Reading words as fluidly as a musician reads notes on a staff.

When I was seventeen I performed with the New York Philharmonic in a youth program. I was the leader for the second violins. I was in tenth grade. At this time, I could sight read things very fast and very easily. Sight reading music was not really hard. It really became automatic, and even if I am away from it for a while, it will return with some practice. In college I had a hard time, I kept “freezing” and it was really bothering me, and I didn’t know what to say to people about it. I just kept going. Towards the end of college, I started to really try and push myself through this “freezing” fear thing.
I have learned now, to read faster. And there are moments when the words seem to flow. Suddenly it hit me, that words can be read just like musical notes, fluidly, with ease, just like the music, as though words were like notes, sounds that one should be able to flow with.
Then, if musical notes can be “read” like this, and words can be “read like this, and I learned to do this by the time I was seventeen, why didn’t I learn this, to read words as I had musical notes? And with this why aren’t all children getting this? Why are not all children, by the time they are seventeen able to read words with ease, where the words flow and move and are like notes on a staff? Musical notes are symbols, just as letters are symbols, and if I could read notes as I did at seventeen, then so can anyone, which means that so can children. Children should be able to move over the symbols of words as fluidly as I did over the symbols of musical notation!
Why is this not taught?
Think about this! Why is this not happening?
And what is the absence of this creating? What is the absence of this?
“I don’t know” , or “That is the way it is” IS NOT AN ANSWER!
Such response is not something that will allow a person to stand up an be self response able, such a response is abdication of self responsibility. Such a response enslaves children. And it is unacceptable. PERIOD.
If you knew that there was a way to get your children to read and utilize words as though they were as fluid and rapid as musical notes on a page, then I would do whatever it takes to get my child to this point. Because this is the gift of self response ability in and as the words we use to communicate with and understand one another. With this kind of ease, the composition of words and this world as ourselves could become the same movement in and as interactions with one another, as this fluid use of words with ease.
It is time to wake up.


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