2012 The Principle of What is Best for All IS the Sound of Life

Back to the Basics
The mind is a mirror image of what I believe will solve what I am fearing here in a present moment. I could say to my self that I am not a present moment and that as long as there is a running dialogue ( I wrote dis loge) of judgement , belief and idea in my mind, I am actually looking at what I desire, wish and want to save me, to be as my self as this is how I have been trained to be. This is the practice of my self as what I am in being here on this earth. Thus, I am never here because from day one I am taught to imitate what it is that I am to be to survive. Everything is geared towards me adapting to this world of a system that is a pyramid sceme. I am not taught to walk or to interact with what is here, I am taught to climb on a jungle gym/ladder to survive. Just look, playgrounds at school have jungle gyms. At least monkeys learn to swing around on real trees, we learn to climb metal bars, not realizing we are climbing around on what we will become, the image and likeness of a jungle gym in and as our minds. A map of survival skills that determine where we will be on the hierarchy of a system that promotes survival because it is an imposed system of more than and less than. It is like we are all emperors and
we learn to cloak ourselves/fashion ourselves with a facade that will enable us to survive. Our personalities are “place cards” that are our survival gear. And thus we are never here, we never live. We never learn about this physical world from the sense of our physical bodies. We learn a television sense of the world, and this television sense ends up sucking us dry, just as the televisions of this world use up electricity.
The criteria for survival, here in the west, is what my personality consists of, my thoughts and opinions and ideas are what I believe I need to survive, these are what I decide I need, want and desire to be presentable and able to participate within a profit based system of survival.
Do I see and understand how this physical world works? Can I be so present with my physical body that I know my physical body? Can I see why my children are sick, do I have enough understanding of this physical body that I can see why? No, I am not taught to be aware of my physical body. I am taught that a doctor will do ALL of this for me. Yet that system of doctors has not cured disease, and really they take a lot on my money. This is because a doctor is in his own survival suit, and he wants money. If you were aware of your physical body and understood what was happening you would not need someone to tell you and to patch you up with a drug. In this scenario is it possible that 1. if you were aware of yourself you would not have to use money to have someone else tell you what to do, and 2. if the doctor – as they presently exist in a profit based system- really knew this physical world would be able to cure you, but this would also not provide an endless stream of profits. Thus being here and understanding this physical world is simply not profitable for the few. Yet this would profit EVERYONE because everyone would know what they are as this physical world. Awareness of this physical world would create “knowing” people and then a respect for this physical world and then self directive ability where no one would have to be the director of you, and you would appreciate what you as yourself understand and respect this as all of this world and then appreciate this world and not fear this world and not create fucked up fantasies in and as your mind, where you are living in some fantasy story world instead of being here.
Understanding this physical world is what is best for all.
This means HEARING this physical world.
Thus hearing the sound of life, as this physical world is what is best for all.
Equal money is to support all life so that we can all stop and breath and begin to birth ourselves into and as this physical world as what we really are, and discover what it means to be here, to be life.
It really is very simple.
Habits can be hard to break, yet once stopped all that is left is ” what was I doing !”

self perfection products
Find out about what sex really is.
The structure of the mind.
What is the real story?
The creator of the mind consciousness system, and how you think alike!


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