It is the Cow’s fault it has mastitis and therefore should be beaten.

2012 – It is the Cow’s fault it has mastitis and therefor should be beaten.
I recently watched a video taken in secret of workers in a dairy. The workers were beating the cows. Placing them in a stall where only their head was exposed and unable to move, the worker proceeded to take a rod and beat the head of the cow without mercy. When done, the worker even bragged/cried about his accomplishment. The cow and the human in tears. Separate from actually being an expression of life. The creation of the human, dragging the animals along in the human’s self imposed misery. The white blood gone, the human red blood in rage, no money to be made.
Another beating was about how the cow had mastitis, was therefore useless and had to be sent to the slaughter house. The cow no longer produced milk.
There are also scenes where the worker poked at the undersides of the cows with a pitch fork.
Calves were handled roughly, called names, beaten while a hose was stuffed in their mouths. The worker was one long rant of blaming the calf and the cow for alleged bad behavior.
The behavior that was questionable was the behavior of the workers. The cows were cows. Animals, life, imprisoned in a system of profit where if one does not make money, one does not get food and then one does not survive. The one administering blame, this act of blame is the creation of the blamer, one and equal, this is the behavior of the human, and we all do this. yet we have created this system, allowed it and accepted it. Guilt is not going to change this, self pity is not going to change this, these are merely more of the same behavior. The actions of the human built this, the actions of the human must build a system that will stop this kind of behavior. The human must reorganize this world, learn from what is here that cannot be owned by the human, and support all life in equality, realize that what is here is life and must be supported as such. Life is life, this is the equality of us all, and this is the value.
Obviously the values of a crying dairy man are askew and separate from expressing life. Beating cows with rods is not being life, is brutal and insane. Blaming a cow, taken care of by a human, for the state of the cow, is such ignorance and of no consideration for what actually exists. It is ludicrous.
The human is the cause, beating the cow is not going to change anything. It is not the cow. IT IS THE HUMAN.
Stand back and LOOK at the WHOLE picture of this scenario.
The are men, there are cows, there is a building housing cows. There are bills to be paid. There are a whole series of government laws stating what “things” should go into that cow. There are laws about how that milk from that cow should move across state (human imagined) lines. There are rules as to how that human should be, down to the smallest emotion and feeling and thought. Everything judged, everything ordered by the very structures of family, to the information presented in the schools. Every single thing here is a structure that directs all of us.
And every single human has participated in these structures, they have organized our lives from when we were small and had no power against the adult. An adult who was programmed in the SAME way.
The cows are not healthy, obviously, the human is not healthy or his behavior would not be that of taking a rod to a cow!
Stand BACK!
Are humans healthy? Are we no longer dying of cancer?
Is this earth healthy?
Is every child in this world healthy?
We have this system, and this system has a form. And this form is not healthy. This form is creating incredibly violent behavior in people. ( and if you have ONE THOUGHT of judgement and spite than you are not healthy! Spite is spite, big or small, spite is spite.) That “small” spite as a judgement onto your best friend when you feel they are supposedly “better than you” is really no different than beating a cow. And this spite can be just as destructive. The man with the cow is just letting it all out in one go, that “little” thought of spite is a “blow” spread out over time, adding up to produce the SAME AMOUNT of damage. Eventually the DIS-EASE will manifest. For many it is cancer. The illusion that one is different form the other is hidden in the illusion of TIME.
If a movie of your life as the thoughts you have could be sped up, you would see yourself being no different to this man with a rod beating the living shit out of YOURSELF and this world and the creatures that are here.
SPITE IS SPITE it is only time that hides the form of it as what each and every one of us are.
The form of this world, as allowed by humans, is not supporting life.
All of us have common sense, and with a shift in out insight we can see this so clearly. From here, we can stand and say stop, every moment of every breath would then be used to stop this and to implement a system, peaceably, through reorganization, that would change the very form of existence here on this earth.
The first step is to implement an equal money system. We the human need to keep doing, because it is in this that we discover ourselves. Some would sit around and wallow, but most would move, once realized, most would move.
There might actually be consistent joy on this earth and not men with rods beating cows, and minds with little thoughts of spite accumulating into disease.
Take a rubber band and write “spite” on it. Then stretch that rubber band out until the word “spite” can no longer be read. It is still spite. One is just more stretched out in space. No difference.
At desteni, we talk about how the human has separated itself from this physical world, how every single thought, emotion and feeling is a reflection of that separation. Thoughts, as beliefs, opinions and ideas, that compound into emotions and feelings, are you in separation from the physical, the indicators of your separation from this physical world. But these have become so big, that they are believed to have value, and this value is imposed on this physical world. The nature of this focus as thought is always of a polarity, a more than , a less than , love and hate, creating jealousy and desire. This thinking becomes the focus of self and as such it becomes a “mirage” placed before one’s eyes and thus onto this world. This system of value judgement consumes the human, and pretty soon all insight is lost, what is real, as this physical world, is lost. This compounds and settles into the human physical body. The body thickens. The behaviors become uncontrollable, just as the man with the rod and the cow. The ravages of thought on the physical self, the instrument of life that is the human physical body is invaded and consumed, and life was never lived. Only destruction as dis-ease reveals our total separation from life as focus. We are all that man with that rod with that cow. The space of time, and the collection of thoughts, and the impact of death may vary by degree, but the story is the same.
Realize that watching the oscars is what we have taught our children, and ask yourself, “ Did you play with Barbie dolls, or transformers”? You were trained from the beginning. What parades down that red carpet? Barbies and “dictators”. It is so obvious it is comic. But this is how one can make money. From the sale of Barbies, to the sale of weapons. That is what parades the red carpet.

In common sense:
Taking the frustrations of one’s self as a human, out on an object separate from self DOES NOTHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. ( think of jealousy)
It all has to STOP.
This system has to stop.
This behavior has to stop.
This belief that this cannot be changed has to stop.
This further finger pointing by those who say, it is not me, he did it, has to stop.
The nature of a profit based system, a system of survival, is inequality, it is a system of un-equal life support and it has to stop. Be practical.
Our behaviors are so unacceptable and so abusive and so irresponsible that we all have to stand up and STOP the mind.
The degree, as covered by adjectives, does not change the deed. Suffering is suffering. Pity is Pity.
This has to be said again and again and again until each and every single person hears this and sees this, and realizes this. We , the human, are ALL responsible. PERIOD.
There are millions of people on the internet, we are the ones who have the voice, we are the ones who have the capacity to be responsible, thus we are responsible for the state of this earth.
Stop the mind.


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