Reincarnation signifies the inequality of the substance of self, the substance of life, from the physical, the substance of life

This world is physical, it is covered with plants and animals, and people, bug, organisms, water, air, etc. This earth is a collective of resources that are physical. The substance of all of this is life, a manifestation of life, thus all of this is life.
It is the substance of life in form, just as the human is, and the director of this substance is the substance of life, thus everything is of the same substance, life.
People, plants and animals, are capable, as what they are as a form of this substance, as the being of this substance that is life, that is all, of self perfection in the production of sound, of forms, of communication, of training their physical bodies to dance, to sing, to build, to work with the substance of life. To do this the form of life that directs – so to speak- must become one and equal to the forms of this that is everything, this substance that is life, that which we all are.
As the world is now, this ability to become one with this physical world does not exist.
The human is not educated to become aware of itself as the substance of life, nor to realize the form of itself as being physical, as being the substance of life. Instead, the human is presented with a limited, imaged set of conditions, nothing else is offered. Just look to the media, the ads, the “professions”, there are few that will give enough of what our system has developed, as money, that will maintain a dignified life where the body is supported because the body and director have aligned themselves with the dictates of this world. Thus is money used to demand behavior, as the very development of the human to survive. This is a system imposed and limited by design and it does not consider that the very substance of all of us is equal as the substance of life. We are allowing this system, as the human, we have imposed this system, and we continue to allow it as long as we fear reorganizing it, as long as we fear standing up and changing it, as long as we wait for someone else to stand up and change it. We all must do this. It only requires coming together and organizing a large group of people to place a political party that votes in a policy of equality, that votes to support life, that takes the know how existent and uses this to take the substance of life, as all the resources of this world, and distribute them to support all that is here. A game of war is a game of resource grab in self interest, in a limited belief that there is not enough, propagated by a system that leads us to believe that there is lack. Yet the substance of life is here as everything, giving of itself, as this is the nature of life, here, there is no lack. Lack is what is taught, yet look around, the substance of life is abundant and the human can organize this to create a heaven on earth. It will be better than a game of war. One is destruction in fear, the other is expression and support of life. Which of the two would become more stable and constant?
It is not too hard to figure this out.
Should reincarnation exist? No. Reincarnation assumes that lessons have not been learned, but the lesson that has not been learned is the expression of life, as the substance of all, to be life, one and equal to this physical world, to be as this physical world, the giving of self unconditionally, realizing self as the very same thing as the physical, the substance of life. Thus reincarnation is a kind of holding pattern, where life is processed through the physical to self realize as one and equal as the substance of life in expression. Our very system does not develop this. Our system only divides and conquers in service to a system that separates the director as life from the physical as life, an act of perpetual separation. The “director/directives” must be one and equal to the form, the physical. The object must be realized to be equal with the subject. The subject is self, the self that is abused, through allowing and accepting our system and not changing our system existent on this earth that is of inequality, this system an object we have all allowed and only through mind dictates accepted. Another way to say this is that we have accepted “pointers” that are not allowing self perfection as self becoming one and equal to the substance of life. All that is here is the substance of life.
So, reincarnation is a holding pattern of non equality to the substance of life. It is like banging one’s head against a wall by trying to equalize oneself to life when the tools given, as the form of a system of inequality is the thing withholding the equalizing of self, as the substance of life, to the physical, that is the substance of life.
Heaven on earth cannot exist until all are equal and one as that which everything is, the substance of life, that is what all is.
Thus this system of money must change. The idea that there is lack must stop. In allowing practices that do not consider the nature of life, and within this pulverizing this physical world into systems that produce products that earn interest income as a way to survive for the few, where a piece of paper as words states that an abuser can own something and there by limiting life expression, must stop. It is abusive to the substance of life, it is negligent of the substance of life, it is destructive of the expression of life. This object, as this world, as this earth, is not allowing itself to be the subject of life, and it is our system that we have accepted and allowed , that ignores the care of itself as life.
Reincarnation is spiting out substance as life, into a system that creates organic robots, as mind to feed profit, and telling people that they must self realize within this. Well, yes we must self realize ourselves as the substance of life, one and equal to this earth as it is the substance of life, but what is the point of this? None of this need exist and it can stop in one generation. Change the system on earth to allow the object of earth, as the substance of life, to become one and equal to the subject of self as the substance of life. This is a system that creates life expression here on this earth. the suffering does not equalize life, suffering is where one is not equal and one with life. And the human, through accepting this within the allowance of the present system of inequality that is profit, has been lead to believe that suffering leads to some kind of ascension. There is no ascension, there is only equalizing oneself as life to life. This does not require suffering. Suffering is an indication of inequality.
Practically, the one third of this planet’s humans that are starving, are suffering, and obviously, starvation is not that person expressing themselves as life. Look at this physical world, it is expression, a tree is something, a starving child is not becoming “something”, the child is turning onto nothing. Why the repetition of this? Why reincarnate as this? What is learned from this? That life as that child, has not developed into any kind of expression that is forgiving in a state of stability.
Obese people are not an expression of life either. How can an obese person dance?
How is watching hours of television an act of becoming one and equal to this physical world?
How is constant entertainment self perfection as self one and equal to this physical world?
How is being a government worker pushing papers endlessly in an over complicated tax system an expression of life. There is no self perfection as one and equal, with understanding, of this physical world as the substance of life, able to be understood and worked with as an expression of life within this accepted and allowed form of existence. This is bullshit.
Reincarnation signifies that equality in and as this physical world does not exist. That which is propagated as a belief is the very thing that tells us we are not one and equal to this earth. It is the belief in reincarnation that is the limitation, and it is the suffering as this that shows us our inequality to the substance of life, that which we are and that which this earth is.
It is time to reorganize this earth to support life. We have no idea what this is because we have never been this here.
Implementing a system that realizes where we are as what we have created, and placing a system that cares for what we are and what we have become is the first step. This will remove a lot of fear, and enable those that know what they are allowing within the systems, that are not of best practice, to stand up. We can all participate in using the system of politics to place into policy a system of equality, an equal money system, that supports life and stops the kind of suffering that exists because the basic needs of many are not met. From here, where can we go? It is the only choice, because war and the game of monopoly that is our present system of inequality will only continue to push people into unacceptable living standards and propagate a system as a belief of lack being the cause, when it really is unequal distribution of resource in the name of profit. There is no invisible hand here, the hands are our own.
Speak the words of self forgiveness to clean up the beliefs that support inequality that have been dictated by this accepted and allowed system of profit. Equalize yourself to life. Study the Equal Money System, hand out flyers, speak to everyone. Let’s get this done. Let’s end a system of reincarnation into suffering and transform this world into heaven on earth where life is equal as the substance of life and this becomes the expression of of life on earth.

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