No more bibles or religious books as one principle fits all.

No more bibles or religious books needed as one principle fits all.
The bibles and the religious books will no longer be needed because the human as life becomes the complete story, becomes the living story, that of being life. So there is no more need for religious books and bibles to mis-inform, to divert life into only seeing parts of a story and not the whole story, that separates self from being life. No more stories being told to, projected onto each and every one of us, choking us from being life, separating us into ideas and beliefs and opinions, desires , wants , needs that have not, will not , cannot allow all that is of this earth to be, live, exist in and as that of a story of a complete dignified self perfected being of oneself in and as this physical world as life. Where the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself, the principle of giving as you would like to receive, the principle of oneness in equality exists in fact. Period.


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