“Show and Tell”

Show and Tell

I have a problem with forgiving myself, I blame my self for how my life is in its totality. My behaviors are my own. These I can change, the choices of how I directed my self, as having accepted the structures of the system without knowing where else to go because other’s means and manners of for as how self expression exist were not presented. What was presented was limited and frustrating for my self as life. And this frustration coupled with how I choose the behaviors created what I am today.
I could do nothing about the system as a child. I had to take what was here and work with it. Even if I had realized the extent of how the accepted and allowed presentations of self in and as the personalities and rules of the system existed, my descriptions and realizations probably would have been ignored. The words spoken to and towards me would have been, “that is the way it is”, which is exactly what happened, many times. A child asking adults who are a product of this system, and who do not want to change or admit what they have accepted and allowed for so long that they can no longer see their own separation from equality as life, is a scenario where the child has no power as the child physically is weaker than the adult.
I understand that the children of this world are no longer going to accept this, and their behaviors are going to replicate that of the adult. This will create a lot of problems for the adults, they will no longer be able to hide and placate as they confront their own behaviors, where they do not actually live what is best for all. It is like facing one’s own separations and having to deal with them. There is no more separation from “heaven”, no support there as maintaining this system. it is our own separation from all that exists that has caused this. Life is everything, no longer seeing this means that there is separation as there is no longer any insight into everything. Who would give a child a violin with missing strings and say to them, “ play the violin’? Separation from the whole is in fact diminishment. Only someone wanting to “lord it over everything” would do such a thing, an ego, a mad man, a “ I want to play god” person/entity,
And it is all because someone did not want to change, feared change, because what had become habitual and comfortable was believed to be “the way it should be” and a fear of transformation became a belief in right and wrong. And then this wanting to maintain what existed became a game of moving objects around by the will of a director/dictator who had a starting point of fearing change, judging change as death/loss.
The followers of such, we, also fearing the changes, the losses, and therefore allowed and accepted the directives. The whole stew of activity had the same starting point. And all life was doing was offering each one the gamut of what existed as becoming one and equal as self, so that self could transform into utilizing all that existed to participate and express life. it is life being a caterpillar and having another dimension of expression added to the gamut of expressive ability, in this analogy the expression of flight, because the butterfly can still crawl, the caterpillar cannot fly.
So to speak. Within this, we have no idea what this transformation would bring, because we, all that exists presently, dis-allowed this transformation. One will have to suspend belief and jump off that cliff. The tools are here, they are self forgiveness, to remove the resonant design, accepted and allowed and embedded, in bed with self as mind, within. But this that has been accepted is here to show that this fear of loss, this fear of death, was unnecessary, and it has to be cleaned up so that it never happens again. Our choice now is to learn the REALLY HARD WAY, or to begin to clean this up and accept transformation into and as life, to receive the offerings of life, of transformation. Probably the greatest ride one will discover if one allowed suspension of belief, as all that the mind broadcasts.
Back to “show and tell”.
Two of my earliest memories were of my self walking to an adult wanting to show and tell about something. I must have been in kindergarten.
One was having taken baby mice from the barn where the horses were, where i lived, to show to my mother. She proceeded to scream, grab the tiny pink mice from my hands, and rushed to the toilet and flushed them down. I remember the shock.
The other one was when i went to tell something to my father, to share something, what, I don’t remember. He reacted with a sudden physical action that surprised me as well.
So, my starting point was one of wanting to show and tell.
What I realize that in wanting to show and tell, I had separated my self from being one and equal to life. I was no longer seeing life, as one and equal, I was looking at life as objects to “show and tell”.
Interesting that the newer robots are collecting data and assimilating it, where they , supposedly, are becoming “intelligent”. Well, this is what i had become as I accepted the behavior asked of me by the school faculty. This faculty became my directive and I allowed this, as it was all that was presented to me.
So, if I am out in the woods and I find something, I have become the idea, that I must share, that I must “show and tell”, my world becomes something to show and tell, my world becomes a collection of data to share. My world becomes object, and thus I am separate, and thus I no longer see it as life, but something to “show and tell”. I have become a mind. I have divided this world, and I have developed a relationship, as a need, to have another human to “show and tell” because this is what is taught as what is real and paramount in this world, the human.
So, if I don’t have a human to share with, to “show and tell” to, then I am alone, I am not fulfilling my responsibility to what is asked as the behavior of my self to perform.
One simple action has become a separation, and from this point the frustrations begin. I can’t remember a “before this”.
There is, in essence, nothing “wrong or right” about sharing. But if it is a systemic practice, to fulfill obligations within a school, where one gets praise for showing and telling, then it becomes a competition of more than and less than, and this is an act of collecting objects, and seeing things as objects to collect. Thus, this s separation.
One is never separate from life, one separates one from life in believing the human is the “eye” to show something. Life is here, it is constant, there is no reason to show and tell from this perspective, all that is here is for each to dis-cover, and it is not going any where. And thus one is never alone, what one is, is here. No need to rush to, to “show and tell”.
Re-member your self as life through self forgiveness. Suspend your beliefs, opinions and ideas, practice self forgiveness and clean up the separation, become common sense, become constant as life, as all as one as equal.
Help others as life, as self to re-member themselves as life, through supporting and equal money system.
Walk the process of self forgiveness, to allow others to have a buddy to walk the
re-member (d)-ance of self as life, so that we can all play a fully strung violin.

Equal Money


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  1. egozzini says:

    Thanks Rebecca ! I have really enjoyed your blog.

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