2012 -the Helpless Suffer as the Hands of Ignorance.

2012 – the Helpless Suffer at the Hands of Ignorance.

What must it mean to be a child in a hospital bed dying of cancer and somehow knowing that there is something wrong with the world ?

Where, a parent tells them that there is no fear in death, that one will soon be with god and the angels and be at peace?

Yet, the child, somehow knows that there is something wrong with this story. Somehow, the idea of a heaven with a god and angels just does not seen to make any sense.

What is this sense that somehow there is something going on in this world that just does not make sense?

Why would there be children in this world who are healthy, while others spend their lives in a bed suffering? What would be the sense of this? What can be learned from this kind of physical suffering?

Pain and suffering, physical pain and suffering, does not actually teach someone to be life, to express life. Pain and suffering dis-allows life. It does not make sense that physical pain and suffering has anything to do with being life.

This is just simple common sense. The sensation of pain, to the point where life is spent in a bed, is not living. It is just pain and suffering.

In the video interview with a child that has died of leukemia, the senselessness of suffering is voiced as well as the loss of depth perception for the physical world.

Common sense erases the ignorance of the multiple dimensions of life as the physical.
At desteni, self forgiveness, corrective application through writing and the development of common sense and self responsibility is the process of stopping ignorance.

Join us to end the belief that suffering is life, put an end to the helpless suffering at the hands of ignorance.
Take a walk with your common sense.
Join Desteni
Support the beginning of the end of suffering. equalmoney.org.


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One Response to 2012 -the Helpless Suffer as the Hands of Ignorance.

  1. Sofia Cadavid says:

    Si, es bien dificil explicarle a un nino con cancer que pronto acabara el sufrimiento para el y que ya no hay un dios que lo espera con los brazos abiertos, como yo solia decir a los seres que vi morir de cancer y otras enfermedades; pero supongo que ahora un nino entenderia mas facil si le explicamos, que perdone el sufrimiento que lo agobia, y se perdone a si mismo por haber permitido y aceptado haber danado su cuerpo en otras vidas que tuvo antes. Seria interesante ver la reaccion de un nino que no tiene idea que tuvo una vida antes que esta. Sofia.

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