One might just start to experience a state of ease. EMS

Are memories are like a blue print. They print in and as memory how we should be, what we should look like, what behaviors we should present ourselves as. Our bodies are seventy percent water. Water retains “blue prints”. Just look at the principles behind homeopathy. Homeopathy is older than our current chemical based method of health. And as much as homeopathy is criticized it continues to exist. Homeopathy is still around because it must work. There are people who continue the existence of homeopathy so this means there are people who seek it out and use it. If it did not work, then it probably would no longer exist. But it does exist.
Meanwhile pharmaceutical drugs are in a state of constant development and changing all the time. They have to because they do not really cure anything.
Drugs mimic consumerism. That new product, that new drug will make you happy and complete the criteria of your “blue print”. And all will be well.
Except everything does not become “well”. There is still disease. All these drugs and there is still disease all over this world. So everything we the human believe, as what we are, as what we voice ourselves as, is not solving the existence of disease on this planet. Our “blue print”, the very being of what we are, is not solving dies-ease ( cool typo) in this world. Therefor everything that is here, all our laws , all our drugs, all our systems of finance, all our charities, basically the ‘blue print” of what the human is individually and as the systems is not curing dis-ease.
So, the “blue print” has to change on every level, on the individual level and the collective level. Our systems are illegal because they have not considered all that is here, they have not created ease.
Revolution is not the answer because we have had many revolutions and these “changing of the guard” acts have not created ease. If a “blue print” does not map out ease for all that is here, then it cannot be considered, it must be redrawn until is considers only that which creates ease for everything that is here on this earth. Basically there can be no real ease until ease is the state of existence here on earth for everything; plant, animal, human, earth.
As we built the systems of health, of education, of finance, of industry, we created a “blue print” that we all follow. We created this, the human created this and it is not working, it is not a system that creates ease for this world. There is no substance of EASE in our system because it has not created it. Our systems have not considered what is actually here, in and as this physical world, so therefor they have not included something of substance, they do not support this world and therefore they have no substance to back them up. And therefor they are illegal.
What “ease” does a belief in eternal “hell fire” bring? If you are told all your life you are going to burn in eternal “hell fire” what ease will this bring? Is this any real ‘direction giving” to exist in ease? NO It is just words that are saying “ you are going to burn in hell”. What is that?
If our debt is greater than the amount of money existent then some bank system has broken the rules, because it is an illegal consideration to lend money that one does not have in substance to lend! Look at this, money is lent that does not actually exist. So someone that has a mortgage has been lent money that does not exist, which means the borrower is lent something that they have to pay back that does not actually exist, the borrower has to come up with interest and money that does not actually exist. How the hell is this going to create ease in this world? It is not hard to see what it creates, it creates loss and the idea of loss, this system as a “blue print” of supposed 
working substance” of supposed “supporting substance” is not supporting but actually causing dis-ease.
Do we want this for our children. If you take yourself back to your childhood is this what you would want? Are you someone who is projecting what you would have wanted for yourself onto your child? If you have one single thought about wanting something better for your child then KNOW that you are aware that something about this world is not of “ease” and that you are actually wanting this for your child.
Look to the absence of what is in existence that dis-allowed the desire you have for your child that you feel you did not fulfill and ask yourself how such a scenario could exist.
And realize that in this desire, you are wanting, you are regretting, you are not at ease and that it cannot be prayer, it cannot be meditation, it cannot be an educational system that will create this world at ease, it is you. The systems that exist have not done this and if they are looked at closely, one can begin to see very clearly that the directives of these structures are of “blue prints” that have no substance because they have not created a state of ease on this earth, where there is no real ease until all of this earth, down to the smallest microscopic detail is at ease.
It all has to be rebuilt, step by step by step, this is how it was created and this is how it has to be taken apart and rebuilt until it is of a substance that considers everything that is here. We will know when we have built something on this earth that is functional, because no matter where one is, no matter what one is doing all that will be seen is a state of ease. This state of ease is the directive and not the voice on the radio or television. We the physical human have the ability to do this, to see what creates ease. This building of a system that creates ease for all is the act of loving your neighbor as yourself, is giving what you would like to receive, is the principle of oneness in equality.
Each and every person that reads this must stand up and support a system, must become a “blue print”, which necessitates cleaning up the current “blue print” that does not consider all that is here and therefor invalid, and stand as, and vote for an equal money system.
One might just start to experience a state of ease. Isn’t this what you want for yourself, isn’t this what you want for your child? Is there really any other choice?


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