2012 The Plateau of Personality. Hiding from self/life.

This world is a reflection of what the human has accepted and allowed.
I read a quote that basically said that when we learn something we reach plateaus and then, if we keep going – keep extending our awareness within and without, we will transcend this plateau and reach another. Or, one could say we move from expression to expression, like being in an adventure, perpetual trans formation.
But what if one is forced to hold onto traditions, and these traditions clash with the desire of a person, the inkling of a person to want to trans form something? Like wanting to play an instrument? Yet the society does not allow this, the parents to not allow this, or do not have the financial means to support such an endeavor? Then this “transformation” cannot happen, as we have a system that does not support this.
We as humans develop in this way as our personas. We find what works to survive as a personality and we fix ourselves within this. I noticed sometimes that people could be read in where they were happy in a moment in their lives, and how, despite what came later, they remained within a persona of happiness. I have even thought, this person was happy in High School, what they were “worked for them” and they kept the personality and never left this plateau and went onto another. I have seen musicians that did this, they were child prodigies and even as adults they continued to act as though they were still that child being admired, they dressed like children etc. I thought it was strange , I would stare at it. I wondered why they chose to do this.
Now, there is nothing necessarily “ wrong” with being the “happy” persona, or the child-like persona as this, but when it is something clung to, it is like a child sucking its thumb. It is that a plateau has been found and that is a pinnacle as where one stays because it is believed to work for the person, or the person finds solace within this and chooses to no longer look at the world, believing there is nothing that can be done about the world. Here, it is like a place where one can hide.
On this plateau walls can be built to maintain this plateau, to avoid transcendence, to avoid actually seeing what exists. This is stagnant and limiting. Water that is stagnant putrefies. Maybe this place as a plateau could be suspended, but as awareness without judgement and not as a means to survival, the moment of hiding, or clinging, or judgement is a clear indicator that transformation is resisted, like flow is stopped.
Our system of inequality, that is profit based, does not support transcendence. If anything, it forces us onto plateaus. Yet we, the human , created this system, so it is us that stops transcendence through denial, through propagating/imposing personas that are in essence plateaus, this dis-allowance of playful adventurous expression of ourselves as life. Thus we age, become stagnant and die, never having moved, having lived, only fighting for our accepted and allowed plateaus as persona.
The values we hold onto are not going anywhere, they are here they are all of us, they are expression in and as life, and in themselves in a moment as an expression are not “good or bad” they are simply an expression, and thus are not going anywhere so they can be let go as one transcends from one expression to another, or expands a gamut of expression becoming aware of what life is as being here and within this understanding how this physical world works. Inherent in life, is the common sense to sense what this physical world consists of and exists as.
Yet, this system we have allowed and created is that which it supports more than anything else. This system supports the plateaus as our personas, which we create and fear losing, thinking there is no such thing as transformation. Or, those with comfortable existences fear losing what they have as this is all that they know, thinking it impossible to create a world that is able to support an existence were all life is allowed expression and thus a process of becoming aware of this physical world in common sense of this physical world, to be able to manage the process of transformation as one plateau of awareness is reached and walked through to become a self perfected person who is one with an understanding of this physical world.
Instead we build armies to support our plateaus and stop the adventure of life that is all of us learning and transforming from one plateau to the next of reaching this awareness of this physical world.
Thus, this system must stop. All it is, is a system that fears. Earth is the hell of fear. Personality is the building of plateaus to survive and hide the fear, and a profit based system that maintains war machines is an outward manifestation of what the human is allowing within in a limited belief that something can be lost.
The human ravages their body to maintain a persona, holding the beliefs, opinions and ideas, that created the persona in fear of loss, an illusion, and in fear of not surviving for lack of money and thus lack of food, of sustenance. Here self perfection as understanding this physical world stops. And we are taught that we cannot understand this world, that this is god’s will. No real “god” would limit understanding, and that is common sense!
And the systems that exist, as banks and loans and interest lending, are created to control money, and grab resource to be used to limit and push back the expression of this earth, to keep it fixed and unable to really life a fully expressive life, where self perfection in becoming one with how this physical world works is never lived. Were we really living there would be no crime, there would be no rape, there would be no starvation, there would be no disease. This world would be a world of playfulness, and not war. There would be no war. War is an indication that existence is in conflict with itself. A conflict is disagreement. We, the human, are not agreeing with the physical, we are not becoming one with that which supports us, this physical world. It is like we have this tool, this gift, of expression and we are not using it. This must stop. This system must stop. We created it, and it must be reconstructed to be what is best for all. What is best for all is to become one and equal in understanding this physical world. This cannot happen in some less dense “higher plane” it must happen here. Even if one has never sensed a so called “higher plane” what difference does it make? What is best for all should exist in ALL planes, should there be such a thing. And anyway, ALL planes must be here, we just have lost an awareness of them as we have become locked in self created plateaus. Perhaps ALL so called “planes” are here! Why would they not be?
Just look at our constructs as our beliefs; heaven, hell, the class system, the hierarchy of “spiritualism” etc. – actually they are all hierarchies, which means they are all constructed plateaus, which means we have separated and divided the fuck out of ourselves as life. And this is the illusion, this is inequality, this is not being one and equal to the physical.
Privatizing and/or nationalizing are really one and the same thing, they are setting boundaries. Boundaries are control mechanisms, that in themselves can be a means of learning about this physical world, but when used to withhold instead of to direct, then life is abused and the resource abused, and life is dis-allowed. This must stop, and this earth as the resource of becoming an expression of life must be organized in a way that support this world and all that is of this world, the plants, the animals, the humans, and the soil, in such a way to allow the self perfection of all that is here to become one and equal to this physical world as life, here.
There is no other choice. Do you want real joy, constant joy? Do you want life, or do you want to remain on a singular platform that is just another fortress among many, spotting the landscape of earth, actually pushing life away, hiding on a platform of fear of loss and fear of death, where if you decided to step off that platform what you would find is solid ground as this earth, here, able to support you as you self-perfect into and as an awareness that everything is life, as are you, and this is here, as this support as life cannot be lost.
To become this, the humans of this world must organize and place into political policy a system that supports all life. This is the start and it will take time, how much time, how many deaths, is up to us. Money must be collected to create a group to stand as this, as this is the way the present system works. Organization is how we got here and it is how we will get out of this.
Thus support an equal money system, it will grow, and with the present technology it can be followed, the participation in this is available from the amount of people needed to place this into policy.
As each step is walked the next step presents itself, and so the process is walked. If one does not walk, nowhere is what is “gotten too” and that will mean the continuation of what presently exists – a system that actually stops the flow of life, this gift that is forgiven as life, this physical world, created by all life, as life, stuck in a glitch, unable to see the walls binding its own limitations, where the only way out is to stand and use common sense to find and see and here the horizon of life, that is what we are one and equal to.

Equal Money System
Understand your own “personality” development.
Learn how we become trapped as our thoughts as the mind.
The History of us as told by the past as existence.


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