2012- Fear cannot be without hope, nor hope without fear.” – Baruch Spinoza

I bought a magazine to read an article about some performers that I had gotten to know through their father, thought I might read up on their current events.
Within the magazine was another article about women on the Cape who have “stood within tragedy”, who are strong within their suffering. One of the quotes posted within the article in bold type was “ Fear cannot be without hope, nor hope without fear.” – Baruch Spinoza

What the fuck is this supposed to mean. I can see someone placing this within a historical context in an attempt to create a “meaningful novel”, giving this some kind of meaning in relation to an event in the past. A war, a great fire, an outbreak of some disease, a personal loss the subject’s life. A biographer would say this was from his thought in a “blue” period in his life. Or some other justification. A construct of meaningless relationships.

If we simply look at the words, it is obvious that this is a polarity, and we have become so conceptually incompetent that this one polarity appears to have some kind of fucking great depth. (I guess if one moved from a to b and that was all one did , the movement between to two would begin to be the highlight of the day.) I can’t see any, can you? It is merely a smoke screen of fear and hope, a more than and less than scenario leading no where. Now/time on the here/space . Fear moves to hope, hope moves to fear. This is the blind, it is an equation of separation, it is that which has been used to constrict perception, to stop expression as life. Our memory “bot” picture minds incapable of seeing beyond this di-mensional presentation.

Life would/will be absolute expression, all including. What else is there in common sense? This statement is by design limited. This statement is made up of idea and belief and opinion, it has no substance and it supports suffering that is not the allowance of life to express itself. Hope and fear cannot be real expression of life by the nature of their limitation. They are the limiters and they are being sold as reality!

And our magazines are idolizing this. This article is about the EMOTIONAL/EMO state of the mother! WTF
Meanwhile the son is having chemo, which the FDA admits has no efficacy, yet has invested billions of dollars into and fears losing profits from, so it does not change a practice it KNOWS only causes suffering.

The industry profits.
The mother is “sanctified” for her ability to withstand suffering.
Meanwhile, the boy is being crucified: He is probably in great pain.

What is this?

This is such a mess.

Too many “precious” halos around here. Too many memory screens as mind, a halo, the perfect medium for imagery imposition. To much ignoring of what actually physically exists as all that is seen is the precious “halo”.

Sound like a familiar story. Does anyone see a similarity.

Look at the paintings of saints with their halos, why does a halo need to be there. Why not look at this as if it is a sci-fi picture? It is like the comic book pictures we have today where the humans are in space wearing things on their heads to breath in another climate. Perhaps those old paintings of saints, who were the only ones painted because the churches had all the MONEY to pay the artists and naturally painted what supported their profits, were of saints that were actually already conquered by aliens! Is it so far fetched to believe that there is an inter-dimensional halo around all our heads, placed by some alien race/inter-dimensional existence? Is it so far fetched that we have been programmed? I mean why have a halo? What would the purpose of a halo be?

Think about it, could this world that is being sucked dry, wasted and abused, be the source of energy for something else? Why else would this planet be so abused, the resources so abused?

If this were your actual home, and you were valuing your home, would you not want to take care of it and SEE it? But what if you were sensually shut down through a system that stopped your common physical sensuality? What if a halo limited your conceptual ability and everyone else’s to the point where collectively you all agreed?

What I describe is actually what exists. Don’t take my word for this, just take the time to look for yourself and I mean really look. You will start seeing how there are so many things that make absolutely no common sense!

There is so much information now that even a little research can direct one. And people are standing up and speaking, professionals and experts.
Someone with computer access can go and research alternatives, not have their son go through such practices TWICE.
These people have the resources to choose another way to handle this situation, they have the time to investigate.
There is absolutely no need for their son to go through chemotherapy, and he is now 19.

Especially for someone that has been told to look outside the box and at least investigate alternatives. In the part of the world this person lives in, with the amount of education this person has, with the amount of information available there is absolutely no excuse for that boy to be lying in a hospital being given chemotherapy.

Just a little research would have revealed how effectiveness is calculated, how the industry actually abuses people. Even a cursory look would have led to a realization of how this system works.

It does not make any sense to me, and I have to realize this is because there is no common sense present.

That the mother is posing in a magazine as a fucking virgin mary, dyed hair and all, acting like she has great depth, where what she is actually doing is glorifying her own emotions in an act of self interest and self glorification, while her son is lying in a hospital bed being abused for money is really really sick.

This is not strength, this is not courage, this is cowardice and ignorance.

This is the worship, the war ship of a false god.

Wake Up. Get some perceptual depth.


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