2012 tHE ONE EYEd . GOD You lose.

2012 The One Eyed God.

I open a magazine filled with glossy images. There is a landscape of a fecund summer mountain valley. Right in the middle of this landscape is a chapel. The one eyed god is everywhere. An imposition on the earth, on nature. Begging for attention, for alms, for your essence and your devotion. And you reciprocate his action with like behavior. Vampirism.
But the landscape shows the earth, green and vibrant. The chapel is tiny and old, in decay.
The dollar bill is also everywhere on the landscape of this earth. What is on the bill, a one eyed god. A god we all serve, and if we choose not to participate in the “goods” of this god, we starve.
The one eyed god of the inner and the outer.
This one eyed god teases of dimensions unseen where life is blissful and “heavenly”.
This one eyed god says that if one has enough money, one can live a life of material wealth and power.
And yet, with this inner and this outer it is suggested that there is more dimension than is visible within, and there is abundance in this physical world without. But one has to follow something to get to both levels of satisfaction.
Would it not be something to divide the seeing, the capacity to see these multi-dimensions, would it not be something to divide these physical resources to create mendicants?
Look at this word that means a beggar, someone who needs to beg, sounds in essence: men di cants, men that can’t .
If we look at the money system, and we look at the religious system, we see men that be-l(ie)ve, be and live as mendicants, as beggars to a one eyed god. So intent on the words of the one eyed god that they don’t stop and look.
And it is really very simple, you mendicants.
We are simply men that be and live a state of can’t.
We are for getting, incessant for getting.
We have stopped for giving.
If we became without and within for giving, would we need a one-eyed god to exist?
Is it not inter-resting that our thoughts are of want and need and desire and are these not the substance of begging?
Is not the act of prayer the substance of begging?
No wonder this world is in tatters, it is a world of mendicants, beggars, who simply be and live a belief as separation from the multi-dimension and for giving nature of life. Both within and without.
Stop your obsequious mendicant mind through changing your self from a desire, want, need begging expression through speaking the words of forgiveness until you find the self that is you that is life in abundance, the self that is forgiving and thus life in full dimensions, no longer a beggar in need but an expression standing forgiving as all as one as equal. Where the “as above” will be one and equal with the “as below” and earth will no longer be populated with men that can’t.
Join desteni.
Become forgiving through speaking the words of forgiveness.
Earth is waiting, is giving, so are you, stop your begging and give yourself that which you are as life. For giving. Only the broadcast of the beggar as the one eyed monster that is the thought of the mind is stopping you from within, and the system of survival through money from without is the imposition from without that takes all your focus from yourself as life.
Stand up and vote for an equal money system.
Clean up the broadcast of the mind through the desteni i process and stop being a mendicant.
Because you CAN, and desteni is here to help. One by one, we will get this done.


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One Response to 2012 tHE ONE EYEd . GOD You lose.

  1. williamcuff says:

    Awesome blog Rebecca! Enjoyed it

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