An illusion dispersed what is LIFE

First there was the word and then there was God. First there was the symbol and then there was god. First there was interest and then there was debt.
It was at this point that there was reflection of an idea, a belief, an opinion as word, as division, as label, as symbol, as “guiding light” , as guide, as directive from without, as judgement. All a reflection of the division of the creator of the symbol, the word, who was “god”. But this “god” of label as word as symbol was in separation from that which created the substance behind the word, the “word” being of a system of judgement and label as words are the labels, constructs .
NO one has seen this “god” that was after the word, because this “god” is the construction of the word, this “god” is the symbols of the words as they are placed and imposed on us through the bible. So, there is no “god” to see because he does not exist. He will never be seen, not here or in some imagined after life, because anything of this “god” is only of limited design as word.
Is the landscape without composed of words? What is the landscape without composed of?
We know that the landscape without has different dimension unseeable by the human eye. We know there are atoms, we now there are protons and electrons, we know there are certain laws of function between these electrons and these atoms. We use tools of measurement to see these things. So, this world consists of multi-dimensions. With all our modern technology that extends our sight, we still have seen no god. Because he does not exist.
The word created the projection as idea of a “god”, so “god” as a thing is an illusion.
And the words we use, the combinations of words as given to us laid out as directives are a combination as a construct that maintain this superimposed imaginary “god” that cannot and will never be seen, because it is a projection, an illusion.
So, someone could spend time in a cave and imagine, superstitch an illusion together as their mind and come out of that cave believing their superstiched vision , composed of the illusions as god together and really believe that they know. But they have selected. Selection is not an option when one is a part of a whole. The whole is the substance from which the word was created. The word being the tool of separation in illusions of more than and less than imposed on this planet. The media, the television keeping each one locked into projections as super-stitching chosen by a few as label as judgement. The laws allowing these structures to remain, these laws allowing everything to be changes because they cannot disallow that which maintains themselves as the laws that exist. ( So, they are fucked unless they bully, this is the reason for the need for a war machine because in the end it is only force and bullying that maintains this)
This super-stitched reality has to be forced, because in the desire to be “god” one has decided that they are more than another, and science tells us that we are all the same in substance. So, equality as support of the varied expression of life on this physical earth , that which is of equal substance, is the realization that “god” is a system of division and separation, a system of war as war is the bully forcing it’s word on the substance of this earth as life, all of this being the existence of the word before god. The bible and any religion, though having elements that realize equality, are structures that support division and separation from substance as life because they word/construct a greater than and lesser than beingness. In reality there is not greater than and lesser than beingness. One essentially moves into different expression of beingness, and some did not want to leave their expressions of beingness, they wanted to remain in them. This disallowing others beingness, and it is all so silly because in essence we are all one.
So the essence of this planet is about “beingness” yet there are spoiled children forcing their superstitions, as what they fear losing, as what they want to hold onto in a tantrum ( as war), bulling others into submission, and meanwhile they become stagnant in beingness and everyone subjected to their projection as beingness also becomes stagnant. And the whole thing serves a limited superstiched reality. A reality that does not consider life.
This earth is like the messy room of a teenager. And I have to say that this earth is like the messy room of a teenage boy. Where the plants in the room have not been watered, where the pet has not been fed, or only the perceived “favorite” pet as been fed, because this pet catered to the spoiled “wanting” teenage boy. A teenage boy who never learned to read, a teenage boy who follows certain ideologies ( idols) as all that has been placed in front of him, these things of no real substance creating insecurity and thus inconsiderate behavior. Survival is an inconsiderate game, survival is insecurity, survival is the disallowance of practices that are known to support consideration of all that exists. This behavior of inconsideration is insecure, as this is the manifest nature of inconsideration, unstable and abusive- Our world today is just this, unstable and abusive, our behavior reflecting inconsideration. We are our own mess.
So, this world is a room, a space of activity that is in tantrum of wanting, having not been given the insight of full consideration, insecure and therefor a messy room of incomplete consideration.
And this has to stop, and this has to be cleaned up.
No bullying is allowed.
Bullying is simply neglecting, through not wanting to forgive a state of beingness because of fear that something will be lost as one state of beingness is transformed. The irony is that this is all that happens, beingness in change is transformation. And transformation is not existent on this earth, it is just a few living in a very very messy room, a few inconsiderate superstiched fear of loss tantrum throwing wanna be “gods” placing labels all over the place. Just like teenage boys want to place stickers all over their computers.
I talked with a Congressman in a donut shop a few weeks ago. And when I spoke of equality he made a bullying statement, as “ Well, there is no need for revolution” and turned away. And believe me I was watching behavior, his was no different, just a more “polished presentation” of bullying and limited judgement. He made the outside appearance of his room look presentable, but I bet the rug was from a factory of slave labor, in and as wages and hours of work that disallowed a beingness of full expression. Well this congressman in bullying was not an expression of life either, he was as limited as that which he imposed as belief and idea and opinion.
It was as though the reaction is that any suggestion of changing the system is tantamount to revolution. A very limited blueprint as mind. But then again, the his-story that has been taught to us only shows change through revolution, a ploy to fill the pockets of the war toy builders as teenage inconsiderate spoiled children grabbing from a bag of candy, addicted to their own superstiched belief as power bullied onto and accepted by us.
And all it really takes is the collective of humans reorganizing this room, this earth, and cleaning it all up, in consideration of all that is here. It is as simple as that. We have to stand up and stop the bullying. Realize that a game of survival need not be the ‘board game” we are all sitting around ad-hereing to. We can decompose this board game board under our feet and work with that which is here which is real, which is this physical world under our feet.
I don’t know about you but I am really sick of looking at the same board game, and the bullies forcing this board game are few, it is too expensive to pay enough of them to force the collective, this is why the collective as to stop, stand up and reorganize this world through a democratic vote, where all stand and vote for equal distribution of resource that supports all in beingness in dignity.
There is no reason why AT LEAST there is not a BIG – Basic Income Grant for every person on this planet. There is no reason for a child to die of starvation, especially on continents of vast resource! How the hell have we allowed this? There is no reason why an animal, or a plant is not taken care of, there is no reason why products cannot be made to last a long time, to stop waste and pollution. There is no reason why every human cannot use the spoken and written sounds as language, especially when the human learns to use language very quickly as young children.
There is no reason why any body should be in a state of dis-ease, especially when it is known that nutrition determines health. It is pretty fucking obvious that a child starves because they do not have food. ( and again there is no reason for the amount of starvation in Africa- there is so much on that continent, that someone places their name on a piece of paper and makes this real, is not considering what is in the room that is this earth, it is spoiled inconsiderate behavior and therefore unacceptable) Even the sex trade, the lives of women and children and men submitted to the spoiled inconsiderate behaviors of limited sexual expression are unacceptable. This is another tantrum as superstiched behavior, hurtful to the being as life, as hurtful to the perpetrator as the spoiled behavior of not wanting to consider the whole, and leaving a mess. Unacceptable, and it has to stop. And do not bully me. The authorship of such systems, as the board game covering this physical earth has to be removed and cleaned up, and this does not necessitate revolution, reorganization is not revolution.
This earth has the systems available to facilitate this. There is an internet of communication covering this earth. There is an internet of transportation covering this earth. There is the mechanical know how to create objects of longevity, there is the know how of creating nutrient dense foods, there is the ability to teach everyone to use the written and spoken word, inherent within our physical compositions, with ease. We know that whey protein is a complete protein, and a protein source of least detriment to animal and plant within our current physical needs. We know that the nature of the human as life, will chose to take care of their home if given the opportunity, and relieved of stress and bullying entities, and lack of proper resources. We know that we can only be in one room at a time within our homes, and that we do not need vast amounts of rooms to live.
We know that a system of debt is enslavement. We know that if the debt is of illegal consideration, meaning that there was no substance backing the debt, then the debt by law is of an illegal consideration and therefor a deception. Absolute deception. If the debt is greater than what is real, then someone lent what they did not have, and is in greed, on this board game of survival ensuring elimination, because there are no longer enough chairs for all the players of this game to sit on. This is absolute bullying abuse and it has to stop. All debt must be forgiven because it is forcing a game of elimination, deciding who remains and who dies, forgetful of responsibility of respect for life, that which is the beingness of each and everyone of us.
Anything that disallows the dignity of being is disrespectful and inconsiderate and therefor unacceptable.
It is time to use the technology that is here to clean up this world, it is time to pull out the vacuum cleaner and get to work organizing this world. It is time for the forgiveness of all debt, it is time to provide an equal life supporting income to all on this earth, it is time to build things that last – to stop inconsiderate resource use- it is time to use the natural leaning ability of the human to allow full expression in beingness as life.
It is time to realize equality and to get this world into an expression as life, it is time to clean up and put away this board game of war as survival as tantrum as greed, that which we have all allowed to be under our feet. It is not real, and therefor it is just dirt that can be cleaned up in an organized manner. An illusion dispersed. It is time

Forgive self through self forgiveness, you are a measure of the words as sound resonant within, resound yourself to equality, find your ease.
Support an Equal Money System to clean up this board game. A step in this direction is to become a member of local BIG group
Birth life into this physical world as all as one as equal, become the living word as giving what you would like to receive.


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