Talent Shows – with no winners, just for the fun of expression. EMS

Talent Shows – with no winners just for the fun of expression.

In an Equal Money System talent shows will no longer be competitions between performers but a performance of life expression, where the entertainment is watching the birth of the expression of life through the instrument of this physical world. From beginner to advanced, where each and all processes of discovery of and as an expression as life is as awe inspiring as the next.

An Equal Money System will give all the opportunity to, for example, learn to play a musical instrument, or sing, or dance. All utilizing and expressing as life within this physical world. This physical world becoming a talent show of self-perfected beings for-giving life , for giving that which is the value that is life and expressing this in every moment in and as breath here, as all as one as equal.

No more will elimination, judgement, comparison be the directing factor based on values as a game of competition for a winner and loser . A competition that has a starting point of perfection that serves the ideas and imagery collectively accepted as the system that is accepted. A system so caught up in perfecting the image projected that the actual physical is no longer considered. And in no longer considering the physical, the physical is not attended to. All children are also not given the chance to learn to direct themselves within their physical bodies, instead they sit in a classroom passively taking in information, building a blueprint. A situation that in itself does not include the physical, the complete use of the physical body. In other existences, children starve, the physical as themselves is only given death, and this is happening in countries that export more food than the countries where the children sit in classrooms. So, there is no excuse for any of this.

There are competitions where humans have learned to somewhat express themselves in and as their physical bodies, and it is a gift to see, but even within these performances there are limitations of expression, because the form of the thing performed is a construction by another, an imitation, and not a form of the performer taking the medium and composing themselves in and as and through the medium in all ways.

Most classical music, beautiful, is precomposed by another, and most classical musicians learn the compositions and never use the study and imitation of the forms to learn to compose themselves in all aspects. Listeners and followers of classical music often only want to hear the “standard” pieces because the absence of this does not support their ego as “ look at what I have as knowledge and information with in the blueprint of my mind”. Here, in essence, many competitions are the judgement of imitation. Actually, even beauty pageants are only the imitation of an idea of beauty. The human body is forced into one con-formity. The image of our present system is a con that does not include all of the physical expressions of this earth. What is lost in this? Life is lost.

Presently, talent shows are both a presentation of the ability of the physical and an acceptance of the human’s collectively accepted limitations. The abilities of the physical are what is given as an instrument for the expression of life, and therefor equally available for every thing that is here, it is the idea and imagery that is imposed onto us, collectively accepted, and the systems allowed, that stop and confine the use of this physical instrument that is life, through economic situation and through singular ideas of per-form-ance.

So talent shows within an Equal Money System will be ubiquitous, in every small town, on every corner, as the physical has the opportunity to dis-cover itself as a medium of expression. The process of this birth will become as valued as the end product, because it is the simple being of life that is the value.

It is time to support this.
Support and Equal Money System.
Clean up the impositions accepted and allowed, begin the process of self forgiveness, self corrective application, self honest and self responsibility. The desteni i process.
Begin your dis-covery through products that support the instrument of life through the development of a system that realizes the equality of life, this physical world
at the Eqafe web site.
Follow the blogs and vlogs of those that are standing up to get this world in the order given as the physical, equality.


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