The Pop Cult that began in childhood.

The Pop Cult that began in childhood

As children we are fed stories where our toys become our friends, where the life of the toy is caused by love. The toy is made real by love. The child has a drama going on with the toys in it’s world that no adult experiences. And always in these stories the child eventually leaves this world of fantasy behind and “grows up”. Is this what really happens? Is this the beginning of the separation from what is actually here? Is this why there is continued dreaming of some outer entity for salvation in the adult? Do we the human move from imaginings with toys, to super heros to “made bigger than life” super stars to angels and demons and benevolent spirits and gods? Are any of these things different from the glorified “made real” toy-come-to-life stories we feed our children?
What, why, when and where does this happen? Maybe if we understand the platform of these for questions we will see how this affects us and determines what we have allowed ourselves to be and why this world exists in a state of perpetual conflict. It makes sense does it not that the stories imposed on our children are of conflict, so this is what becomes of this world because this is the story being told again and again and again.
Look at “Winnie the Pooh”, look at “The never Ending Story”, look at our movies; Toy Story, the Pullman stories with Lyra and that bigger-than-life-super-hero-polar bear, Superman, Batman. They are the same story told again and again. This is WHAT is here and repeated into adult hood where “god” is fighting the “demons”. The pendulum continues to swing and swirl, the pictures just change. And they do not become any more sophisticated. Well. one could make a case for modern cinematography where the “grain” of the medium becomes finer, holding more pixels. Which means we have become more dense. This word also means stupid. Thus, we have become more dense, more cluttered with imagery. We are blind with images that we have allowed ourselves to believe are real. And it begins in childhood. So this is what is here.
The when and the where, thus has been answered. This happens in childhood in the imagination.
Why does this happen? Is this the beginning of the outplay of the “sins of the fathers” as the children mimic the imaginings in and as behavior of the parents? If we look at the stories stated above we see the conflicts within them, the polarities of behavior, the good guy and the bad guy and the guy in between uncertain, and the guy who plays both sides of the “poles of character” in order to survive because of a self perceived lack of attribute compared to the leaders of each pole.
These stories are really of the division into good and bad, yet we believe they are the child learning to develop character, or facades to become a proper upstanding citizen. We believe this is where a child begins its journey into adulthood by dealing with its fears. But what came first? the chicken or the egg? Could this division be the cause of the fear? Could these directives be the sins of the father that create the follower instead of the child becoming a self perfected, self directed expression as life?
Why does this need to be something learned? Why is it even necessary to have imagined “wars” be what is presented to children, and why is it necessary to separate the child from a sense of this actual physical world into supposed character development-deal with fear- imaginings?From the beginning a child is forced into conflict and mediation as the stance of what it means to BE in this world. This is perpetuated by the parents who learned this in the same way, so that the behavior of the adult is the characters developed to survive through imitating their parents, learning to create super-heros in the imagination, through an image nation separate from the actual physical world, where facades are built, roles accepted and utilized to become what our present system considers to be an “adult”. And the this adult moves on to interact with a “god” in the same way a child interacted with the super-hero-teddy-bear. And the starting point was imitation of imagination, that which is separate from this actual physical world.
Now, do you think that this image nation is really going to come and save you? Have these divided into parts characters, some accepted and used to present a “self” to the world, done anything to create an existence on this earth other than what these imaginings are in and as themselves? NO!
We are not giving our children hope, we are DOPING them with an image nation of conflict and asking them to pick a ‘stance’, and they are required to do this in this survival/debt system. How is this considered development? This ism as the word suggests “devil”ment-so to speak. This is the non-development of life. This is the separation from life. This is, as seen in the same story told with different characters of same or similar nature, again and again and again. And now we have stories so singular they are of “higher beings” cloaked in colorful bright lights catered to the ones with money that buys them a computer portal to many pixiled images ignorant of the physical. Didn’t Christ say, “ The words I speak are life and the flesh profits not?” We are the reflection of what we have denied and accepted and allowed. We have become words separate from the flesh as mind ONLY, a collection of words that build images/pixels dirty and destructive, revealing our own separation from the physical. The physical is the grand inquisitor, only that which is best for all will be accepted by life, and the physical is life. Just look, we are all standing on the physical, this earth, and all we are doing is filling it up with white lights, ignoring the depth. We are making the physical/being invisible. And it is right here, right in front of us. One could say we are ALL on one perpetual acid trip and we do not even know it. Where is the physically LIVING WORD?
This imagery world we impose on ourselves is inconstant, the electrical cords can be unplugged and the images will fall into hundreds of pieces and disintegrate. We will forget this and forget this and forget this until we realize and forgive in equality/ the constant, ourselves as all as one as equal.
Is this what we want for our children? Our children that show so much promise when they are young, and yet this “promise” is never fulfilled? Are our children an expression of life, or are our children and expression of fantasy? The fantasy of perpetual conflict and division?
Is this image-nation considering what is actually physically happening to this earth, to the plants , the the animals, to the soil, to the water, to the air, to the bugs? Are we really HERE? NO.
It all needs to stop. What imposes these stories is ourselves as a system of profit where money comes before life. This has to stop. We, have to stop a system that is us running around as larger- than-life-teddy-bears fighting with sworded wonder women, and come back down to earth and clean this mess up within and without. All the resources of this earth need to be used to support life first, to ensure that this physical world is supported as what is best for all, plant , animal, insect, soil, water, air, to bring ourselves back to what is real, this physical world. This is heaven on earth, real, tangible, breathing. Time to express this in and as the living word.


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