We brand our cattle/we brand our children

I recently read an article about children in India from poor areas that had been given access to a computer with instructions to figure out solutions to problems presented on the computer. Now these were children that had nothing, only a slum. The children game together in front of this “portal” as a computer and resolved what was presented, or, came to understand what was presented on the computer, some of the questions asked were about things we have been conditioned to believe need years of schooling to understand, and yet these children could process the information and make sophisticated statements about the data.
I have also been listening to the desteni History of Atlantis series, which is a replica of how the humans presently exist here on this earth. Here, on earth we have children that are not developed, because profit comes before life. And this system exists because children have not been allowed to develop. This system is the product of an un-developed child. Therefore, is it any wonder that this system does not consider life. Our present system is a replay, over and over again, of traditions and cultures wanting to live in a fixed past,or, not wanting to be life, move as life. We have placed values on things and remained within these values, no longer being here as life. We fear the loss of these values, we cling to them, and it is this clinging that is stopping us from being life.
It is as though we have created this idea that if we were to let these values go, we would fall into some abyss. But the exact opposite is what would happen. If we let values go, and realize that the values we clutch have become stagnant because we clutch onto them, and allow ourselves to “fall” we would find that life has been there all along and that there was no reason to ever fear letting go.
Until we do this, the children in this world will continue to lack development. We are, essentially forcing them into/onto the values we are clutching and this is limiting them. This cycle will repeat until we let go and allow ourselves to walk away from our past, to walk away from the various assembled values we exist as, as the culture into which we are born.
Our schools are where we brand our children with our values, as beliefs, opinions and ideas of our past. And a branding it is, as memory. Our schools are the image and likeness of our cattle factories. The cattle are branded and tortured. Our children are treated the same way, with our children it is the branding as the stories of how we existed in the past. It is torture and it burns and it hurts and it limits. The ones with the ability to memorize simply play along, because it is better than being cold or hungry.
But is it really? It is a suicide as well, one that takes longer and is able to buy products that “soften” the slow death as diminishment of the body. Starvation and diminishment are the same. One just takes longer. Both lead to a death, void of transformation.
And the same cycle begins again. We are all stuck in a perpetual motion. And we think we are evolving, but we are not.
It was the ignoring of the children that created this. And it is probably the children that will walk us out of this, if we would just realize that the children of this world are life, and it is the adults stuck in imagery as memory, already branded with a past, where as this being a “brand” of the past is that which can no longer see. The branded are leading us all to slaughter, we are the creators of our own demise.
There are some children in Africa with a debilitating disease. Their minds seem to be “turning off”. Could it be that we have branded ourselves with so much of the past that what is happening to these children is that this branding is separating them from what is here to such an extent that they are no longer here? Are they existing within an alternate world as memory, as mind, that they have no attention here? Has this past built such a cocoon?
Perhaps this is what needs to happen, as the adult exists only as ego, as memory, and can no longer sense this physical world. The children are mimicking the adult that lives in an alternate reality, separate from this physical world. The adult will not let go of what it knows is a system of abuse. The children are our future, and the children show us where we will end up unless we wake up. Like I said the children are showing us the way. We do no listen, because we believe we are more than them. And we are not.
The mind is the demise. The mind is the trap. The mind is the limitation.
Stop the mind. Emotions and feelings are the polarities, as the divisions, as the compounded thoughts, all created by the mind. Forgive your self of this.
Any time there is emotion, a singular thing, there comes blame and a belief in, and attack. This is the thing clutched/held onto as an opinion, idea or belief that is a value that can be, and must be, let go. It is really very simple. We have the way before us, right in front of us.
All of us, once we know something we realize how simple it really is, this is no different.
Let go. Let life.
A system of equality will accelerate this letting go, a system of equality will turn from stagnation to transformation.
Just look around to all the corners of this earth. Do we continue with this abuse, or do we stop and become what we are meant to be, an instrument of life in continuity of expression in and as equality where we realize that giving to our neighbor is giving to ourselves. Support life.
Equal Money
Equal Life


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