2012- The Story of Atlantis A Myth Reflecting Existence

2012- The Story of Atlantis A Myth Reflecting Existence

The story of Atlantis as presented by Desteni, is a story that reflects how and why this earth currently manifests in separation from a life of dignity for all that creatures and expression of life on this planet.
It does not matter if one believes in whether or not the story/myth of Atlantis was ever here. Listening to this story explains how the being of oneself in self interest separate from the consideration of all that is of this earth as one and equal as life, will naturally lead to diagreement. Disagreement leads to conflict and discord. Conflict and discord lead to separation. Separation leads to consequences of indignity/ of suppression/ of self compromise where one needs realize that self compromise is one and equal to the compromise of others as life. And so, we see this outplay of events all over this earth.

We see the starvation in countries with massive amounts of resource. Where the starvation is obviously not because of lack of resource but because of inconsideration of life, in self interest.

We see where this earth is, as nature, in conflict unable to support itself because of rape of resource without consideration of all the life dependent on what exists.

We have cows and chickens that can no longer stand on their own two feet, even with the human who is so overweight they can no longer stand and need a coffin the size of a queen size bed to lay to rest in because they can no longer fit into a cremation unit. How is this dignity?

We pray to gods that no one has ever seen, only as image in the mind. We hope for “higher vibrations” and all the while, in this manner of self interest, we ignore that what we exist as in allowing this is a being-ness of self interest. And it is that self interest that is the cause and separation through lack of self responsibility from a point of consideration for this physical earth that is all of life. Where self is life, and all that is here is equal and one as life.

Listen to the Story of Atlantis and realize that the substance of what is being told is the story of ourselves whether it is Myth or not. Perhaps it is a story so buried in your own separation from yourself that upon hearing the story told something will trigger a connection of yourself back to self, that which is beyond the limited existence one has become in a profit system of survival, of worry, of fear, of anxiety, and the hope that life could have been something more than it ended up being.

The Story Of Atlantis
Equal Money, Equal Life, Dignity for All as One as Equal


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One Response to 2012- The Story of Atlantis A Myth Reflecting Existence

  1. Right, we’re living in absolute separation within ourselves and can’t even see that we are – such is the degree of our blindness and stupidity. We don’t hear the screams of agony around the world nor next door – and if we did, we would turn a deaf ear and call it a right to privacy, because we fear seeing our own accepted and allowed powerlessness that we are hiding behind. It’s time to wake up to ourselves and face what has become of us, get ourselves onto the same level financially, so all beings have a chance to live and then change what we have come to see our human nature. We are able to because we are in fact the creators of what is Here.

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