Imagine no more problem about where to get money to buy food! EMS

No more problem about where to get money to buy food with EMS!
In an Equal Money System what is supported is life, all life, be it plant, animal or human. Money supplies the needs of this physical world, the needs of the human physical body, the animal physical body and the physical earth. Equal Money is to provide a dignified existence for all, as life is the gift.

According to the nutritional requirements of each individual, that which effectively supports a properly functioning physical instrument of life as is the human physical body and the physicality of an animal and a plant, will be what is developed and given. If the desire for profit is removed, the limitations in developments for best health practices are removed as well.

Fats are necessary for the body to develop and function properly, the body being a tropical environment, the fats used in the body must be able to function in such an environment. Yet, presently our profit system attempts to remove fats from the diet. Again, another scenario of division and conquer ( with profit), create a lack and provide a solution that generates profit. This is an act of enslavement and not an act of support. A singular purpose of control for profit.
Unacceptable, abusive and disrespectful of this gift of life, for given unconditionally by this earth.

We accept this if we do not stand up and remove this system of profit that determines who lives and who dies, and work towards practices and products that support this gift that is life to everything and everyone here on this earth. We, the human, must do this. There is no one but us, and no force/god/mother/father would want a child to not be able to walk and direct themselves, to become self responsible. Therefor, the idea of salvation from without is simply fear; being life means being self responsible, being able to stand up and be, to stand up and respond, to stand up and express in full awareness oneself. This that is the greatest gift anyone could give and provide for a child. It is no different for each and every one of us. We are the children of this earth, and the earth is waiting, is giving to allow us to be life, to be the instrument of this physical world as ourselves in self response ability. Take a moment and think about this, is there really anything else?

If this is the starting point of how this earth is organized, and it will take time and direction, perhaps not as much as one might assume, given the amount of technology and man power available, it is very possible to ensure that every person and animal is provided with food and water to support themselves and their families. There are electronics covering this earth, so the ability to locally and regionally collect names and data on people is possible, if not already done. Therefor the ability to have a certain supportive amount of electronic money for every person and animal is quite possible. Look around you, there are people all around, may of these fellow people will step up and organize this world within a system of equality because this system is common sensical, it realizes that we are all physically of this earth, and this means that we all equally require certain sustenance to BE. Anything that is here that stops this is not considering what is actually here, is not considering the physical reality of this world. Money for profit is just that money for profit, money for life, is giving for life. It is simple and clear and there is no other choice.

Say an equal money system is installed, and you go to the store and your name does not come up on the computer. STOP, breath, realize that it is probably a glitch, and yes, these things will happen, but this can be worked out and resolved, this is what the human being is capable of doing as they learn to stand up and be self responsible, to LOOK at what is going on and realize that they as themselves can fix the glitch. You and me, and your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor can figure so much out all by ourselves. We do not need anything but ourselves to solve problems. Actually it is a profit based system that is dis-allowing this ability given as life, as real life wanting each and every one of us to stand up and be the greatest gift possible, that of being able to stand and respond all by yourself.

Imagine no more problem about where to get money to buy food! Imagine that everything here, and there is enough food, is here to support you and the people around you! That if you go and help take in a harvest at a time of harvest, it is done for everyone. We stand up and we support what supports us! We support our own equality, we, the human become responsible! We finally stand up and become life! We give what we receive from this earth.
To conclude;
We have the technology.
We have the food.
We have man power.
We have organizational skills.
We have response ability.
It is time to USE THIS and stand up and support a system that allows us to actually place into practice the, probably, most spoken principle on this earth ( so we even have this!), the principle of loving your neighbor as you love yourself, the principle of oneness in equality.
The principle of oneness in equality in practice, EQUAL MONEY.


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2 Responses to Imagine no more problem about where to get money to buy food! EMS

  1. Very cool! One Vote here for Equal Money! Thanks Rebecca!

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