The delusion of the voice of god.

Is this the kind of thing “god” tells us to do? This voice in our head, this voice of “god” telling us that our child is possessed by a demon and therefore we must exorcise this demon from the child by stuffing a rose down its nasal passage?

This is ignoring this world and placing ideas on what is actually physically here, thinking a child resembles a dead relative and deciding the child is possessed.

If this person that committed this crime had been educated as to how this world actually physically works and thus what had really been happening within her, her suppressions and fears compounded and turned into imaginary entities that eventually consumed her, that this was the real possession, perhaps this child would not have suffered a flower being stuffed down its throat.

What was this woman praying for, and why was she praying? And what was she projecting onto her daughter?

Praying is asking for something separate from self, as though some magical thing is going to come and solve whatever it is one is praying for. This is separation from common sense, from this physical world.

We have had prayer on this earth since the beginning of recorded history and still famine, starvation, murder, abuse exist. Prayer and god are not doing a good job. Perhaps it is that the human believes there is something out there that is going to come and take care of everything. Well this has not happened.

Obviously the consequences of prayer did not solve the problem. Prayer is ignoring this physical world, it is not standing one and equal in common sense of what actually exists physically in the world.

What takes care of this world is people. It is people that lift up their hands and order the structure of the systems of this world. We are what makes this world. The human is what has created and built what exists here, not an imagined god.

It is time to realize this, to stand up and understand this physical world in common sense.
Within this, the human, all of us, can begin to understand that the systems we have allowed are not supporting life here in equality.

What is here is life, and therefore one and equal as life. We are the ones that need to create a system that supports all life in equality by taking what is here, understanding it and organizing it in such a way to support all life equally.

Prayer is not going to do this. A voice in the head is clearly an act of insanity, delusional. Which is all “god” is, an imaginary crutch of separation from what is real, and a control mechanism that has the human accepting and allowing abuse to exist on this earth, as the physical as what is real is ignored and denigrated in and as a belief that there is some “better world” after death.

That imaginary friend called god, obviously has no regard for what is actually physically existent on earth. If anything, this promoted god, is just that, another promoted entertainment to separate the masses from using common sense with this physical world/reality.

It is time to become one and equal to what is real, this physical world, and to support a system that gives equal life, equal health, equal water, equal education, equal consideration to all that is here; plant, animal, bug, cell, human.

The solution is equality, and not the promoted delusions necessary to placate in a system of inequality so those subjected to less than are lead to believe they are here to suffer and be rewarded for their suffering in another life.

I don’t think I would want any of my children to exist in such a manner. In common sense would you?

Equal Money
Realize and educate your self as life one and equal to this physical world.


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