2012 What does it mean, the Mayan Calendar?

2012 What does it mean, the Mayan Calendar?

In a blog from Discover titled “Why Did Consciousness Evolve, and How Can We Modify It?” is a quote from a psychologist Bruce Bridgeman who wrote in 1992 that “Consciousness is the operation of the plan-executing mechanism, enabling behavior to be driven by plans rather than immediate environmental contingencies.”
If I look at this quote from an article written by a psychologist and relate this to the Mayan calendar what would I think?
Could the Mayan calendar simply be a map of consciousness? Where consciousness is simply a “plan” executing mechanism? And that “plan” as a map is what the Mayans managed to make a picture of, managed to place as an etch in stone and they “pictured” this map because it was a picture seen and able to be redrawn. So this Mayan map is simply a picture of a plan.
Which begs the question, is this an imposed plan? And if this plan is imposed, it was created by something and could therefor be sensed and drawn, and even in this, had a beginning and and end. Thus, this “plan” was placed as a map here, able to be sensed and drawn, and something that was placed here to be read, and therefor had a beginning and an end.
So, a map is a thing that can be utilized to “drive”, to guide, to “map out” where the imposed “map” becomes the guide instead of this physical world, instead of what is actually physically here. Here, a map can become a control mechanism. Here a map can take one from what is actually the environment and select what one sees and then drive one by that mapped selection, eliminating everything that is actually what exists. As the quote tells us, removing us from environmental contingencies.
If I relate this to 2012, and the idea of some process of ascension believed by many to be the future and I turn this around, what do I find? Is 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar, really just telling us that 2012 is the end of an imposed “map” and what ascension is really going to be is the removal of this imposed map and the arrival of the human to face what is actually physically here?
In many ways, turning from a limited , selected imagery of a map, back to this physical world, to the inclusion of physical contingencies is a kind of ascension back to the whole of what is actually here and away from following an imposed map.
If we think about what has been created, as practice on this earth, we see animals as physical beings being abused and tortured.
If we think of the soil of this earth and all the bugs that can actually work with the inhabitants of this earth in such a way to create a world that supports all life, we realize that we, as humans have not been moving as considering the physical contingencies of this world in a way that is supportive and considerate.
If we look at the health of the human, be it an obese person in a developed country, or a starving person in an undeveloped country , we see that we the human, have not considered environmental contingencies.
If this is what 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar will bring than this is an ascension. This is the year we ascend to the consideration of this physical world as what is real. This is the year that we ascend away from the map we have accepted and allowed through consciousness, that map making mechanism. This is the year we lose our guide-made – into- god and become self responsible for the physical contingencies of this world. The shock at what we have allowed to blind us from the physical, is an ascension to life.
Ascension is here, right in front of us, and we have been too busy looking at the execution of plans to realize this.

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8 Responses to 2012 What does it mean, the Mayan Calendar?

  1. G’Day! Rebeccakarlendalmas,
    Very interesting, We all know that their calendar ends on December 21, 2012. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Mayan’s thought anything special would happen when their calendar ends, does it?

    What did the Mayan’s believe about the ending of their own calendar?

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      Hello Mark,
      I have no idea what the Mayans thought happens at the end of their calendar. What is noted is that they “read” an ” event horizon” – so to speak. If we are all self directed then why is such a thing readable?
      Did they realize it was a programmed existence and that the end would mean “this or that”?
      Maybe this is why they appeared to suddenly have disappeared, as I was taught in school, or with a virus from the west, because they had revealed that existence had an imposed program!
      Perhaps they were so caught up in their own revelation that they never went any further and questioned their own discoveries!
      Writing this is bringing up something I read that said that the Europeans that survived the plague had something ( or not something?) in their DNA that stopped them from having the virus. Another flood – like Noah’s arc? Population decrease? Part of the program?
      The human physical body is a organic robot that can be controlled, or used as an instrument of life expression in self responsibility.
      Read a ” Virus Free Mind” for further perspective and listen/watch the History of Mankind series available
      at http://eqafe.com

      • OK Rebecca I actually had to come all the way across the cyber universe to read this article and think a while. I really was just tracking some problems with links to a blog of mine and doing several other web analysis at the same time and decided to drop all of that to contemplate the possibilities of a control mechanism and the circular repeating time beliefs of the Mayans and their representation of those in the form of a circular calendar… a map.

        I usually do not get into what appears to me to be an abstract world of thought but this intriguing so I decided to indulge myself and see where it takes me. Here goes:

        You state the quote:
        ““Consciousness is the operation of the plan-executing mechanism, enabling behavior to be driven by plans rather than immediate environmental contingencies.””

        Yes I agree. Without that we are amoebas or plankton guided by the need for food and reproduction, shelter survival. No plan. (but a part of me wants to point out that many people appear to bounce thru life with no plan, merely a pinball bouncing off bumpers and flippers until they drain down some eventual unavoidable hole..their life a byproduct of other peoples plans and circumstance…)

        You continue with:
        “Could the Mayan calendar simply be a map of consciousness? Where consciousness is simply a “plan” executing mechanism? …so this Mayan map is really a picture of a plan?”
        In order to answer this we have to ascertain whether the Mayan belief that time was cyclical, repeating and therefor predictable was in fact a map of conicousness – a plan, or was it a religous based belief – or other fundamental belief about the nature of life.

        Really if you think about it its not that far off from the belief in re-incarnation…and given that The Mayans lived in a jungle environment and saw the repeating “circle of life” around them continuously thruout life a Leopard Lives a leopard dies and the next leopard born looks just like the leopard that died. Ancestors look similar to their offspring. Trees in the forest die and are reborn… In the Mayan world Volcanoes and earthquakes and there related havoc would reshape the land and kill the people and life but it would always come back…(with us in much of America so far removed from such a repeating existance that I would agree that our life and our culture is a controlling plan stripped of the basics of life)

        But for the Mayans I think it was not a plan but an explanation of life and existance.

        So In talking to you and myself I now believe that their calendar was not a controlling conicous plan but a representation of their religous and moral belief of the world around them and their place in it for the past, the present and eternity.

        I have read that many Mayan elders alive today believe that a major cylce change was a cauese for celebration. A time of renewal. But assention..some pople are hoping for a mass slaughter…Well that will happen eventual either by Asteroid or nuclear bombs or most likely by a man created plague…Nature finds a way and we have become so over populated and living in such proximity and with the ability to travel so quickly it is logical to see a man made virus for which we have no antidote spreading and wiping out 50% of the worlds population or 95% …billions and billions of people…withion the next decade or two.

        and yet some people hope for this. I think because at our core we all believe that we will not be part of the billions who parish. And we some how gloss over the fact that if we did survive it would most likely mean watching everyone we know and love die, most likely terribly and painfully…but this is assention to many people. A great reset to right all wrongs of man by killing all inculding the innocent children and babies not to mention the billions of pets that will die without the care they require…

        But I digress. I do not believe the map was a picture of a concious controlling plan.

        BUT here is my real question. If the Mayans existed for thousands and thousands of years AND they had this belief in circular repeating time and life…and 2012 was ony 700 years past what was their zenith ……then why would they have a calendar that ended at all?


      • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

        Because the “cyclical plan” they saw, as their “religious and moral beliefs”, and the world of nature as a behavior as a reflection of this, was a design, was designed, so designed it could then be mapped, it could be read.
        If designed, it was a program .

        It was therefore a separation from a constant.
        Separation is a division. The polarities of the division, where individual parts of the polarities were all that was seen.
        Each division causing conflict between the opposites. Compounding. ( sound like our debt system?)
        Think of the calendar three dimensionally as a vortex, spinning with symbols as image within the spin of the vortex, as designed, imposed on this physical world. The choices not really choices but all that is presented. Think of a halo. We include these images on men in our shrines, a homage to a “god” or ??
        If our sight is limited by designed choice, and the choices are of polarities, as time imposed on eternity/constant, would we separate ourselves from what is real?
        Common sense as multidimensional seeing would become dimensional seeing ONLY. Thus the physical world would become object. No value as life, only value in image. A superficial existence.
        Where this limited sense ability then abused life, consumed life, worked against life, this real physical world. Inequality disallowing expression as life.
        It is like we are batteries, within this being sucked dry, as we are doing with this earth, as we feed a “god” and a heaven. Another division, earth and heaven.
        The physical is constant and multi-dimensional, transformational, yet we no longer see this, nor are we able to move in and as it, and are never one with it because we are separated by design.
        The solution is to equalize with this physical world, to choose this, as this is the only choice.Then we self direct as life, one and equal and stop the program, as con-sciousness ( con=with sciousness-science/ a design )
        The words as the sounds as the symbols have within them the answer to the program.
        There has never been life here, because we have never been HERE.

  2. Mark says:

    Does the History of the Mayan Civilization support their ability to forecast the future? Check this out:

    The Maya Civilization reached its zenith around 1000 AD. Historians have debated what led to their slow decline over the next 500 years but there is no debate that it was the invasion by the Spanish that was the beginning of the true end. From 1521 � 1523 the Maya were decimated by disease brought to their country by the Spanish.
    Estimates run as high as 1/3 their population being wiped out (For me that is hard to believe since they were dispersed booth geographically and governmentally across a vast area). Nonetheless this weakened them considerably and led to their first major defeat at Battle of El Pinal and the subsequent capture of the major city of Utatl�n by conquistadores under the command of Pedro de Alvarado in 1524.

    The Spaniards continued invading and spreading throughout Central America until they took over the final Mayan City of Tah Itz� in 1697.

    Now here is where it gets really, really interesting.

    The Mayan believed that time was cyclical with historical events and political events repeating in cycles, cycles measured by their complex calendar system which featured 20 years (7200 days) as one Katun and 13 Katuns as 256 years. And it is that cycle � 13 Katuns, 256 years that repeats and makes the future [predictable.

    And so it was that when the Spaniards came to conquer Tah Itza that it fell without much of a fight. Because most of the Mayans had fled. They knew this final attack was coming. This invasion came 136 days from the start of Katun 8 (the 8th Katun in the 256 year cycle) and this reflects the Mayan prophecy that this was going to be a cosmologically mandated period of change and upheaval for the Maya.

    So the Mayans own Calendar system predicted a cosmologically mandated period of upheaval for them, and that is exactly what happened. Their final major city fell to the Spaniards. They were vanquished as a civilization.

    So if the Mayans cyclical calendar predicted the time of upheaval around the Spaniards assault on Tah Itza, then who is to say that the Maya Calendar end on December 21 2012 is not predicting the end of the world, the 2012 apocalypse?

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      Who is to say that it is the end of a infinite program?, the infinite is cyclical is it not?
      And what is the program in it’s nature, what is the program, the formation of the system of this earth at present?
      Is this not a story of the movement of men? What is the system of men on this earth?
      It talks, as I understand of the apocalypse of the society of men. Apocalypse, sounds like epic collapse. And since we seem to make mankind – the culture of mankind- central to existence, would this not be the case?
      If we think of mankind as all there is, then within our little “only see mankind and believe this to be all there is” then it might mean the end of man as man has been.
      How has man been, he has divided everything, placed his name on it/ supposed conquer, and then distributed it according to some belief that one thing is more than another. And this is the present system. By its very nature a system of abuse, a system in separation from life.
      So, if one goes beyond the “bird’s eye” view of little armies of men running around on this globe, dividing everything, killing and destroying anything in its path, ignoring the nature of the earth under its feet, building totems in homage to its believed superiority and forcing ( which is accepted by men) homage to these totems – as churches, office buildings, hospitals, mosques, pyramids-what would exist around all the activity of men?
      The calendar is merely a reflection of the accepted and allowed behavior of the present system and activity of men on this earth. it is a pattern of behavior that is destructive and therefor self destructive, just as the story for-tells, revealing itself to itself, showing the outcome of its own accepted and allowed behavior.
      Man’s behavior reflects his focus, and in the focus of himself on what he forces as his belief, which is one of inequality and thus suppression of life expression, he has separated himself from a “birds eye” view of being that which this earth is, forgiving unconditionally.
      Right under that drama that is cyclical, that the Mayans mapped – as the behavior of men- is a forgiving earth. Either we stop the story as the behavior of men as hubris – which our accepted and allowed use of money supports ( it is not the thing, it is how the thing is used) and perish, or we stop and become as this physical world, that which is under the story/the men/the cyclical behavior of beings separate from the physical, that which is here and constant, existing right under, supporting the “man story/drama/map representation, the feet of those funny looking two legged “things” running around killing, building funny looking towers, burning, jumping on each other and gyrating, spending inordinate amounts of time painting themselves, cloaking themselves in funny colors, getting down on their knees and clapping their hands together, etc.
      If I were a bird, I would watch all this and think, “What the hell is going on?”
      That is just it, it is hell going on.
      So, the Mayan calendar is the story of a self destructive system of conditioned be-have-iors separate from unconditional expression of life.
      As within so without, as above so below, within man, as man, divided and conquered, separate from self as life. A drama of separation ensues to inevitable destruction, the end of an unacceptable behavior.
      On what do you focus? Have you become obsessed and thus possessed? Have you lost you “bird’s eye” view? Can you conceive outside your own imposed vision from within? Is this part of the plan? What are you separate from?
      Your focus indicates your separation.
      I was going to reply to your last e-mail, but i deleted it somehow.

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