is easy to see how the development of the children is that of non-development. These children are living in a single room with many other people and families in what used to be a vacation hotel near Disney Land.
I look at the simple juxtaposition of this scene as what has become of America. Here is a hotel where families would vacation and visit a land of fantasy known as Disney Land in Florida in the United States. Where once people relaxed and vacationed there are disheveled grounds, littered with needles and children who’s parents cannot find employment, where obviously the parents of the specific children in this article are willing and able to work, even at a job that provides an income where there is no opportunity to ever provide beyond what is offered as the systems of our culture of no real support.
Meanwhile, Congress if arguing as to how money should be distributed, saying this group needs this more than that group.
But let us return to this imagery of a vacation hotel turned into a place for families that have no work and all live in one room with one pot warmer for cooking.
Near by to this hotel is Disney Land, a place where fairy tales are pretended, where dreams are basked in. All this money and development into dreaming, and meanwhile the reality nearby is of American families living in one room with no future as no self development is what is the movement of these families and their children. This juxtaposition is a picture of insanity. This is this system we all have allowed and accepted. It is the mirror image of what we have become. Dreamers in and as our minds, an alternate reality we spend money to support and meanwhile this physical world is in a mess as stagnation and dis-allowed/inconsiderate practical use and development of what is here that can be developed and valued and supported. Disney Land represents how we support illusory fantasy more than what is actually physically here!
If all that is presented is fantasy and illusion, and all that is developed is fantasy and illusion than nothing is being developed. Disney Land is a land probably mostly made of plastic, and it is the actual presentation of ideas and beliefs of what it means to be as a highest of ideals, when in fact it is a super-facade of singular personas. It is like teaching ourselves to walk around as Snow White, or Cinderella. Snow White is sweetness, a constant persona of this, where she is never anything else! She is the consummate cook and maid for the dwarfs, and she is perpetual kindness, even for a dwarf that cannot make his own bed! How is the being of this good for Snow White or the dwarf? Can’t Snow White develop herself in ways that she is more than the maid? Can’t she develop herself to be more than just aware of keeping a house in order for others?
Just as Snow White is of limited design and not self developed to be more than a maid, so too are the children down the street not given an existence that allow for self development, where self becomes aware of self on multiple levels and learns to utilize themselves in and as their physical bodies in varied and expressive ways. As it stands these children will more than likely end up having children at a young age, as the poor have limited means and thus entertain themselves through sex. And can you blame them? What other opportunities do they have?
This whole scenario is you and me, it is all of us, as the very development of all that is on this earth effects our own capacity to be all that we can be in directing ourselves as an expression of life.
There is no real stability until all are stable on this earth, there is not real expression until all are developed and aware of themselves as the very substance of what they are as life in a physical human form on an earth that is a physical form with animals and plants and bugs and and and. Until all that is here is operating/expressing/being a fully functioning expression of life, life is not existent on this earth. The violin as earth is falling apart and what is manifesting as the very sound of what has been accepted and allowed on this earth is needles strewn on the ground, and families living in run down vacation hotels, with children stagnating in dreaming about the only thing offered, a fairy tale as a dream, that is already a presentation of limited design.
And meanwhile the bodies of men, as politicians are arguing about who gets what, not standing back and looking at how money is the cause and the cure.
This earth gives without condition. It is the human that has assigned labels to the resource of this earth, and then decided that some humans can own this. And a whole belief system has been delivered as a belief that what is actually here cannot be used to support all life, obviously just a belief and not what is physically real.
Our present system is creating a mess and it is not working. It is as simple as that. There is no denying this. This must stop.
Equal Money is the means to begin the clean up of this world. It is to take what is here and use it to support life. We the people of this world must stand up and reorganize all of this. Many, such as these families in hotels do not have the means to do this. It is those of us that are educated that have the means to stand and make this change.
Investigate Equal Money. In essence every person on this planet can live a life of dignity. There is enough on this earth to provide food and shelter and education to all and everyone. You might end up living in a smaller house, but within this no more stress in paying the mortgage or worrying about your child giving up a passion for studying bugs or playing a musical instrument, or taking gadgets apart and studying the insides. What would be found is that each person would find themselves as what they are as life falling into place in such a way that would be what is best for all, as we are all life, one and equal. It is like life as itself would be balance, would be stability if it were allowed to be and not superimposed with a fantasy world that is separation from what is actually real.
To get a taste of the extent of your fantasy world as your mind, try following a blog walking the process of self forgiveness for twenty one days, speak the self forgiveness and corrective statements aloud consistently for twenty one days and watch yourself begin to get loopy and experience a sense of vertigo, and then ask yourself, “what is that.”
Desteni has been telling us what this is, again and again and again. There is no way out of this, but to clean this up. Those children in that hotel are heading down a road into the same existence as their parents, and probably even more extreme, as that hotel used to be a vacation spot, what will it turn into next?

The process of self forgiveness and corrective application.

The solution of becoming the living word as ” give as you would like to receive.

The alternate reality as the mind.


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  1. Pearlene says:

    These are actually great ideas in on the topic of blogging.
    You have touched some fastidious things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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