Masturbation is MIND POSSESSION! The Master Baits.

Masturbation is MIND POSSESSION.

In realizing we all have a “halo” around our heads, which we see in all those pictures of saints in so many of our churches and man made images of Christ, and stopping and asking why this “halo” exists, what would we see/realize/objectively consider?
What if this “halo” is a tool of possession? A tool that holds resonances where the resonances grow and grow, and suck the life from one, until one dies having no control over self, over the very expression of self as life?
What if one of the resonances, as the dispersion of self into and as an energetic expression as the addiction to the energy, was the experience in and as a mind imagery that stimulates an incessant desire for a sexual drug-like-induced-high ? Where this “fix”, much like a heroin addiction, is sought after continuously, eventually consuming one. Thus, because it is as imagery of the mind, and thus an “imagining” and thus separate from this physical world, will never really satisfy! Which is why the perpetual need for the fix occurs, because the “state” of the “feeling” as the “high” cannot be maintained as it is a image in and as energy and thus as energy expendable and not the source as that which generates the energy.
Therefore a “possession” is energetic. One is possessed, and in this context the specific possession is masturbation/sexual desire. A possession does not want to die. A possession is an image as the mind, an energetic imprint as image. This, in order to survive, needs constant attention and stimulus, because it is separation into emotional polarities, a polarity being the division of self away from a constant as “sound” and into a mind/image ( bound onto a construct as a “halo” – so to speak) as energy. And so, the human is sucked dry, never having directed itself, only following a mind consciousness system, constructed in and as an inter-dimensional program to create a human battery to generate energy to feed a heaven where someone played god and disallowed the self as an expression in and as life here on this planet.
Actually, this has been told to us, that the “seven sins” will consume one, but it was coupled with the very creator of the problem. Where better to hide the enslavement? Right in front of you! The one offering salvation, is the one creating the BELIEVED NEED for salvation. So obvious is one takes a close look, and is willing to let go of ego. It is but a breath away. But the dis-ease of self, is all that one knows.
An alternate mind reality, so filled with images and desires to tantalize and transfix man into diminishing life expression into one-dimensional expressions that are limited and stagnant, and only exist to serve the human up on a plate to be devoured as energy to support this “god’s” secret desire to not lose an idea of itself as what it is, fearing the transformations in and as life. Yes, it is like cutting off one’s nose despite oneself. But this was the beliefs in and as self made greater than life itself.
Anyway, masturbation is this in full dramatic play. It is a possession on the inside and can be forgiven through self-forgiveness. Then one can learn to have a real relationship, here with the eye of the needle, the physical world, the constant, that which is real, that which is where one can learn to become a self directed expression in and as life, utilizing the fullness of all that exists, where all is equal in being an expression in and as life. Mind imagery will only compound , as the “halo” is a greedy god, he wants all of you in obeisance to his ego. And you thought he loved you!!! Wake up!
This mess must be cleaned up, and it is. But each human must realize this, as the system has become automated, and as such will only lead to absolute destruction. Which we see happening in the world around us.
Realize, that this world of profit, uses this “halo” system to, well, profit. Thus surrounding the human, are images of sexual enticement, to stimulate and develop this addiction, this allowed and accepted suppression in and as life as self. This has been made so real, so big, we believe that this is real. But how can something that needs constant stimulation, with effort, be real? Life would be ease, not dis-ease. That desire for a “fix” is – plain and simple- dis-ease. This is common sense. Just look to a moment of ease, and realize, that this”state” of ease is that which any “parent” as a “god” would want for the child. Realizing this physical world as what is real, as the gift of life as “god” is what is real, and NOT the imagery in and as the “halo” of the mind. This physical world, this earth gives unconditionally, it is the human that has placed the tools, as images, of separation all over this planet, mimicking the “halo” as the god of the temples built by men, inconsiderate of this physical planet earth giving in abundance, everywhere one looks. So, what is covering this earth; churches and porn, conflict and abuse.
Masturbation is self diminishment, as above, so below, as within so without. And it will never satisfy, only devour. It is the impossible dream imposed through a “halo”.
Wake up.
Listen to the series on masturbation and stop this possession. Learn to stand and breath with ease, it is only a breath away.


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1 Response to Masturbation is MIND POSSESSION! The Master Baits.

  1. sandyjones says:

    Very cool, thanks Rebecca. Another possession, now we know, now we stand and stop it!

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