pornography uncivilizes

Pornography, as pictures and imagery of human sexual activity has been a part of the “civilized world” as far back as Ancient Greece. The people of Pompeii evidently made use of their domestic spaces to exhibit decorative wall paintings of sexual activity. It is suggested that this was to entertain on many different levels, even to create laughter, or set the norms for sexual activity within class structures, where it is allowed and open within certain scenarios.
Sexual imagery was as ubiquitous then as it is now. Is this really just a show of human behavior that tells us that we have not changed , that we the human are really the same as the people of Pompeii?

Even the graffiti in the ancient cities was of lurid sexual activity, now in our cities we really have a “legal” graffiti, huge billboards and digital screens showing women in their underwear, or should I say prepubescent girls in underwear, plastered every where. Suggestive imagery or explicit imagery, is still imagery- evocative in not only creating an imagination but also in setting ideals, the act of setting ideals/imagery a separation from actual space as this physical world. So, really nothing has changed. This ideal chasing, suggestive directing as control, use of limited imagery within physical expression is, as some would label as “low art” or ‘high art” only cloaked in neon lights instead of a simple pigment on a plaster wall.

Though some say that in the Victorian era sexuality was hidden under those long skirts, I think of a Dickens’s novel where there is always the prostitute with the low cut, breast enhancing bodice in every drinking establishment and on many street corners. Besides, those long dresses made easy access for quick sexual activity, much more so than the modern jeans. If one did not wear their petticoats who was to know? Hiding is another form of directing, because that which is secret wants dis-covery. One attends to that which is hidden, through having words as “what is not allowed” as all that is given as in-form- ation. This is the act as a treatment of something into a separation through directing away from, through focus on a prohibition. Our physical bodies are instruments of common sense, where the physical senses through the physical. An idea/image in and as the mind cannot sense, it is only an image. In-form-ation is control, images are in-form-ation. They are used to focus us, divide us and separate us from our own physical common sense.

This is division and control through informing sexual activity with a forked tongue. We label it as a base instinct and entice ourselves with it by suggestion in imagery plastered everywhere.
In such manner we have become dependent and enslaved to imagery to stimulate us to such an extent that we no longer respect with common sense the actual physical world. When the actual physical world does not fit the image we want to stimulate us sexually, we blame the object for our unrequited needs, the idea based on illusion as imagery with no care or consideration for this world because of image made greater than life, this separation from common sense. In this there can be no real intimacy with one’s self or with the physical world. An image cannot create physical intimacy, because it is not real, it does not realize the physicality of self or the object that is the fulfillment of an idea as image. The human has been directed as mind; no physical common sense is utilized. But this is just it, an “object” is a stagnant thing that creates a singular dimension, is a movement with no subjective depth. Life is ignored. Common sense is lost.

The modern developments of technology suggest that a virtual world of physical sexual stimulation will satisfy sexual desire without any contact with the actual physical world. An ultimately satisfying directive, the physical in full consideration, is common sense, that which ceases frustrating and funneling us into perverted acts through composed images of limited design as all the “in form” we become through allowance.

Being hooked up to a machine stimulating the physical sexually is not life. Being hooked up to a machine to simulate physical intimacy is not civilized because it has not considered all that is here, it has not considered the physical world. We the human are a digression into absolute abuse and we are devolving into parasites perverting the substance of this earth. We can not even interact with one another. Instead we are only thinking up more ways to stimulate the imaginations of the mind that separate us from what is here. Our systems support this division, the goal being money as survival. An end that will not provide any real satisfaction.
Projecting sexual ideas onto the physical through machines, or as self projecting ideas onto another person, be it adult or child, does not consider the physical body of the self as accepting a projection, or the child or adult being projected onto. This is abuse. Abuse ignores the whole, as the ignorance is being forced as an accepted reality.
One has to realize the physical as an expression of life, and this is the responsibility of the human in recognizing the physical to recognize itself. This will stop sexual lust, because the focus from all of the physical recognizing the physical world, realizes all qualities which necessitates equality.

Just look, our own religious book, the bible/ religion tells us the outcome of this, the bible actually creates this. The bible is the voice of a forked tongue, the bible is the voice of separation from the physical. It is just another projection of no common sensical physical consideration, a projection to divide and conquer the direction of life in and as this physical world. It tells the truth about it’s own promoted separation. Pray to a “god” or the end is hell fire. The end is “hell fire” because one is praying to a god in separation of self realization as the physical instrument of life! Even here, a designed imagination/image of a god that no one has seen in separation of this common sensical physical instrument of life that is earth has not and cannot be the direction of creating ease on this planet because it is an image nation. In this the human has accepted a illusory screen as idea in separation of the common sense of the physical to direct itself. And this has not created a world of ease because it ignores the physical. Ignoring the physical is not bliss. Just look at the health of this planet and this becomes very obvious.
Sexual imagery is revealing its absolute separation through illegal non-substantive consideration of the common sensical physical in an outcome of total separation into a matrix like world of a physical life in a barrel, or in modern lingo, a “pod”.

There is no fluency in this, there is no life in this. This will have to be cleaned up. Either it is done now or the abuse that is covering much of this earth will continue and even become more brutal because that is the the outcome of lack of self responsibility in and as the consideration of this physical world in equality, as the principle of living your neighbor as yourself, including plant, and animal, as all as one as equal. Brutality , the existential outcome of the absence of physical common sense.
The solution to stop this matrix of illusion, that is the separation of self responsible life utilizing the instrument of the physical world in common sense, is to implement a system of equality practically through the distribution of resource equally to all of that which is this physical world to support this physical world, is an equal money system. It is time to remove the directive images of division that separate and to take our physical selves, our instruments of life, to compose ourselves as supportive of what is actually physically real. Full consideration of all that is here in and as this physical world is our responsibility, anything that denies this is an illegal, destructive, ignorant, limited, unacceptable consideration .
This is the end of brutality and the beginning of actually becoming a living civility.
Forgive self through self forgiveness, of the image nation of enslavement, accepted and allowed.
Support an Equal Money System to clean up this modern feudal system.
Birth life into this physical world as all as one as equal, become the living word as giving what you would like to receive.


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