2012-The Ignorance of Meditation

2012 – The Ignorance of Meditation

I remember trying meditation. Where I was to develop my “intuition”. I tried this for a couple of months. I created this “favorite place” as an image in my mind. It was of moss under a big tree, a very big tree, next to a cliff overlooking an ocean at night – I wanted all the stars in my “meditation scene”. So, I would go here and try to be calm. All that happened was that I started to have headaches trying to do this. Later in life I took some anti-depressants and they created a very similar headache. I stopped them after three days, even when the doctor said that this was normal. Headaches are not normal, and trying to tell me that they are is really showing me that you are ignoring something, that you are an ignoramus and not to be trusted. How can ignoring be something to follow?

If I divide my self into something as an image in my mind, I am this, I am dividing my self from including this physical world. I separate from what is here as this physical world. I, in essence say that what is here is unworthy and I need to find my self “away from here”. So, I create an “away from here” place to find my self. Does this make any sense? Does dis-cluding this physical world make any sense at all. This is actually saying – if one believes in a god– that this physical world is shit, is garbage, is something to run from.
Why waste life, why waste creation? This separation from here is saying this physical world is unworthy and must be “gotten away from” and also seeing this world as something to discard, as something to be thrown away as waste, something to be climbed out of as waste.

My attempt at meditation revealed to me that this was not a solution, that something was not “right”  about this because all it did was cause a headache. At the time I did not know where to go, I just knew that this was not something that was doing anything.

But this is just it. Meditation does not do anything, creating a pretty place to go to as mind imaging does not do anything, Even wanting to go somewhere else does not do anything. There really is no place to go but here, being here is realizing that everything is life. Being here realizes and respects everything, being here makes everything non-ignored and therefor “seen” and made real as one with self as life. Being here is including this physical world.

So, division separates. Self into and as mind “only” separates. No real god would deny anything, a real “god” would “love” everything and not dis-allow anything to be any thing other than an expression as life. A “real god” would not create waste, or a place to be escaped from. If a “god” is life, than life is the value. All life.

So, all division is a devaluation of life. Meditation, as going into the mind to elevate oneself and ignoring this physical world as a physical self, is an act of division by self. To divide one judges, makes a judgement that one thing is greater than another. In this case, the mind is greater than this physical world, images are greater than this physical world, the voice in the head is greater than this physical world. Thus one separates from the physical and ignores the whole that the physical obviously is a part of, or it would not exist.

Separation causes division, division causes separation into parts, into poles – because a judgement of opposites as more than or less than has been imposed in the here. This imposition fogs the here – this inclusion of all that exists.Within this fog, can the here, this inclusion of all, be seen? So, can this mental imagery as separation as division from here be a fog? And would not “fog” create a headache? 

Well, if separation causes division, and division removes/dis-cludes/ignores the whole as this physical world being something to “get beyond” then one cannot be here, and thus one cannot be whole, and thus one cannot actually be including all life, realizing all life, being one with all life, one cannot be loving unconditionally. Ignorance is not “loving” unconditionally. Ignorance is non-seeing and not including, ignorance is separation, is division, is self within selected conditions, instead of being unconditionally accepting and allowing all that is here. This physical world is here, dividing and conquering is an act of judgement and separation, an act of selecting limited values and ignoring the absolute that is life, that it is life that is what is here in all that is here. This physical world is an instrument of life, it is life.

Meditation as mind, an idea of ascension is separation from unconditional acceptance as all that IS, that IS LIFE. Therefore, it is an atrocity to ignore this physical world. Ignorance is an atrocity. And we see this everywhere we look, if we dare to look at this physical world and how it presently exists.

We have children starving, we have animals locked in cages, we have rivers that are no longer pure and clean – they have become foggy and stagnant of life. In our accepted divisions and separations we, the human, are killing this physical world. In our separation we are ignoring this physical world, that which supports unconditionally, we have placed conditions that remove ourselves from being here.

And we are paying the price of our ignorance, and we are dragging the animals and the plants, and the water along with us. We are more criminal than Hitler, we are greater criminals than anything that has ever been cited as criminal activity.

Look to your mind, look to your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings and realize how you have separated yourself in ignorance of what is actually physically here. See in these thoughts, emotions and feelings where you stagnate and disallow unconditional acceptance of life as being one and equal, whole, with all that is, that is the including of this physical world.
Only here will one find life, only here will one find a constant, only here will one find unconditional love, only here, where all is included will one find what it means to live. We have ignored this whole, this physical world, and within this we have never lived. In choosing to include this physical world one can finally begin the only journey worth taking, the journey towards realizing life.
Nothing else can be COMMON ( the inclusion of all) sense.
Stop your meditations, stop dreaming of something greater, stop imagining a GOD. Include the physical and become the life that is you.

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10 Responses to 2012-The Ignorance of Meditation

  1. holybrook says:

    A great post. However maybe you should give Buddhist meditation a try. It’s not about creating a ‘happy place’ to escape your troubles, it’s about identifying what you feel, nurturing the pain, turning suffering into something good, because without suffering you can’t have happiness. Ignoring the pain and trying to hide it will never help.

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      I agree that ignoring the “pain” is not a solution. The “pain” is caused by the separation into a polarity of “good/happy face verses bad” and thus creating inner conflict where one believes, as one “wars” within the dimension as all that one sees, and thus separating from self as life which includes this physical world. The pain reveals the separation.
      Within this, this separation need never have occurred, this “pain” need never have occurred, it is a “storm” in-dic-(t)-ating separation from the totality in and as life that is here as a constant. Life is absolute expression.
      We are “happiness”, so, there is no need for suffering. Period.
      In common sense I would not want my children to suffer, I would want them to express themselves absolutely, this is focus, this is life.
      Our culture teaches us that we need to suffer to find this, but it is this belief that bears no substantiation and no common sense. This belief is the illusion that allows abuse on this earth with this physical world that is for-given unconditionally as an instrument of life expression.
      It is the minds of men that dis-allow this. And the present system on this earth reflects this abuse.
      What do you tell a child that is starving, “suffer my child and your reward will be great in death’?
      Work as a slave for hours in a factory as what your life will be and this suffering will bring you happiness?
      If you believe what you speak, I suggest you go to Africa and trade places with a child that has nothing to eat or with an eight year old child working as a prostitute: remember, as you said, this will lead you to happiness.

  2. holybrook says:

    I’m not saying that everyone should suffer immensely. I’m saying that suffering is a part of life. To say that there is no need for suffering is ignorant. Sure, suffering is terrible and it would be great if it wasn’t a part of life, but it is. A child starving in Africa appreciates a meal and is filled with far more joy and ecstasy when they eat than those of us that take it for granted. I am not saying suffering is a good thing, I am saying it is necessary, because that is life. When you accept that suffering is necessary, it wont make it better and it wont make the pain go away, but it will magnify the eventual happiness and allow you to see clearly the root of your suffering so that you can better cope with it.

    Suggesting I go to Africa and change places with a starving child is just terrible. Everybody suffers and everybody suffers differently. To say that one person’s suffering is greater or lesser than another’s is ignorant. I, like everyone, has suffered. That doesn’t lead me to happiness, it makes me appreciate happiness.

    Meditation isn’t about seeking a ‘better world within your mind’ it is about synchronizing your body and mind, easing your own suffering. Buddhists seek a better world in other ways. To my understanding, meditation is about the self.

    Meditation also isn’t about separating the body and mind, the physical and mental. It’s the complete opposite. The sole goal of meditation is to join the mental and the physical. It is about removing separation, not creating it. And I can’t see why your brought up God in relation to meditation, they have nothing to do with each other.

    I don’t know who taught you how to meditate, but you were doing it wrong. Everything you just described as meditation is not meditation. It’s ignorance and hiding. I am not saying that you should meditate if you don’t want to, or you should believe what I do. I am not saying that your opinions or wrong or that you’re not entitled to them. I am just trying to clear up some of the misunderstandings that you are conveying. What you’re against, it’s not meditation. If anything meditation would help achieve the unity between mental and physical that you are describing. Meditation and Buddhism are about appreciating the physical, taking the world as it is in it’s present state.

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      Thanks for the response!
      Yes, including the physical world is necessary, it is life. The mind is what separates us from appreciating this physical world as one is disconnected from the physical, from common sense.
      The child is starving because in common sense, as how this world is at present, its self as a physical person is not receiving food, of which there is more than enough for this world. We collectively allow this to exist, and it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to find a way to stop this as we all know there is no need for this to exist.
      Thus pain, no matter the adjective added, need not exist, it is how we ignore this physical world at the needs of this physical world at present that cause suffering, no matter how big or how small, it is still suffering.
      So, actually an Equal Money, Equal Life System would be a practice that would unite the world with the physical and realize the need to care for this physical world. Equal Money is including the physical in practice. It is “synchronizing the physical with a system of support, it is taking the systems as are the organizing mechanism of distribution and applying it to care for this physical world with out ideas of more than and less than, without justifications as to why a child does not have enough to eat.
      The organizer, the mind, a system of division and separation into polarities, absent of common sense of the physical is ignoring this physical world and therefor causing suffering.
      So, a system that supports all life equally is joining the systemic organizer with this physical world, and within acknowledging that the physical is what is real and common sensical the pain is removed. Had this been the practice, the physical world would not suffer. In this respect there is no need for this physical world to have suffered, to suffer.
      You are like a cell in this world, and until the separation and ignorance of this physical world is cleaned up to where all this physical world is cared for and realized for its value as life, there is no real joy or happiness. So, if our system is a reflection of the mind, we have to unite with this system and clean up what it ignores, this physical world.
      Here we are saying something similar, the physical has to unite with the mind, macro and micro to direct the mind to stop separation from the physical world.
      The self has to realize itself as life, and this physical world as life by stopping the mind, we do this through forgiveness, for giving ourselves to the physical where pain indicates separation. And we realize this must be done with all of this physical world because there is no real happiness/stability until all that is this physical world is allowed to be the expression of it self. Another way of saying this is that there is no real self expression until ALL are self, down to the tiniest micro-oraganism.
      So, yes one forgives one self to the physical, one stops the separation from the physical and suffering stops, thus suffering need never exist, to believe suffering should exist is to still be of the mind, as the mind is the system of beliefs , opinions and ideas separate from this physical world. The mind is the separator.
      And the system as the mind’s reflection here on this earth has to stop and include this physical world.
      Pain and suffering is separation from this physical world and thus is not necessary, it is only a belief of the mind/system to justify.
      So, you can stop the mind within yourself but this will not stop suffering, thus happiness will not be achieved, because if that war comes along and you are hit with a bomb your physical body will suffer.
      Meditation may stop the mind but it is still a separation from this physical world. It is separation from the mind in self interest ONLY and does not realize this physical world as all as one as equal. You may become your physical and stop the conflict that is created by the mind causing separation into polarities but you are not able to be the expression of yourself as the physical because the world around you is part of a system that disallows this. Thus you are unable to birth yourself as life and express that, as all that is this physical world must also be that in order for it to exist.
      Thus, I see meditation as an illusion that ultimately does not realize this physical world. It is not to say there are not elements within what you are describing meditation as, that have no value, yes the physical is real and cannot be ignored.
      No, suffering is an indication of separation, a guide to where the physical is not valued and realized as life expression, for giving itself as life expression. Suffering is the picture of our separation and need not exist but can be used to show us our separation from and as the physical.

  3. Corey says:

    Hello, you’re not meditating if you’re creating a place in your mind. You are not allowing the mind to be clear, instead you are flooding it with your ideal scenery, causing your headaches. The act of true meditation is to allow yourself to think about nothing, and simply just be. Meditating while creating imagery in your mind is not doing much of anything but hurting your brain.

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      But is it not to then have memory become a direct memory of the physical reality? To them become equal and one with life? To them move as life, as the physical is the vehicle as the formation of life?
      yes, it is the quiet the mind, to move in every moment from the starting point of silence, that point of creation from no thing to something as the form as the physical, and as this to then direct within the solution of equality and oneness, as that which respects all life and does no harm?
      Would this not then be the solution to bringing heaven to earth?

      • Corey says:

        You are the physical reality, there is no need to create one in your mind via meditation. These images you are creating conform to your individual ideology of heaven on earth, equality and oneness. If you keep your mind silent you will see, hear, feel, smell and taste all that you need in this life – There are no words that can fully express what a silent mind teaches you. Think of yourself as a tiny person in a boat flowing down the river of your own consciousness… In this moment, you have the ability to create anything you desire as you are in your own mind, but there is nothing that you actually need to stay afloat, the waters do not rumble unless you upset the balance of this person that is you. Heaven and Hell are in your mind… The choice is yours… You can use your wings to fly in the direction you want to go… That is the lesson of free-will. The Kingdom of Heaven that you wish to bring to this planet is within you, as it is equally within us all – Some push it aside, some embrace it, some attack it, some add to it… You are it. There is no need to bring anything here, the world you wish to create is all around you, my friend. Putting walls up in your mind is hurting you, knock them down, be still, silent, let your mind be clear – from this purity comes understanding of all that you wish to know. Put your hand on your chest, feel your heart beat….Heaven is there.

  4. rebeccakarlendalmas says:

    Yes, and now it is time to prove your state of heaven, to create it in form and function to see how well you practically understand heaven. THis is the way through the eye of the needle. Knowledge and information as the state of understanding without judgement is still not practical application in creation. And, what is best for self as a physical being/life in formation, is what is best for all. As this, there is no such thing as free will, because self as life, is the will of life. In practice – in form-ation, that is to give as one would like to receive, to do no harm, to take that which is good.
    Unfortunately – or in separation from this, a whole system has been allowed, and accepted on earth, and this must be aligned into what is best for all.
    I am not denying the place you say you have found, I am saying, to take this and manifest this in and as a physical creation in practice. Anything else is a paranormal existence and is not substantive.

    • Corey says:

      There is nothing to prove. Release yourself from that expectation of self. The truth proves itself… The absolute truth requires no definition or explanation. “Knowledge and information as the state of understanding without judgement is still not practical application in creation.” Can you elaborate on that statement, as I do not understand what you are implying. What is best for you, is not best for me… We are one, but it does not mean we are not individuals who posses physical and mental differences. You have the ability to dismiss free-will mentally based on the ideology of life you confine yourself to, therefore that is enough proof of free-will… You live has you want to live… You can stare at the obstacle from the ground, climb over it, destroy it, move it, add to it, or subtract from it…. You have the free-will to do all of those things. The system you speak of has been forced upon and designed via means of greed, control, and supremacy… This system cannot be aligned with what is best for all, as all did not create it nor are in favor of it, only those who live privileged lives because of it wish to keep it alive. I have found no place; I am. I have no desire to create a physical world in my mind, as I see this as a mental retreat for a mind that does not accept the world with eyes open… Someone who is operating on a level of consciousness that may be channeling guilt, or shame. Heaven and Hell are within you, which are only states of being – You have the free-will to decided which you choose to embrace, just has you has the choice to live in peace or live in ignorance. Only you can operate the being that is you. You are it.

  5. rebeccakarlendalmas says:

    The illusion is the choice of good or bad. Life cannot exist without form, as this is how it expresses itself, this is the ” fun” of it. But this form must consider all form, communicate with all form/expression without judgement, but with joy at the expression. THus, what is best for self is what is best for all, and self cannot exist without all. It is to reflect directly with every breath the physical, which is to become equal to the physical world. THis means to stop eating the apple and turn and climb the tree from which that apple came.
    Yes, the separation into a paranormal existence as mind, has built a reality of hierarchy ( as within , so without) and it is manifest, and must be realigned to what it demonizes and places all liability onto, this being usurious acts as all principle value/wealth is forced into the hands of a few, who are simply the accumulation of the negative judgement of one thing being less than another building an ego of incessant idea as a more than as the paranormal idea of more, a good – that is really intense accumulation of belief in a bad, that then moves as constant protection and self defense of a supposed good created from judgement that in itself is ignorance of self as sound in formation into creation as the physical world. We can see this manifest as the industrial military complex. A snake eating its own tail.
    And yet, even the privileged are not equal to life, their “goods” consume them as the accumulation of which becomes the burden of protection lacking ease with the physical. They are a herd ( hearing) of horders ( lol – h-ierarchy-orders) leaving behind a waste land that has the potential to be fecund when used in respect and common sense. I am sure you are aware of what practice would support all ground, where no matter who’s shoes one walks within, would be an education that aligns/allows self to be equal to formation as the physical that is life in FORMation as the expression of creation in physical fact. Remember that the knowledge of good and evil came from the tree of life – sound information.

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