2012 Ownership is Enslavement and Illusion.

For profit to exist the profiteer must own something, and offer the thing owned to another, where the thing owned is never given away, but used, and the use of what is offered/presented is what supports the profiteer. The profiteer never relinquishes ownership.
So, in our system, things must be owned by one ( one can be a person, or a corporation). If the “one” owns and collects because of that ownership, they become more than the user/person/group to whom they gives shares of what they own in return for payment, which is like liquifying what they own into another form.
Owner ship can happen on many levels, spiritual, economic, and cultural. If the owner sells an idea of a god on a throne guiding us, and nothing else is presented then this is all that comes to be known.
If a “owner” can make everyone believe, and everyone accepts this belief, that a resource of this earth can be owned, then that owner-as-enforcer-of-a-belief has enforced his will, as the will of ownership, onto others – who have accepted this.
This resource owned is being traded, and in this trade is liquefied, changed into something that actually is not even real, but has been given a value and thus come to be believed as being substantive, but actually is not. This is the value given to money. Money is liquefied physical resource of this earth that someone presented as fact, and the majority accepted as fact. But money is really nothing, that value of that digital representation is just that, a representation, it is not the actual physical resource.
This also, naturally, eats up the resource in ineffective ways because its concern is to liquify the resource into this accepted and unreal but accepted as real value that we give to money. The only concern is to liquify the resource, now that all have accepted the value of money, because the starting point was to own. In creating ownership survival and competition for survival exist, one begets the other.
This is really the same scenario with religion. If one can be made to believe that there is a director for an inner existence, then one will give that inner existence to that presented and believed, which has been accepted, to that giver, as owner, of direction, as the owner presenting that they know the way. So, the accepter, the taker of this advice, the acquiescence to this presented belief, would be similar to the liquefying of resource, in this instance it is the resource of the inner.
If everything here is the substance of life, and thus all the same, and is what is actually seen, where the director as god is not, and the value placed on liquified assets as resource is really illusory and only a piece of paper, and this is all that is believed, as this was what was presented and even bullied onto, then this ownership action becomes how this world is directed. This “directing” is the vision of this life, what is seen, what is believed to be real, and the very substance becomes background behind this imposed accepted and allowed and presented idea of existence. This belief becomes what is lived, but it is not really life because it feeds on life instead of acknowledging life, what is actually real and here, the life being more than able to direct itself. It is like saying, “don’t let life know itself or ownership will be lost”, hence perpetual entertainment instead of self development as life exists on this earth.
Thus placing value on liquified resource, as money – a piece of paper is an act of separation from the substance that is all of this earth, life. Placing value on a god no one has ever seen, is placing value on another imaginary non substantive ‘idea” presented and thus is separation from life.
Allowing the values of the constructs of culture, as how one as an object presents oneself through outer directives of persona entwined and directed by accepted and allowed beliefs in money and god is the denial and abdication of the substance that is what everything actually is, and that is life.
Leaving these beliefs of god and money out of the equation what is left? The substance as life as all that is. Here, the only choice is to realize this equality that we all are as the substance of life and to support this, and to clean up the separation into beliefs that are the placement of a tree of knowledge as idea, belief and opinion, and not the tree of life, as what is real, as what we all are.
This world is a tree of knowledge, offered by a snake wanting to own and direct, not having understood, and not having been trained to understand itself as life, valuing tradition over change and transformation as life, instead of developing an awareness of self as life and within this becoming a tree of life. This world is a tree of life, and all we are doing is clinging to a tree of knowledge. a tree of no ledge, something that cannot be stood as/on.
Within the behaviors that exist on this planet this can be seen to be what exists in fact. There are many people, animals and plants that no longer have resource/life to stand on and thus end the expression of themselves as life, never having lived, only having been liquified into a limited expression as a piece of paper given value.
This tree of knowledge must be removed, and what we are as the substance of life, must be organized in such as way as to allow this that we are, as a tree of life to exist. As we are now, currently existing on this earth is destruction of ourselves as life.
Time to reorganize this earth, to become one and equal to the substance of this earth that is life. Time to equalize ourselves to life.
Support an Equal Money system, get involved in beginning this process by implementing a Basic Income Grant. This will wake us up to what we have accepted and allowed and will be the beginning of realizing that acceptance and allowance of our present system is actually self destruction.

Equal Money
Self Perfection as Life
Basic Income Grant

Equal Through Substance
Self awareness steps for the elite.


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One Response to 2012 Ownership is Enslavement and Illusion.

  1. sandyjones says:

    No one owns anything here, it is all, in fact, made up. Time to change how we live, thanks Rebecca for standing up for life as all as equal!

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