2012 Stopping the cultivating that exacerbates the focus of what we become through hiding what we are

I am walking memories of my past, where I exist in stagnation and limited insight of this physical world, a cultured self. I have placed values onto what I am as a persona as what I cling to as what I am in order to survive and compete. Where the values that I exist as can be what is unacceptable to another culture and family. What is all this culture really about?

Just look at how Islamic culture covers their women , to hide the woman, and just look at the fashion in American culture where our young men wear their pants down to their knees and cover their heads with hoodies. Both are a form of hiding the physical human body. Somehow the culture has created a belief that this needs to be hidden. Hiding is a form of ‘not dealing ‘ with, or, not wanting to see, burying under the rug. Which means the thing hidden is not shared, or not allowed to be seen. What has been projected onto such a thing, as belief, that warrants such activity? The female body and the body of a boy are just this, physical bodies, a tool of being on this earth, something to allow movement and expression. There need be nothing projected onto this tool of expression. It is like taking a hammer and placing a piece of cloth over the hammer. Why do such a thing? Unless something, as a belief has been projected onto that hammer, and this “idea” is collectively accepted and all agree. But this is still separation from what is under that cloth, and it would make using the hammer more difficult. Pretty soon that hammer would become this unknown thing and just a blob in a cloth, there would be no clear idea as to what exactly that hammer really appeared as it would be covered. This in essence is what the human has done to this physical world, covered it with a cloth to hide what is underneath as the projected belief as the “cloth” is all that is seen and has becomes what is believed to be the truth.

Yes, this is insane, but this is what has happened in some simplistic way.

If I am a lawyer and I walk into a supermarket and I see a cashier this is what I am in juxtaposition to the world with which I interact. I am a lawyer in my ( more than likely) suit, and the person behind the cash register is a cashier clerk. Within this system of money, that clerk is less than I am because I make more money as a lawyer. No longer is a person seen, a human physical body capable and able to do with training much of what training does for anyone else. For whatever reasons, which probably have to do with finance and nothing else, or perhaps a focus problem never resolved and nothing else, that cashier can focus or they would not be able to work a register, this indicates capacity, a seed of ability.

I worked with special needs children, and it was hard because all I did was redirect them, refocus them onto very simple school work, again and again and again. It would take a whole class just to get through one line. At the time I wondered how someone could do this day in and day out. Somehow, having a human being be this did not make sense to me. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do this all day, it would drive anyone insane. To say that one is of “good character” if this is accepted is also insane, being this is not being, for the child or the teacher. And it is easy for someone who is not doing this, like a principal, to say, “this is the way it is” as they are not doing this. This is passing an unacceptable situation onto another, like passing the buck, and this is not questioning what exists and standing up and resolving this issue until it is done.

And becoming aggravated because someone is standing up and saying this is unacceptable, is spiteful. Someone willing to do what the aggravated dismissed is really the aggravated fearing being revealed for what they are, someone that accepted what was unacceptable. And, also, that the sought for solution of the one finding a situation unacceptable, will cause a change of the status quo which would mean change. Perhaps jobs would be lost, and this is enough to create great fear and attack. Meanwhile the unacceptable continues. Quite a messed up situation. So we use pretty words as praising a person for accepting the unacceptable and we have a system that actually creates a fear of change as money and jobs disallow change as we fear for our survival. Thus this present system does not allow for change. No change no development, no real evolution.

Perhaps change can come, but it is really slow, and when it comes, as it tries to incorporate what exists, the change is often watered down and altered, thus not what was realized in the first place.

This is why a system of profit cannot and will not work. It does not allow for flexibility. It creates fear for survival and makes change move very slowly, and meanwhile that teacher and that child have grown up and spent a life in a limited existence of no real development. And this must stop.

A system that realizes something is unacceptable and not working, something that must immediately be looked at and be able to process an effective change must become what is allowed on this earth. Adaptation in a more fluid manner must be what we exist as and our monetary system as it presently exists does not allow this. If everyone had what was needed to live in dignity from birth until death than change would no longer be feared. Our present system creates fear and thus stagnation and limitation through fear of loss of money, money being needed to place food on the table as how money is used. it is not money that is evil, it is the way money is used.

It is the same with the veil of excessively baggy clothes on young men in America, and women is the middle eastern cultures. How can a teenage boy move with pants down to his knees? How can he develop himself, can he move in every moment if he is having to walk in such a way to keep his lowered pants balanced on his torso? He is so concentrated on this, that being aware of his surroundings is limited. It is like such is a walking hiding of something, which actually creates a focus on what is being hidden. Which then says that the boy is so aware of his body and the desires of his body that he becomes the very desire he fears and hides. And then this desire grows and grows until it becomes what this child is, and then this desire is made so big that the world around him is not longer noticed. And what teaches this boy to make this so big? Could it be the images our media incessantly posts everywhere in this world? As direction? There is so much more to that boy/person/child that what that child/boy/person is being made to focus on. But change this and a whole industry that makes millions, no billions of dollars a year via fashion, pornography and the sex trade, and many people will lose their means of income. This is what we are doing to our children and this must stop. What is lost in the self perfected capacity of that boy in becoming more aware of himself instead of being a “hiding” that actually exacerbates a focus onto one aspect of life? And we wonder why many teenage boys are difficult. They are not allowed any real direction and development, they are cultured into serving one industry within a profit based system demanding obeisance to what makes money. It is the development of servants of a profitable industry.

As well the women, the covered woman, what are they are made to focus on as they hide what is not allowed to be as it exists as this earth? The covering focuses them into seeing themselves as woman, something to be hidden, and not shared. This also exacerbates the woman as a sexual object, it places this before all in hiding. Being secretive is really like broadcasting something, making it bigger than anything else, thus warping what is real and denying other aspects of what a person is, a tool to express life, and life is a more varied and capable expression that what the human has rendered it to be, forced it to be. Hiding is not sharing, hiding is not being transparent, hiding is focusing on one aspect, making it huge, and not allowing life to be life as what this physical world is in fact. A man is capable of so much more than what is made big through hiding, as hiding is another form of driving the focus. And hiding, as covering, creates a mystery ( a misery ) as that which is focused on is a limited expression, a repetition and thus a life of limited opportunity to develop insight into this physical world. Limited insight is profitable as the drives and desires made huge are then a profitable commodity to sell release to as this is the only expression learned.

So, what the human is on this earth, what has been accepted and allowed is the cultivation of limited expression, limited awareness and thus a limited existence. And there is fear to stand up and change this within a system of money where what has been cultivated supports each of us, and as long as money is only received through what has been accepted and allowed and cultivated there will be no change, thus money, as that which purchases what is needed to survive must be given to all equally from birth until death so that, as each of us stays where we are to not create discord, we can begin to clean up and reorganize this world to solve all the accepted and allowed, unacceptable “that is the way it is” scenarios that are not actually allowing the full development and self perfection of the human being to be one and equal with and in a state of ease as the physical body of man.

There is no choice here, this must be done, and it will take a large group to do this. Waiting for one to stand and watching what will happen will not work. There have been many “ones” who have stood, and they were crucified and thus, imbedded within all of us is a fear of standing, but this fear is based on ONE standing. Also, protesting is also not a solution because this is the action of blaming and demanding in voiced protest alone, it is not standing up within the system, walking the steps structurally within the system and actually changing the form of the system. Protesting is like standing outside the form and yelling and cursing, and thus creating a storm of anger and giving the present form a chance to shoot arrows and throw rocks from the exterior of its form. Other than this, the protestors may destroy the form and this creates chaos, which is also not a solution. This is still wanting another “from” to form and direct, this is not each and every thing as what is within the form or what is on the outside of the from becoming self responsible. This is what needs to happen, we each of us must become as aware as the next and not ask any one thing to become aware for us. As we can see with this world, asking another “form” to direct us leads to hiding and limiting. Each of us must become aware. Standing up and standing within what has been accepted and allowed and transforming this through deconstructing this into a system that will support everything that is of this earth to become aware and self direct is the only option. And it can be done, we are all capable of becoming aware of this physical world, and stopping the cultivating ( like something in a petrie dish ) that exacerbates the focus of what we become through hiding what we are.

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Cleaning up what has been cultivated within
a system of profit.

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A history of how we got to this point.
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