2012 Fear of Ridicule A Reptilian Existence

I hesitate to put my videos and writings on the desteni websites, this shaky fear comes up.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to fear placing my writings and videos on the desteni web sites.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to fear placing the videos and writings from my sites onto the desteni web sites because I fear being ridiculed.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to fear standing before the limitations of life that are the mind and speaking up.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to cling to the past as a way to show me the way forward instead of being here with and as the physical looking at what is here.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting myself to fear making mistakes, to fear being looked at as stupid because I did not realize something.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to fear the future, to fear what will be said to me, where this fear is not looking at this physical world as one and equal to all of us, not realizing that I as life in this physical body am able to breath and place my self here and walk the directing of my self into and as this physical world.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to fear being here.
I forgive my self for not accepting and allowing that in fear of being here, I fear my self as thus allow my self to become a self judgement of my self as hating myself and being the movement of myself as wanting to love my self, and thus separate from my self, as self is here, within this there is no need for hate or love of self, thus I realize that seeking is a constriction of self, an act of separation and an indicator of self absent from breath.
I forgive my self for not realizing that I can forgive my self to this physical world and look, I can stop and I can breath and I can transform into and as what is actually here, even in the face of resistance as mind either from without or from within, I have the capacity as life to LOOK, to HEAR, at what is actually here as this physical world.
I forgive my self for not allowing and accepting my self to see and to hear, my self here as life, this physical world, to stop and to breath, and to look, to see, to listen to hear to be here and not fear one dimensional beingness of the mind and the systems, that any opposition and fear can be seen and for given as my self, where I walk through the limitation and the stagnation in and as breath here, forgiving ridicule, forgiving labels that are of a fixed nature and here I can breath and use my self as life in common sense to trans the form of the limitation here. Should I be fearful, as I walk this, I will breath and pull my self back to my self in breath and stand here, as all as one as equal and walk the through a fixed nation of separation into more than and less than, to move this stagnant thought/being as self into the sense that is the awareness of what is best for all.
I am life I am breath I am here.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting myself to hate my self, to believe that I hate my self to believe that I am limited to labels, that I am limited in dimension to a part and that there is such a thing as being unworthy of participating in being able to consider what is best for all, to be able to consider the breath, the sound, the hereness of life that is one and equal as all beings here.
When ever I feel constriction, when ever I have a thought a feeling an emotion of limitation, of fear of loss, of fear of death, an image of a future as a limited existence, where I fear being trapped in one story, or one outcome, I realize that this image as my mind is a reflection of my fear based on the values conditioned through the accepted and allowed beliefs of this world that are in themselves limitations, where the fear of, “if you don’t, this is what will happen”, is all that is the words presented, and these words as ideas become so big, that self – no longer breathing, constricted in anxiousness- succumbs to a lack of breath, of breathing, and holds onto the idea, forgetting self as life able to trans a form as idea, where this system threatens should one not abide, where the very presentation is the trap of self into and as a limited, breathless existence of constriction in fear of surviving.
When and as I face this constriction, this that my body shows me, I stop I stand and I breath, I realize that this system must change for all to be able to breath, where there is no desire to take a rope and tighten that rope around one’s neck and run from the compounded anger as fear so thick so burdensome, this is a desperate cry for escape, release from the compounded constriction so “zipped up” the point of constriction is no longer able to be read, yet is a burden weighing one down, no longer able to be carried as self, the fears imposed by a society of inequality, where one is never noticed as life, never allowed to be life, flowing and breathing as self in full capacity as life here.
I forgive myself for not allowing my self to realize that fear hides in shadows, clings to and thus hides in the structures of inequality, fearing walking from what appears as light into the substance from which this “light” as shadow was created, accepted and allowed by men, though fear of transiting into and as life as substance as breath as here, where the very essence of self as life is one and equal to life.
I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to use euphemisms to explain what life is and thereby creating an idea of what life is, having been trained to label, where the label becomes the support and thus self is once again tied to a fixed “lifevest” removed from self as life here, instead of remaining in breath here without a desire to “suck a thumb” or carry a righteous banner of knowing, where as this the fear is the separation in and as a belief ,there is a need to hold onto something, a constriction by its nature to hold onto, where self as life needs nothing to hold onto, as self is here one and equal to what is here as life, in breath, breathing, here, where what has been created here as this earth is a physical world where the life created and accepted by all does not, by the system accepted, support life as it is, this system, a mirror image of what we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves here, this that needs to be realized as what has been accepted and allowed and thus, reformed to be one and equal to all life here, where each and every one of us, as my self, stand and learn to breath the life that we are, here, so that what has never been lived can be realized, a heaven on earth, where what has been separated and limited in fear of loss and in fear of death, can be brought back to the point of division in fear of loss and fear of death, to self so that life can begin, where this earth becomes an expression of life instead of what is allowed to currently exist, the face of fear as conflict, manifest as perpetual support of war and poverty and starvation, as life is not realized, as the holding onto of beliefs and ideas and opinions, in self interest, in fear of loss and fear of death, as what this earth as men, allow to exist, in a self imposed game of survival, where the voice of men is the voice of pain and fear and the behaviors of constriction that play out into and on this planet that are a clinging and hoping for life, when the life is right here in front of us as us, that which is sought is here as us as what we are, able to stand and express as life, the mind the mirror of our separations as life, the illusion made so big, through an education that practices the focus of self into and as the reflections of accepted and allowed separations in and as mind, thus shutting down breath, shutting down our children into and as behaviors of frustration, manifest as bullying and an inability to process information where discovery as self is lost in the currach of thought as memory in and as the mind, where a sense in and as the physical as self as life is lost and the only direction given is what is plastered all over this planet, as the imagery of women dressed as whores to sell the accouterments of the actions of sex whether for more sexual play, or the necessities of raising more children into and as the same behaviors as what is accepted and allowed, limited expression as what man accepted and allows and within this ignores the life that is here as the animal kingdom and the very soil giving life under the feet of this imposed limited system of inequality.
When and as I face the fear of ridicule I stop, I stand and I breath, I look, I hear, I listen and I see what is here and I walk my self through this breathing in full capacity until I am one with, in playfulness with what is actually here, realizing that the only existent death is a belief and thus a thought in separation from my self here, a reflection of my own believed separation as life.
I realize that fear of ridicule is the being of my self as fear, and not self here in breath one and equal to self as life as this physical world, and the ridicule from without is a person grasping onto a separation from life as self in breathlessness here, which need not be accepted and allowed by the self as my self here, but is something to be brought back to what is here as what is the support as all that is here, life, thus all separations are the inability to self to direct self as self walking/standing/ breathing as life here where no pacifiers are needed to enable life to stand.

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