No Stupidity with EMS. FAQ

No Stupidity with EMS
What is stupidity really? Let us define this word, so we have an equal starting point. If I look at the word as a sound I see two words, stupefy and id. “Stupefy” means to “ make unable to think or feel properly, and “id” is short for identification, in other words your idea of your self.
Now if we take this meaning and we place it within the context of the present money system, we can see, that money determines who and what on this earth lives and dies. Money determines if you live or you die, therefor money determines your identity. Money determines if one can “think or feel properly”.
Within this context just think of food in your belly. If you are starving can you “think and feel properly’? If you do not have a roof over your head and the blizzard is doing what blizzards do, are you going to “think and feel properly” as every cell in your body starts to freeze? If you are a cow, and you have spent your life in a space with bars for walls and you have never moved, are you going to “think and feel properly” ? If you are a child starving in Africa are you going to “think and feel properly”? If you are a Prarie dog in the central plains of the United States and there is this huge tractor ripping up the land to grow hops for beer and leaving no space for your family, are you going to “think and feel properly”? If you are that woman in the Congo who has been raped by soldiers, despite all the supposed “aid” in Africa, are you going to “think and feel properly”?
If you are that prostitute, that young girl with no economic possibility to educate yourself, and some big fat hairy man who cannot have a proper relationship squashes you as he inconsiderately releases his sexual lust, are you going to “think and feel properly”?
Would you be willing to trade places with these things of the earth? These things that you have no idea as to how they were created, these things that you did not create nor have the power to create?
If you are reading this you probably have internet which means you probably make yourself “unable to think and feel properly” in the following ways, as you are not aware of this earth as what you are one and equal to, so the;
Chances are you are a teenager who wants that Ipad, and if you do not have that Ipad, you are not going to “think and feel proper”, or so you believe,
Chances are if you are that middle aged man, and if you don’t get that fancy sports car you are not going to “ think and feel proper” or so you believe,
Chances are if you are that investment banker who cannot come up with something in this world to turn into an endless source of guaranteed income you are going to not “think and feel proper” or so you believe.

So , this present “for profit” system creates vast amounts of stupidity. It creates stupidity in the suffering existent on this earth through lack of consideration for what life needs to live in dignity, and it creates stupidity in the behavior of the human by limiting the human’s “thoughts and feelings’ into consuming without consideration of how that consumption stupefies what is existent here on this earth! What the human “be” and “haves” is so limited in wanting exterior gadgets and icons to signify what it is instead of being a self responsible, considerate entity, where if the human became this self responsible , considerate entity it might just find out that what is best for this earth is best for the human, and a whole new world, as heaven on earth might just happen.

An Equal Money System would provide all with the needs for a dignified existence, would consider all that exists in this earth. Would stop the stupidity, would stop that which makes one “unable to think and feel properly”.
So, yes, an Equal Money System would end stupidity.
It is time to stand up and support this world in equality, where everything that exists on this planet becomes a composition of proper thinking and feeling in and as an instrument of life.
Join us and stop stupidity.


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