Entertainment, sentiment, centrally broadcast smoke and mirrors. EMS

Emotion thought and feeling are what is generated by the media. Drama. Polarities of emotion and feeling, the bad and the good, analysis of the good and the bad, yet never a stabilizing beneficent act that is constant and all encompassing.
Why not stand back and look at the totality of what is being generated, instead of this emotion or that feeling? Why not stand back and look at what emotions and feelings and thoughts are as a whole. Obviously, this interplay of the polarity of emotions and morals is not solving anything, and these outplays have been going on for a long time.

If I look at the word as the sound cant as the meaning of the word as insincere expression of morality and emotion, then I would realize that the cant of media/entertainment is the insincere expression of morality and emotion in its totality, meaning, that the media/entertainment IS the CANT of emotion and morality that IS in its totality that which separates humanity from being a stabilizing beneficent act that is constant and all encompassing as continuous activity that is supportive of life as what is best for all.

If we were not so caught up in the drama, then the patterns of the propagated behavior as emotions and morals within media and entertainment as a roller coaster, much like a sin curve, might just reveal that our separations into judgement of good and bad is the cause of the fear we accept and allow that is generated by a system of inequality where the resource of this earth is believed to be owned by a few and distributed by an invisible hand called supply and demand and the need for profit to provide interest. This is all smoke and mirrors generated by a central entity, capitalism, communism, both structures of a central control board one and the same, it is the man behind the curtain pulling levers to keep the bell curve intact. The human has to wake up and see the CANT of this system, the insincere expression of emotion and morality. Meaning the insincere expression of emotion, thought, feeling, belief, desires, wants, needs, appeals, etc. etc. etc. is in its totality that which perpetuates inequality. We are so engrossed in the drama of our own morality, in picking sides in order to survive, in competing to survive by picking a winning side that we cannot see the total cant of it all.

I go into my local library and there in the foyer are flyers for non-profit organizations. First, the presentation of non-profit is an oxymoron because everything in this system is geared towards profit, otherwise one does not survive. Non-profit is a contradiction in terms in a system that requires one to have money, for money to change hands in any manner what-so-ever to support the people running the non-profit. Even if they are elderly volunteers surviving on a pension, they still exist on a income of money. Second, any of these non-profits will need money, either through insurance or the individual, and since all money is controlled by interest, if one follows the money one will find that eventually the money has been printed by a bank, a private bank, and the only goal of that bank to to ensure interest is made to them. A nice, centrally located bank at that. One must look at everything in the string, the workers, the offices, the paper used, the products offered, be they a person, or a drug, or a food pantry.

So, everything in a library is supposedly non-profit, yet it is presented as “helping people” being an aid to the well being of a person. What I see are NP’s that simply segue into the products and services of huge profiting cetrifical entities that are not changing the way this world exists. And they place a sentiment of “doing good” as a presentation of themselves. Clearly, if one is locked into this sentiment than all depth perception has been lost. And, this lack of depth perception may be the cause of the problem in the first place!

Are you even capable of shifting the structure of yourself to stand outside of emotion and belief to see this? If you can’t then you are really really fucked.

Religion/spirituality has not changed the conditions of this world, business has not changed the conditions of this world, charities have not changed the conditions of this world. The health industry has not changed the conditions of this world. And all of us are locked in the sentimental value placed in front of us and conceptually we are unable to stand outside of this without reacting in fear, fear being the reaction of anger. Fear being the reaction of thinking something might be lost within self, or a connection within a relationship will be lost should one not agree, be sympathetic to the emotion and feeling and thought. And then one is told that they are being insensitive and hurting someone’s feelings ( another use of sentiment).

Meanwhile, we are addicted to sentiment, and we go and we search for this sentiment, this sending of a mental picture, to place our own separations as our favorite sentiments away from un-favorited/uncomfortable energetic outflows towards ones we believe define who and what we are. And here, we believe this to be real, when it is not, it is the smoke and mirrors. It does nothing to change the condition of this world, it does nothing to pay that overdue bill, it does nothing to fix that leak in the roof, it does nothing to help that child to read, it does nothing to pick up that fucking hammer and build that house.

What does pick up that hammer? What does teach that child to read? What does pay that overdue bill?

It seems to me that people, the physical body as the person picks up that hammer and builds that house, the people take that vacuum cleaner and turn it on and clean their house, the exposure to words and language enable a child to build a vocabulary and learn to use those words to speak and read. It is the work, the movement in and as the physical body of men that are the doing of what is here. It is not the emotions, it is not the feelings as the imaginings of the mind, it is the physical self that does the doing of what needs to be done, and it is the movement of the physical that indicated where something has not been done, or where something has not been allowed to be done, or where something has been physically taken away to dis-allow a physical thing to be utilized to maintain the needs of the physical.

So, emotions and thoughts and feelings are really an imposition onto the physical. Some might say these things are motivators, but in the end the “motivator” is not the physical picking up the thing, it is the physical doing it.

The physical can be forced from without through fear, but still even here, the physical is the thing doing.

This is the point, that the motivators, be they fear, or emotion and feeling and thought can be separated from the physical human actually going and doing. One could have two different men building a house. Both have different motivations, as desire want and need for shelter and money, and their ideas of design are based on their past influence, be it a style that they believe to be “fine” or be it a concept based on knowledge and information as to what would be efficient in terms of housing efficacy driven by ecology or economy. Either or, these things are different directives, what is the same in the end is that the house is build by the hands of men, by the physical labor of men.

So, why have all these emotions and feelings and collected thoughts? These are a “middle man” as memory and image and idea, as belief and opinion. In the end one has to look at the building products and work them into a house in common sense. And even here, we can see in some of the buildings that exist there has been no common sense used. We can also see the centrally located business and government agencies determining what is used and how it is used, distant from the physical things being used, be they the labor of the physical of the actual physical thing.

Centrally located directives, where common sense of all this physical world by all is taken, is not allowed autonomy, is not allowed expression and oneness with and as the physical because the central Oz man behind the curtain is directing through laws and sentiments.
All physical common sense has been allowed to be given to this centrally located “one” to decide. This physical world is not being allowed to express itself.

Metaphorically, we can see that all the government systems have been a centrally located directive that has been given a different name, and over time had a sentimental value dictated within a dramatic context called a story and made into a movie to perpetuate the admiration of a ( supposedly) new centrally located platform of distant authorship for this physical world.

If the entertainment devices as emotions and feelings, sentiments of good/bad, right/wrong, higher/lower, style/unstylish, fine/gauche, etc. are placed as a feeling of how something should be inconsiderate of the physical existence, one is in essence ignoring that which is what is real, what actually support through enabling doing, through using common sense, through being practical. Being practical considers the best use of the physical, whether it is the physical that does, or the thing as the physical being used. Contextually, it is all the physical being, as in doing, as inexisting.

Emotions and feelings connected to the self as directives have nothing to do with being physical, with being here. It is the sentiment propagated that is the divider from the capacity of the physical world. The mind and the drama of the mind is the separation.

Stop this.

Support an equal money system. Support all of this world equally by supporting all of this physical world, to learn to become its own director in common sense. In actually seeing this physical world in and as common sense, the direction is clear, the self is autonomous in and as being what is best for all. It is the giving as one would like to receive and the capacity of the physical to be the common sense of this that an equal money system reflects. We the human have to stand and become this, support this, be this. It will take time, it will take organization. There is no other choice.

Take the strings of sentiment as what creates a puppet and stand and be self directed as life, this centrally located essence of self that is life, that has the capacity to be common sense, to be the giving of oneself as what one would life to receive.

Equal Money
Desteni I Process to clean up all the baggage of sentiment broadcasted from a centrally located pyramid structure that serves only to feed its self interest, which is what we have all become in its image and likeness.


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