2012 – Subsidizing Self Interest is Inequality

I am reading a book about the production of food around the world. On every continent there is the ability to grow food, and lots of it.
The problem is that the countries with the funds to subsidize crops can then sell these crops for less than any other country. Thereby leaving no profitable market for crops that are unsubsidized in other countries.
There are also inner problems within the undeveloped countries as well, exorbitant loans overblown by economic hit men for control through debt by developed nations and miss use of funds by the leaders of receiving countries. Which is to say that things, the means is/are here, it is the greed and self interest that disregards the big picture of common sense, supporting life as what is best for all, that is not considered. Every one is trying to survive, and in this fear forget to look to the totality of this system as the cause for the absence of the consideration of life. The fear of survival, and the desire to gain power and manipulate what is here, through some long term vision, to try and find a way to have some substantial development in stability within a country cannot be done as long as money determines who lives and who dies. The fear of death and the desire to have more for the needs of immediate family is too great. It is this system that must change, this system is within each of us, and it is without.
Of course this subsidizing creates a trade battle, where those with money can dominate the market. And the marketeers are so busy fighting in self interest, that they do not consider the people, or the animals, or the plants, or the soils and waters of the other countries.
The systems become dependent on the structures the dominator creates to distribute its subsidized foods, and the unions support this, the workers and industry involved in this network of food production all do not want anything to change because they rely on the income and the machines they bought to support their endeavors. They are fixed, and fear changing despite the massive suffering allowed, finding excuse after excuse to justify. There is no justification. I have seen this labeled as the Iron Triangle.
This has happened in Africa. There is the capacity for many Africans to grow their own food, and aid is given for this. The money pours in but the whole is not taken care of, the roads and transportation are not developed, the water is not distributed in efficient ways. Leaving a weak support structure. The various factions blaming each other. This is all made up of people, so it is us.
Meanwhile, the farmers from other countries, such as the U.S. and Europe, are subsidized by their governments and grow crops according to what will be supported by the government through financial support, regardless of efficiency and concern for resource use in the most effective and non earth-invasive way. There is no organization in terms of what is being grown world wide, leading to surplus. The farmers only scramble for the crops that will bring in that government check. Again money is the director, and what is better for this earth, supportive of all that is here is not considered.
The outcome is the movement of large amount of people, as though they are being corralled. If I stood back further would I see a picture of clusters of people in cities, and the totality of this earth as the land owned by a few, abused, raped barren all because we are convinced that our names on pieces of paper determine who owns something? We all allow this, it is really a force in motion. This has to stop, and it is only us, the people who can stop it. We must stand as all as one as equal, and decide to reorganize this world.
In the end many African countries are left with food shortages. They cannot get money for their crops because the subsidized food is cheaper, so they stop growing because they can no longer even purchase what is necessary to grow their food as their endeavors cannot compete against the greed and self interest of another country. Obviously, something is not being allowed, and suppressed.
Even when they do have food stored the subsidized countries do not use aid money to buy local crop supplies to support local farmers because they want their profit from subsidies to remain constant. America has a law that food aid has to come from American soil. Naturally this leads to underdevelopment in other countries. Even the aid people, and the transportation people do not want the local food used because they have become dependent on the venues that move the subsidized food around the world.
We are shipping grain and beans all around the world, using ships and fuels and labor in such inefficient ways it is extremely ridiculous. Is this ANY WAY to organize a house, a home?
A farmer in France and in America screams to have the subsidies, even when what they are growing is TOO much, talking about how they need money to raise their children, when the very practice does not consider the children really, because if one is ONLY considering their own children and not ALL THE CHILDREN of this world than they are the reason why their practices have caused MORE GENOCIDE THAN ANYTHING HITLER EVER EVER EVER created!
The farmers of America, the politicians of AMERICA, the SYSTEM of AMERICA, the AMERICAN PEOPLE an the PEOPLE of EUROPE, the ones with the MONEY and gun production capacity are doing the SAME FUCKING THINGS HITLER DID. NO DIFFERENCE! The African leaders who build palaces and traipse around Europe are not considering best practice for development either. We are all to blame, and the solution is to stop.
Talking about the color of the genocide, that starvation is different than gasing someone does not change the end outcome, death, suffering, disease, rape, violence, desertification, pollution, life suppression.
This is what this profit based system does. This is what it is. It is IGNORING YOUR NEIGHBOR BY BEING A SELF INTEREST EXISTENCE ONLY.
There is no reason for this.
People on every continent can grow food. Having a profit based system where everyone jumps to grow the crops that will earn the most profit causes an imbalance within the system, and does not consider growing food to support life.
There is no reason why the human cannot organize this world in such a way that all life here is supported. Each continent growing food for the people on that continent, and at times sharing what they have grown with countries facing some natural disaster, is something that is completely manageable.
The stick in the spoke of the wheel, causing disregard for life is this system of profit. It does not work. It causes insane practices of overdevelopment here, and abuse there. It creates competition, and within this does not consider best practice. Thus, a profit based system does not work. A profit based system creates a centralized seat of power, it is a power game. Life is not a game, it is an expression, it is discovery, it is creation. Power is destruction of opponents, it is the destruction of opportunity, it is the destruction of life. And that is what this earth is a picture of, a picture of abuse and destruction of the life that is here.
As a parent this is not what I would want for my children. I would want them to express, to discover, to create. I would not want them to fight and destroy and struggle to sit on a throne of power. What the fuck is that?
I would not want them to be locked into a “devil and an angel” on their shoulder as the polarities of the mind, as beliefs, opinions and ideas all geared towards comparisons to become the image and likeness of what places them on that seat of power. I would not want them to be the persona of a neglectful, inconsiderate, wrathful-competing-monster-abusing-everything-in-its-path to sit on a seat of power. The only outcome of this is failure, because someone else with eventually take the seat. It is a perpetual cycle of abuse. And it is time to stop.
How much more of this do the human need before they wake up? How much more suffering does this earth need to experience before the human wakes up?
Your emotions, feelings and thoughts are an imprint to support this power game. They must be forgiven through the written and spoken word, to erase them, to stop the mind. Here, the self as life will return to the self as life where a sense of space and expression is what one is as life.
Your emotions, thoughts and feelings are the division of self away from common sense as self as life. It is the inner device of division, as our monetary system is the outer divisive device. All based on beliefs, imprints. An impossible dream that is the “impossible dream”. There is no satisfaction in this.
Your emotions, thoughts and feelings are the separation into polarities of more than and less than, where endless comparison is the existence of self, superficial and no longer able to sense the whole as life, the multi-dimension of life, of which the physical is the key, the eye of the needle.
We have told ourselves this, we know this, we paint this. All those halos around the heads of saints are the imposition of a inter-dimensional system, a system that has actually shut us down from being ourselves as life. The halo is the creation of the self-interest bubble creating the zoombie we tell ourselves we are in so many of our movies, we know this. The truth is right in front of us.
Our fairy tales are the introduction into the roles to follow as we are introduced to how we are to behave.
Our media is to entertain, to keep us trans-fixed within this illusion, to make the emotional states of ourselves so seemingly real, so huge, so blinding. Only at death do we realize we have been the participants in an impossible dream as we wither away, turning white and grey and wrinkled, only to fall off of our pedestals.
And this can change within a short period of time. The mind can stop, and time can stop and life can begin.
This system of profit must end, must stop. We have the means to grow food for everyone. We have the means to build roads, to stop the ignorant overuse of earth’s resources.
We have the means to educate everyone to their fullest expression as life.
We have the means to allow people and plants, and animals, and the substance of this earth to be fecund and expressive.
The only thing stopping us is the mind, a system of images as words lined up in a halo of suppression. I would like to see all those cathedrals built by men, filled with paintings of our own accepted and allowed enslavement as the one-eyed-god-ring of limitation and stagnation as mind touted as “saintly” to be a relic as a reminder of the enslavement accepted and allowed on this earth.
We must stop this division into conflict, we must forgive ourselves our constructs of separation that we have allowed, this that blinded the expression of giving as one would like to receive.
Practically speaking, and it is all really very practical, we must stand and implement a basic income grant to stop all this subsidizing for control of food, to control people. this is abuse, and does not allow people to develop a capacity to be self directed. All of us are able to be this, it is only the mind leading one to believe otherwise.
A basic income grant will enable the vast majority of us to see this, and it will stop many abusive practices because it will enable people to walk away. It might cause some chaos, but no more than what already exists.
What comes to mind here… No, people on this planet are not living longer, no, cancer is not cured, no, disease has not been removed, if anything it is everywhere, no, our literacy is atrocious- evident in the amount of relationship failure that exists. If we were literate, we would be able to communicate with one another, and with the divorce rates the way they are, we are not communicating effectively. The behaviors of our children also show us that we are not communicating effectively.
Stand up and support a system of equality, stop this game of power that is the expression of inequality. It is not working and it never will. It only destroys, abuses and rapes.
Let us take off the halo, and create heaven on earth. It is time.
In common sense, where else would a dictation of imagery be placed to control? In and on a ring around your head, right before your very eyes. The best place to hide the truth, right in front of you. It is pretty obvious that something is really fucked up about this world, and it will be on your doorstep before you know it, so I would not wait for someone else to take action because it is going to need each and every one of us.
Remove the halo through the spoken word of self forgiveness.
Stand up and support and Equal Money System and a local/regional BIG group.
Become a member of desteni to support the creation, in common sense, of heaven on earth.


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  1. Leila says:

    Cool Rebecca — I see you’re enjoying the books =)

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