a cross given significance that is only debris

I was invited to a screening of a movie about the cross found in the rubble at the World Trade Center site in New York City during the clean up of the aftermath of 9/11. I did not realize the movie was about this cross found in the rubble.
This cross that was given great significance as a symbol of hope.
First, I want to say that the capability of men to support one another in such chaos is not commendable. Mankind is capable of building and caring for this earth. If anything this movie tells us this, that men are capable of caring for one another. This aspect of the movie is what is real.
The projection onto, and significance made of an object found in the rubble is what is twisted and is what is the cause of two air planes flying into this building.
It is not a cross of hope, it is a piece of the rubble left by the nature of a system that does not value life, a system that is a hierarchy placed on an unconditionally giving earth, that creates lack, and thus, behaviors of survival where those abused become so angry they lash out and destroy. The American system has lashed out and destroyed the lives of others, piling justifications on top of their acts because of a belief as mind that life is competition and survival. When those whose lives are destroyed retaliate, they are doing what was done unto them. It is all a system of perpetual “same action” as destruction instead of support.
What do we do, we take a piece of rubble and project a meaning onto it that is one -dimensional, and this meaning, this idol worshipping – as a cross plastered with imagined hope is not looking at what is real.
What is real is a pile of rubble, the devastation of a building. It was the World Trade Building.
It was a statement against the present system of inequality, a system that does not give as this earth does, a system that divides and conquers and rapes and does not exist in fact as the actions of the men who cleaned up the rubble glorify themselves as, the capacity of men to organize themselves and care for this earth, to give until what needs to be done is taken care of. Thus, 9/11 shows us that we are capable as men, of caring for this earth. The World Trade center was built by the hands of men, and cleaned up by the hands of men. It was not hope that did this, it was the activity of men.
And it was this accepted and allowed system of inequality that caused the discord.
So, my question is, how does plastering hope onto a piece of rubble create a situation where what was lived never exists again? It actually does nothing, it is just a storm of meaningless emotion and not an action of looking at all the consequences that lead to this attack and reorganizing this world to ensure that this never happens again. These actions have far greater significance than does a movie idolizing a cross, with a background of music as drama, building one dimensional emotional feelings of hope – this an act of no significance, no change in the system of this world. It only perpetuates that which has done nothing to remove the imagination of such things as hope, from what men are capable of doing, and what men actually are. We, men, have built this system and we have not created a system that is the likeness of the earth as the source of life under our feet. We have built a system on an idea of a heavenly hierarchy that no one has ever seen, only been told stories of, that is a system of punishment and abuse. It is an imagined nation that is the opposite of what is real, an unconditionally giving earth.
So, I brought up the question to the group, ” What if this cross has the opposite meaning?’
The moment I went to talk, I was not allowing the other to talk, and the moment the other talked and finished, they walked away as though their statements were fact and the end of the discussion. Incredible. And they can’t see this. They are too busy with their projections, their one-dimensional emotions of hope being projected onto a cross, taking a piece of rubble and idolizing this debris. When what is right in front of them – the capacity of men, and the very system of abuse- is what is the cure and the cause. The cure is the capacity of men to give as they would like to receive, and the cause is a system of trade that places a greater value on money than on life. A system that binds men to a cross of inequality through the building of emotion onto a symbol that is an act of idol worship. This is an act of division and conquer in and as the mind of the human, where the human no longer looks at what is physically real, and instead has been trained to believe it is proper to stew in feelings of hope.
Let’s look at the civilization brought to this world by the “west”.
Starvation is not life, and thus I would not call this “civilization.”
Supposedly, the American Indians were much healthier than the first Europeans that settled on the North American continent. Had the American Indians not been eradicated by a virus, the Europeans would not have had a chance. The bow and arrow developed by the American Indians was more precise than the early pistols of the Europeans. The native Americans had also developed their land to sustain themselves. Just because they did not have huge pyramids plastered all over the surface of their landscape does not mean they had developed a lesser existence. After all, they were healthier- something that I was not taught in school as this did not build up the imposed ideology that the Europeans were more advanced.
The American Indians could run with more stamina and for greater distances, they could read nature to a higher degree, they wore fewer clothes. They were more in tune with the natural world, which means they included the natural world in their existence.
I am not saying the American Indians were perfectly aligned with this world, I am saying they were more aligned with nature than the European. Did the European see this? Or was the European doing what is still being done today, projecting a greater value on their cross and their beliefs, even though their system of belief had created physically weaker and more sickly men? – and, had many of their own kind being burned on stakes, and living in poverty within their own cities?
The American Indians also moved around and had a system of moving their dwellings. This allowed human waste to decompose and nature to transform waste. The Europeans had a similar system. They built many palaces and would move the wealthy from one palace to another. When the cesspools filled up and the palace stench became too strong, it was time to move to another palace; servants, and knights and lords, etc. It was a life of a moving entourage of the elite. My architect husband even had architectural stories, that in Versailles, the reason perfume was developed was to hide the stench of shit because the clothes worn were so layered it was hard to take them off to shit – and Versailles had not built toilets into the building plan, so everyone shit in their pants. Hence perfume.
I think the American Indians were more “civilized” in this respect. Don’t you?
Pointing out how we exist and what we believe can cause a lot of friction as the ideas we have held are questioned. We have become these ideas to such an extent they are all that we see and we stew in them. Most of the audience at this “showing” were over weight to the point where their buttocks did not even fit on their chair. I bet that American Indian’s buttocks at the time the Europeans stepped onto the American continent, would fit on that chair. This was an audience of fermented, bloated fruit, about to burst, unable to probably even shoot a bow and arrow ( I bet they would not even have the strength to pull back the taught string of the bow) . It was an audience stagnant in their imagined idolatry of a price of rubble, fat, fermented, unable to consider anything other than their accepted and allowed mind fucks. It was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil filled was gaseous fermented fruit expelling putrid beliefs that were inconsiderate of this earth. It was an imposed tree of bullshit onto this earth that is a tree of life.
The garden has always been here, it is right under our feet, it is earth. Imposed all over this earth is a cross we all bear because we have accepted and allowed this idol to guide us through our own indoctrinated mind projections that are not what is real. We are perpetually living what Jesus lived, we are dragging a cross of inequality all over this earth, leaving a pile of lifeless rubble in our wake. This is starvation, this is animal abuse, this is the destruction of the very soil of this earth. Stop the mind, become that which you would like to receive. Stand up and use the capacity of the human, to build a world that is best for all, where no matter who’s shoes we walk in there is stability. There is no stability in fact until all are stable.

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One Response to a cross given significance that is only debris

  1. sandyjones says:

    ‘We are perpetually living what Jesus lived, we are dragging a cross of inequality all over this earth..’ Agree, thanks for this blog and standing up for equality!

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