2012 Systems as men.

If we have a system as men, here, that does not stand up and care for the abuse on this earth then obviously something in/on this world is askew. There is no reason that justifies why there is starvation and lack, uneducated people and abused animals. There is no reason for poison in our soils. What is it that would lead humanity to allow such an existence? No matter how fearful at the idea of change, any time spent looking at what exists in this world would demand a change to change this present system. Taking care of this earth and all the people and plants and animals and soils, everything, is the only choice. There is no excuse for anything else.
Is everything on this earth that is composed of water, meaning has water as part of it’s physical being, influenced by what is sounded on this earth? Could the very sounds produced on this earth effect all the water on this earth? Do the waves of sound travel though the waters of this earth? Look, we research sounds out in space, we know sound travels, bats even use this to navigate physically. Obviously, sound is a substance that has effects.
Look at what is the sound on this world. Sex, war, the desire for flashy objects to decorate and display status; abundance and lack – the lack being the cause of starvation, crime, abuse, addiction. Oh, yes the guidance of drugs for all ills, be it addiction to escape from the world, or to ease some dis-ease. The drugs for health, directives from without.
There is no educating the people, or the animals, plants and earth to be self directive. NON! Very few have the opportunity for this. There are systems for everything to be a directive of each of us. How can each of us know what it means to self direct? How can each of us know what it means to be a physical body here on this earth? We can’t. We are too busy having sounds blasted at us telling us what to be, what to desire, what we need, how we should look, how we should manner ourselves, how we should take care of our bodies. This is so extensive, and it started on day one – because the adults were products of this. There is no development towards self direction, there is only development in what it means to follow and read the “sounds” of what is broadcast.
I have read that electrons are like a particle and a wave. Though I do not understand this completely, just by taking this quality of an electron, it would seem that we as physical bodies, with 70% water, as we have many electrons, are both a part and an effect of what is “waved” through this world.
If sexuality is what is in all movies, in all ads, in all novels, on pages of magazines, on the way our daughters dress, and the boys – often in America as hiding- what happens as this wave of sexual directive bombards us continuously? Does this creep in in the night and consume us, does this then become a directive that we follow? And does this system of money, where money is used to provide the necessities of life then provide the ability to answer this now embedded resonant sexual drive outwardly broadcast everywhere as this is what one has become? Is it possible that this has also been placed within. DNA is in many respects a map, an antenna, surrounded by water.
But we are never taught to sense what we are. We are ONLY taught to follow what is here. And look at what is here, is it pretty, is it healthy, can it transcend death? If we can be aware of the warmth of the sun, why can’t we be aware of the smallest part of ourselves? If a bat can use sound waves to read objects, is there not a capacity within each of this to develop a sense of all that is here?
Hard to imagine in a system that teaches a limited perceptive ability. A system where only what is broadcast is followed – as in “read” , and a sense of the physical is never developed. That is just insane if you really think about this. I mean, can you feel the tiny little bugs that eat your dead skin? They are actually doing you a favor, they are in a way cleaning up your body.
I am walking the desteni i process. One of the reasons I am in a process of stopping the mind is that I have learned that our present health practices are not stopping dis-ease. Why stop the war on cancer, wars are very profitable – just think of all the nurses who would lose their jobs if the “war on cancer” were to end!
I also play the violin. When I play often, it is really fun. This ability to move and pull and push the strings, to be the sound, to physically become fluid with this is really fun. It is a sensation of being directive and yet being with. The more I do this the more I realize how much more this can be developed. I also like to watch dance. Seeing the human physical body move with such direction and fluidity astounds me. This is more alive than that image of a prepubescent child dressed like a whore on a page of a magazine. Of course an addict, a follower of broadcasts might not agree, as he/she drools over their obsession that is a possession of desire. Contrast these two images and what do you see? It gets pretty obvious. Which one generates more profits? The media resonantly has you in their grip, and that desire which is an outer directive is sucking you dry, monetarily and physically. Physically because it is not you directing you as an expression of yourself as life within and as your physical human body. When lost in such a desire are you aware of your toes? Have a look. See.
Your mind, a system, a mind consciousness system, is the inner receiver of this outer broadcast and our education system is the “fine tuner” of connecting this inner mind consciousness system with this outer directive as what is valued – meaning given life to- within this world.
And all because we feared picking up that violin and learning to play it, all because we feared standing and learning to dance – to know ourselves as physical life here. A boy might be teased because he wants to learn to dance, because a dancing boy does not match that ad in that magazine and/or because there is no monetary support for the lessons to develop such a skill.
The skills we learn, are to follow what is presented as the thing to follow as these limited presentation become addictions that make money.
All of this is so obvious, and what is even more obvious is that this needs to stop.
Within my self I realize that I do not know how to direct my self, meaning I have so much to learn until I get to the point where I am aware of the little tiny bugs cleaning up my dead skin cells so that can thank them and hear their response of gratitude.
My first reaction when I began to realize the extent to which I am unaware and a follower brought a wave of fear. This means “standing back” and standing up and stopping what I have accepted and allowed as my persona that is really my self working in tandem with what is presented as what one should be to exist within this system geared towards profit.
In this it is easy to see that the system as it exists must change to support life. Money is a tool to equally distribute resource to provide a dignified existence for all and to educate this physical world to become directive as self as life.
I have had a hard time redefining words because I am doing this from my mind as knowledge and information and I have no sense of the redefinitions becoming a physical directive as my self within. I am aware that I am not physically connecting with this. I am looking for something as mind to do this. It is like a disconnect that I am aware of. This is where I find the fear. It feels like I have to change the course of a river. And in essence this is what needs be done.
Yet, it is there, it is me, it is what we all are. We, all of us, you and me, have never been taught how to be this.
Time to discover yourself as life.
Commit to the desteni I process. Discover yourself. Stop the broadcast of the mind through self forgiveness, corrective application and writing. Be life, stop the resonant, stagnant and limited design of your mind, face the fear that is an illusion, and stand as all as one as equal to build a conversation with life in and as this physical world.

Stop the mind, stop feeing a system of inequality.
Time to reorganize this earth to stop being the zoombie following a limited and stagnant sound.
Listen to the dimensions of life tell the story of how we got to this point where we no longer hear, as the mind hears only a limited and constructed design.
The “god” of us all.
The conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.


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