The Concise Story of Life

The story of Atlantis, as told by the Desteni Group is the story of our existence. One only need listen, and probably more than once, to start realizing and seeing the totality of the story and how much it relates to each of us.
This is also true of the story of Anu, the reptilian that created the mind consciousness system.
It does not matter if one believes that there is more to this world than what we immediately see as we are now, inherent within the story is what we are, what we have allowed, and why we are where we are here.
In listening to the story of Atlantis, I was coming back again and again to what was happening with the children, the capacities they had that was causing the adults to impose their traditions for fear of believing something would be lost as the children were suddenly no longer doing what they had done in the past. In many ways, this exists in our world as well. The adults become fearful of the children’s inclinations and threaten the child with various methods of physical abuse, verbal threats, humiliations, etc., until they conform to what exists.
I ask my self what is being lost here?
I was taught to measure this world in such a way to place my self within a tier as the structure of this society, so that I would survive. Much like a religion, I would measure people by their emotional sensibilities, as though there are higher emotions and lower emotions, and the tenure of the emotion indicated the level of development of the person.
Within this it would make sense that someone who was aware of a gamut of emotion would be more capable, but this is still a limitation, and it does not consider the state of this world, where there are so many who have no chance at/of self development.
As I learned to do things, I often realized anyone could do it. So, standing around in schools listening to teacher talk, where they went on and on about how one child was “talented” really bothered me, because it showed a lack of awareness within the teacher of what development means. These teachers are acting as though some exterior “something” is what causes a child to develop that is not controlled by what is here on earth. This is admitting to something more, yet the idea of reptilians existing is not talked about, or considered “fantastic”. All this indicates is how one-dimensional we, the human, have become, and how we are beliefs that no longer even realize what we are really saying! A total absence of depth perception. And this is what is teaching our children. Point this out and a hissing snake with a forked tongue spews accusations as attack. This is the mind, this is what happens when self as life abdicates self as life. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
In listening to Anu talk, I think of my recent existence, the last ten years or so. My husband died, I moved back to America. In this time there were so many people telling me what to do, how to be, what i should wear, how I should style my hair, what I should do to my house, demanding that I sign papers, what I was, what I should do with my children, It went on and on.
I started to think that I was really tired of everyone telling me what the fuck to do. I was really getting sick of it. It is like one does not exist, or I am here as something to be made to fit into some idea as to how I should be.
The other problem here was that what I could be was limited. So, I had to juggle what was here and try to discover what to do with my self within the confines of my new environment. My choices were limited because I also had small children.
Finding a “man” was somehow out of the question. A man who valued my children as life, as young humans that needed support in developing themselves as being children was not something I was going to find. It is not to say that such men do not exist, it is to say that the majority of men are not this. With the number of divorces within my world this statement makes it clear that self interest and the desires of men are stronger than the value of life. Yes, it is a fuck up. I don’t think these men, or women, actually find happiness in this. It does not take too much to see that this is true of this world either. I remember my grandfather spending his last days regretting having divorced his wife, the mother of my father.
I remember my great aunt telling me the man she married later in life, said to her as he lay dying, that she was supposed to die before him. He was angry, he thought he was going to get her money because he was 15 years younger than she. I guess it did not work out. He had already tried to have all her real estate liquidated. He was preparing for the event.
But this is a survival game in greed. This is not life.
Back to me really getting sick of everyone telling me what to do all the time.
I want to relate this to Anu’s story. Anu game into existence having the “elders” telling him how the world was. And what was being said was not matching what he was experiencing. Imagine how this would be for such a child? And the authority of the “big grown up people” was scary, and yet it was not seeing the world, only dictating how things are going to be and how one should be.
Ironically, all of existence was looking for a solution and the solution was given as what Anu was and no one noticed because they were too busy telling the children what to do instead of listening to the gift of life, as the children, as the products of life that children are! Life would present the way forward, or life would cease to exist.
Within this my own reactions as anger and really being tired of having people tell me what to do, and also knowing that I couldn’t just become some extreme reactive reckless person because this was not a solution, what I really feared was not doing what was asked, that maybe they were right. But this also bothered me on some level.
In essence Anu’s story is the story of us all, and it the story of why our story is what it is, and it gives the solution. The solution is to equalize ourselves as life, and to let go of ideas as to what should be and how it should be based on what we have been told by those that came before us that have adhered to traditions, traditions that have not organized this world into a system that values life. We are not this here on earth. And there is no excuse. This earth is the rage of frustrated life. And it has to stop. And there is no one to blame, there is no time, there is ONLY reorganizing this world so that the children can show us the way forward, as they are one and equal as us, they are life and life by what it is can only be itself – so to speak- as life.
It is fearing the memories of the past as being lost that is the prison. Nothing can be lost, but life can be used to generate self destruction as a system from without dictating, made iconographic as there is no trust of self as life, and there is no support for self as life.
Is this what we want?
As far as I am concerned the insight of Anu as what he was experiencing would have been a much better outcome than what presently exists on this earth.
But you will have to listen to the story to find this out.

Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu

The Story of Atlantis

Orginize this world to what is best for all, where we are in fact the loving of our neighbors as ourselves.

STOP the mind through self forgiveness, corrective application and writing.

Self perfection products.

The future as life.


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